PSA: On the Look Out for a Pout Sale at Sephora

So the fact that Pout will no longer be carried at Sephora has been making rounds and I thought I'd post about a Pout sale at Sephora when it actually happened. Sadly, I've been refreshing the Pout page on Sephora every five minutes devotedly in the hopes of catching this sale. Other than a slight case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, I have remained fruitless and I am still waiting. Hopefully, Pout will go out of Sephora with a bang much like Becca and those of us who are dying to try the blush duo mentioned by Mickey Contractor can get a great bargain. Until then, I will stay vigilant and be the town crier as soon as I hear more about the Pout situation.

On a side note, I feel awful for wishing they would get kicked out of Sephora already and put everything on sale.


IxLovexMAC said...

Hey hun,
which blush by mickey contractor are you talking about?

8:06 PM
Anonymous said...

Thanks for the PSA on Becca!!! Rumour has it that Sephora w/in a month will also take Global Goddess of their shelves. Would love to know what remaining products from Becca everyone else has been buying.

7:44 PM
Anonymous said...

I Love your web! I'm trying to experiment using green eye liner. Not been a great success. Any tips?

1:50 AM
Roshni said...

Hey Anu! I have been checking the Sephora website frequently for the Pout sale...but it seems like alot of it is already temp out of stock and still at full price?!?!

Your fabulous girl!

8:57 AM
Anu said...

Hey Saniya,
Mickey Contractor talked about Pout's Coral Nymph/Bronze Siren duo.

Hey anonymous:
AH! ever since I read this I've been hovering over sephora's site. i would *love* to try out global goddess but im kind of scaed to get disappointed because if i shelled out that much money and it turned out to be horrible, i'd be heartbroken. have you tried global goddess? if so, do you like it?

Hey anonymous (2nd one)
I love green liner. it looks so fab on the lower lash line and with brown eyeshadow. I will post a look like that soon if that helps.

Hey Roshini,
I know! I am just DYING for it to go on sale. I want to get some of their stuff right now but everything seems to be out of stock. im getting ready for my heart to be broken. :(

12:33 AM

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