Laura Mercier's Lipstain in Mocha

I have some great Milani finds I will review soon and a couple of powder blushes since some of you don't share my passion for cream blush. So while I get all the pictures in order, because trust me these blushes are so pigmented you need to see their wonderful effect, I thought I'd review Laura Mercier now not-so-new lip stains.

Let me start off by listing the pros for you. In general, brown lip colours bring back bad high school memories. I used to think that since my skin was brown, flat brown lipsticks would look natural. So the one lipstick I owned throughout my teens (my mother did not know about this) ended up making me look like I had a serious fetish for kissing pits of mud. It's no wonder I am wary of browns because for me they should have a good balance of other colours to negate my mud-filled fears.

Laura Mercier's Mocha lipstain is a beautiful medium to deep brown that has subtle gold shimmer and red undertones. In fact, in the pot I can see how it could be described as mocha, but on the lips it comes together to look very sophisticated. I can see it flatter a wide variety of skin tones because you can choose the opacity and sheer it out if you wish.

Then comes the part that irks me about these lipstains, which is that they are not lipstains. They go on like a semi sheer lipstick an the texture is almost like that of a lipstick. You can layer it on for more coverage and it looks like I am wearing, tree guesses, a lipstick. The staying power is exactly that of a lipstick and it's quite drying on my lips. I don't know why the decided to mislabel this, but I am really disappointed. If I had wanted a lipstick I would have looked for one. I wanted a light stain that would last a long time and wouldn't transfer to different surfaces. I had high hopes for this because the colour is truly lovely.

Laura Mercier, have you been lying to me? I expected a stain to be along the lines of Vincent Longo's, Revlon's, The Body Shop's, or the ever-mentioned Benetint. Even Nars' lip stain gloss has so much more staying power and less transference than this. Really, this is just plain old, slightly different textured, lipstick in a pot and nothing more than that.


Leena OK said...

Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it thoroughly. I aspire to be a makeup diva, but right now I'm too busy taking care of 2 kids. Anyway your post brought back memories of how my gal pals and I ALL wore Revlon's Taste of NY lipstick in HS :) It was all about the brown!

8:42 AM
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