A Gentle Make-up Remover/Cleanser: La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Nettoyant

I have very sensitive skin and either the wrong skincare or not thoroughly cleansing my face breaks me out and irritates my skin easily. I do not kid when I say it was easier for me to take an epilady to my underarms (I won't go into this too much, but the epilady was at its highest setting, my hair wasn't trimmed, and I didn't keep the area taut. It hurt. A lot.) than it is to keep my skin clear. There are a very few skin care items that actually work for me, but La Roche Posay's Toleriane Dermo-Nettoyant is an amazing find.
This milky cleanser is fragrance free and very gentle. For me, I can't use a strong cleanser because, I'm going to let you guess this one, my skin gets irritated. Takes taking of make-up and sunscreen just that much more difficult. I find that normal cleansers don't really get rid of sunscreens completely and I need an extra step to have completely gotten rid of all the stuff I put on my face.

The best thing about La Roche Posay's Toleriane Dermo-Nettoyant is that I don't need to use a lot of product, and it dissolves my make-up and sunscreens. I don't usually wear foundation, but I do occasionally wear mineral make-up. This cleansing milk gets rid of all the layers of mineral make-up as well. On top of that, it doesn't break me out at all. I can use this all over my face and I know that my skin won't be irritated at all. When I finally do wash the Toleriane Dermo-Nettoyant, my skin is soft, hydrated, and clean. No make-up residue and no tight feeling where you skin is so dry that it feels like old wallpaper peeling off from the wall.

I cannot be without this product and I love how I can find it online and at CVS. Also, one bottle lasts and lasts as you don't need to pile on the product. One bottle has lasts me roughly a little longer than 6 months with almost daily use.


Black cat said...

Hi Anu,

Well, six months says it, doesn't it? Thank for the review - will check it out soon. Looking forward to the powder blush tutorials.


9:41 AM
a-hem said...

*Silent reader emerges*
Hello... I've been following your blog for a few months now, and I rather adore it. I've found very few beauty blogs that offer tips on products suitable for Indian complexion. So thank you!

I was just wondering... your skin seems to be a lot like mine. I break out when the weather changes, when I use the wrong fabric softener on my pillowcases and sheets, wrong sunblock etc. etc. etc. And like you, very few skin products work for me, including some of the high end ones. (MAC is remarkable, though. I wish they had more skincare products!) If you don't mind me asking, what products do you use? Cleanser, moisturizer etc.?

10:18 AM
Anu said...

Hey Black Cat!
I will post some powder blush raves. I have quite a few to recommend, just dont judge the blushes on how they look in the pan ok? they look GORGEOUS on. i kind of scare people with how my blushes look in the pan, but they really do compliment desi skin when they're worn sheerly.

Hey a-hem,
if that's you in your profile pic, you are quite the hottie. Thanks for reading, always glad to have people read my rantings.

here are my holy grail of products that i will not live without:
la roche posay effaklar cleanser
la roche posay anthelios xl sunscreen (amazing ppd and sun protection and doesnt make me break out at all)
teamine eyecream during the day
cetaphil moisturizing lotion
castor oil as under eye cream at night.

alternatively, i also use the olay foaming cleanser for sensitive skin (the cheap one since it's pretty much fragrance free, has aloe, and soooooo gentle. i dont like some of olay's other cleansers but this is amazing). i do make sure to use a separate make-up remover (the la roche posay one) because the olay cleanser really does not get rid of my make-up completely. hope this helps!

12:40 AM

a-hem said...

Hey Anu... Thanks so much. :) And from what I've seen of your pictures, you are EXTREMELY attractive. And you know what looks good on you. Props to you!

And thanks for the tips. I use La Roche's sunblock too. And castor oil? My mother would be so proud. She used to use it on my eyebrows, when I was little. Other than that, we have no products in common, but I definitely need to give the others a shot! Thanks again!

And keep up the blogging... :)

7:49 AM
Lolita said...

Hey Anu

I didn't realise La Roche-Posay carried a blue range as well, I know they have a orange range for suncare which is a very good range cauz they carry high SPF and broad range of UV spectrum protection.

I am using their sunscreen too La Roche-Posay Anthelios Fluide Extreme SPF 50+ it's non-greasy which is what I like about the formulation cauz most sunsceen products tend to be very greasy; makes me have breakouts. I'll look out for the cleanser.

I think my skin has become very very sensitive skin too prone to breakouts especially around one my favourite areas; my cheeks! It's weird cauz only now at the prime age of 20 in the beginning of the year I started having zits! And the zits have reappeard again on my cheeks, so no blush for me :( I am treating them with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash which has 2% Salicykic Acid and On-The-Spot Acne Treatment which has 2.5% Benzyl Peroxide (according to Linda Wells beauty editor of Allure in her Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor she recommended that percentage for getting rid of zits, and the book might not be such a good buy if you are a regular reader of Allure magazine, cauz it's lyk the same stuff she keeps repeating in the magazine it's all summarised in the book).

Yes the Neutrogena Wash is slightly over-drying cleanser makes ur skin feel a bit tight after washing but it's gentler than other acne treatment wash I've tried (like The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Wash) I wouldn't recommend it as a daily cleanser. But it really makes the zits go away in just a few days. I tried it when the first zits appeared. As for the On-The-Spot it's my 1st time using it, I used to use Origins Spot-Remover in the past. It's 10ml for S$29! There is a slight burning sensation on my skin whenever I apply it to my zits. It makes the affected area peel, it did work on the zits but I felt that it caused the zit to reappear in just days after the zit was gone.

