My All-Time Favourite Blush: Nars Cactus Flower

I know some of you ladies dislike cream blush and I will post reviews of some powder blushes, but I really can't believe I haven't raved about this yet. It is one my favourite blushes of all time: so flattering and easy to apply. Here's why I love this blush so much.

First off, let me start off with the texture of Nars' cream blushes. They are in cream form, but they are rather dry compared to other cream blushes. This is not to say that they're hard to apply. They go on like a dream and blend into my skin without much effort. They also dry to a powder finish and don't really look or feel like other cream blushes. And to top it off, Nars' cream blushes don't make my pores look like craters or break me out

Secondly, do not be frightened by the colour in the pan and keep in mind that a little goes a very long way. Cactus flower is a gorgeous bright poppy shade with subtle gold shimmer. When applied, it lends a beautiful, almost unnoticeable glow, and a pop of pinky/coral colour on my cheeks. The colour is also perfect for chasing away my sallow undertones or when I look half dead. I prefer to use it in the summer, but it's a great year-round colour.

What I like so much about Nars is that the blushes are so pigmented that they show up so well on my skin. I get strong colour that goes on sheerly (as I said, a little goes a very long way) rather than the blushes I used to wish did not make me look washed out or like I had just landed a role as an extra corpse on CSI: Las Vegas (or Law & Order, whichever you prefer. The corpse look is never a good look though).


ranjani said...

Hey Gorgeous as always Anu!
LOVE all these blushes on you, After reading your blog I went out and bought torrid and orgasm, and never step out without a little color on my cheeks:)
Lately I've started using Laura Mercier;s tinted moisture with spf 20 as a foundation , and wanted to ask you if you'd recommend wearing a sunscreen under it too? since sunscreen always loses effect after a few hours.
Any recommendations?
I don't wear foundation usually, just dab concealer and dust on loose powder, but this evens out my skin well, but i want to make sure I'm protecting it too. Any ideas would be helpful!
Thank you beautiful!

10:43 AM
Anu said...

Hey Ranjani.
As always, you are too sweet. Torrid and Orgasm are great blushes. I am so glad orgasm works well for you (it might be a sign of the times, but I think i might be growing up: i didn't snicker at that sentence) it wa too shimmery on my skintone.

I would really reccommend using a sunscreen under your make-up since you need 1/4 tsp to get the complete protection a sunscreen offers and you usually dont use that much foundation/tinted moisturizer all over your face and neck. I'd recommend using a sunscreen, waiting a bit, and then using the tinted moisturizer. this way, you get the optimum benefits from using sunscreen. If you can, I'd really recommend La Roche Posay's anthelios xl. this is sold anywhere from a derm's office to cvs. It has a very high protection against UVA rays as well as UVB rays (better than US sunscreens). If you want to go one step further, you could try some of the other LRP sunscreens (I love dermo pediatrics). but the anthelios xl is also a great sunscreen. it is stable in sunlight and offers impeccable protection. it didn't clog my pores at all, didn't leave a whitish cast, and has a moisturizer included. for me, this is an amazing staple (along with dermo pediatrics).

11:40 PM

Preeti said...

Hi Anu,

I stumbled upon your site about a month ago and I've really enjoyed reading your posts. I now find myself checking it everyday to see if you've posted something new. I find the advice and information you provide to be invaluable to every Indian gal. I'm now addicted to castor oil for under my eyes but I find it too gloopy (is that a word?) to use in my hair. So I opt for the other Indian staple, coconut oil (mixed with olive oil).

I think I have skin somewhat like's combination to oily-ish. My question is about the two LRP sunscreens you use. I hate for my face to feel or look greasy so would you recommend the anthelios xl or dermo pediatrics and what's the major difference between the two? Thanks!

5:32 AM
Ranjani said...

Hi Anu,
thanks for the great suggestions!
I have to get my hands on some of this La roche Pasay stuff, my local CVS doesn't seem to carry any, so I'll check it out online.
Thanks so much swetie:)

11:57 AM
Selina said...

I never quite liked Nars blushes, perhaps I am just a MAC snob lol, but honestly, blushes are my favorite item. I can't believe how much I disliked it until I started to wear it on a daily basis and got so many rave compliments on my skin. I think more girls should start getting into blush. it can really polish your look.

5:34 PM
Black cat said...

Hi Anu and Ranjani,

Also wanted to suggest Clarins UV Plus, SPF 40 to you. I've been using this everyday for the last two years and really really like it. It never feels too much or is gunky or anything.

Orgasm doesn't show on me... I was so gutted. Sin is better. In between is deep throat.

Selina, what are your MAC blush staples?

6:44 PM
Ranjani said...

Thanks for the sunscreen suggestions Blackcat, its hard to find sunscreens with adequate protection that aren't greasy and make you look ashy. I will definitely check out Clarins:)
You might be interested in trying Chanel's new eye cream it has an SPF15, nad while it doesn't diminsh dark circles, its super moisturizing. I got a bunch of samples, and am quite happy with it.

5:31 AM
ranjani said...

Hey Anu,
You had mentioned making an asprin mask for zits for a while back, just wanted to know what you mix together when making it.

5:33 AM
Anu said...

Hey preeti!
thanks for reading. well the thing is anthelios xl is that a. it doesn't feel greasy. it contains a moisturizer and sunscreen (potent sunscreen), so i can skip one step. b. it doesnt feel as heavy as a traditional sunscreen. c. it doesnt leave a whitish cast.

dermo perdiatrics is a great sunscreen and offers unbeatable protection. however, it's thick and while it contains no moisturizer per se, it does feel a bit heavy. that feeling subsides pretty soon but it is still annoying. also, i have to wait for the whitish cast to subside. i love the protection i get from dermo-pediatrics. thats the main plus for me. neither breaks me out, but it is imperative to cleanse your face of sunscreen every night. that helps your pores remain unclogged. hope that helps!

hey selina!
*gasp* nars blushes... they are gos's gift to make-up. lol, well i somehow seem to prefer them to every other brand i've tried. however, i have to say i have reignited my love for mac blushes and they do rock too. i agree, blush is such an essential. sometimes blush is all i really need to look alive.

Hey black cat!
thanks for the rec on sunscreen. I somehow always skip the clarins counter. i should probably pay a visit sometime soon.

hey ranjani!
thank for the rec on chanels eyecream. i might try this since im running low on my current eyecream. as for the aspirin mask here's what i do:
i take 5 uncoated aspirins (the cheaper ones are often uncoated and are excellent for this. the coated ones are a huge pain), add some water to them and they dissolve into a powder. make a paste with the aspirin, and i add some aloe vera gel to the mixture. i do this because the aspirin becomes very oiwdery gets in my nose when it dries, and i sneeze my way into red eyes. so after adding some aloe, i apply the mask wherever needed, leave it on for 15 mins, and wash off. it helps kill the length of a zit's life i feel. hope that helps!

12:33 AM

Anonymous said...

I'm in lovee with the colour of Cactus Flower and I really want to buy it but i'm concerned that it might not show up on my skin.
My skin colour is caramel, think Tyra Banks-ish.
My question is, will Nars Creme blush in Cactus Flower fit my skin tone?

11:11 AM
farah said...

Hi anu!I just bought LRP Anthelios XL SPF50 for myself.I must say its the best sunscreen I've ever used!It didn'' give me a whitish cast as u said, not greasy plus didn't clog my pores and sinks immediately!Woohh!!
My first option was LRP Dermo Paediatric but the Dermo Paediatric SPF 50 the one I found over here in Franceis for the kids ,is that the one u've been referring to?

3:37 AM

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