And I'd never use Oxy, it's very harsh. I remember when I was 14 and my cousin used to have these major zits and she used to use Oxy, it just kept getting worse. I had followed her to the dermatologist who examined her skin and said there were many cuts on her skin due to harshness of the product only creating more sites for bacterial infection.

Neutrogena On-The-Spot doesn't have that burning sensation but it's been working well so far and it's cheaper alternative. I work on the dark spots left behind with Garnier SOS Dark Spot Corrector Pen.

I normally use Seaweed Cream Cleanser for Combination Skin by The Body Shop but I guess it's not working to keep my zits at bay. I gave that away to my cousin haha it was a quite a new bottle 200ml. I am always looking out for a good cream cleanser maybe I'd try the the La-Roche Posay cream cleanser as my regular cleanser.

Btw Anu, what is the teamine eye cream? Is it better than Clinique all about the eyes?

8:27 AM
Black cat said...

Anu, I'm curious about the teamine too. I know it's touted to fade dark circles. Does it work? I;ve tried almost every single eye crea that's supposed to help with dark circles and NADA! I had a sample of the temine once but onlu enough for 3 days so too soon. But I canstill say no change happened in the 3 days.. :(

3:54 AM
Anu said...

Hey a-hem,
you're very sweet, but trust me. In the mornings, I have been told I look more like the medusa than anything remotely human. The wonders of cropping photos also helps :). And I don't think I can ever give up my beloved castor oil. It works so great.

Hey Lolita,
I love all the la roche posay sunscreens. I alternate between anthelios xl and dermo-pediatrics spf50+ (depending on how lazy I am to go and order the dermo-pediatrics). Have you tried clean & clear persagel? I believe it's 10% bp, ad if you can tolerate bp, then it's an option you could try. For me, benzoyl peroxide works great, but I know not a lot of people can tolerate it. i hope the acne gets resolved. i have serious skin issues too, but I have found some great products that help. i hope you find your ideal regimen soon. it can get very frustrating.

I like teamine a lot more than clinique all about eyes. here's why: 1. it moisturizes better 2. it sinks in quickly and is absorbed better 3. doesnt feel as greasy as all about eyes. both are great, and i prefer teamine a lot more to clinique. you can get teamine at a greater price at skincarerx.com than anywhere else (at least i havent found anything cheaper).

sadly, nothing gets rid of my dark circles, BUT it does keep my undereyes at their best possible shape. i know it's not a miracle cure, but it does do a good job going against the assault it faces in a daily basis better than all about eyes. also, it skins in so well and gets absorbed much better. hope that helps1

Hey Black Cat,
I dont think any cream can really get rid of dark circles, and my derm promised me it would do a good job of diminishing them. i dont think it's a miracle cure, but it does do a GREAT job of keeping my undereyes nourished and moisturized. the cream doesn't just "sit" there but gets absorbed very well, which is why i like it so much. so if anything, it keeps my undereyes looking the best they can under the circumstances and i think that itself helps a lot. i hope that helps.

11:10 PM

Anonymous said...

hi Anu,
Thanks for all your great tips. Could you please share the hair products that you use?
Or suggest products for my type of hair - My hair is wavy, pretty dry and frizzy, in short, very tough to maintain.

11:35 AM
MsJamie said...

I have never heard of the teamine brand before... I wonder if shoppers drug mart sells it. I don't own a credit card so can't buy stuff from online... :(

7:11 PM
Anu said...

hey msjamie,

unfortunately you cant. i have a code for 20% off at skincaerx.com but i got mine at my derm's. but to be honest all i strive for nowadays is just moisturized under-eyes. with teamine i noticed that my undereyes were in good shape and thats a good thing when you have dark circles. i think clinique's all about eyes is amazing too. but my favourite thing in the world is to pat on castor oil at night. i pat it on my undereyes and rub some into my lashes and brows. it's completely harmless if it gets in your eyes and it does such an amazing job moisturizing my undereyes. in fact ive been doing this without missing a day since i was 14. but for a daytime cream for the under eyes clinque's is great. l'oreal's is greta if you dont need much moisturizing. jut keep in mind that these companies promise outrageous things when it comes to undereye creams so i never expect true change anymore, just maintenance.

7:20 PM

MsJamie said...

I tried the clinique one but I didn't really like it because it didn't absorb into my skin. It felt like another layer just kind of sitting there. I just got a sample of mac - fast eye response creme... see how well it does with the moisturizing effect as you were saying... because obviously nothing will take out the dark circles. I guess we are stuck with them forever, huh??

I bought this biotherm sunscreen and smashbox - light primer last week... (obviously i am going to stop using them and going to RETURN THEM!!! lol) and I broke out like crazy this week (which I never do)... my skin barely gets clogged pores... and I have clogged pores around my lips, near the eye, cheeks and chin. I am totally freaking out and I have no idea what to do :(


7:14 PM
MsJamie said...

Hey Anu!!

So I bought the La Roche Posay's Toleriane Dermo-Nettoyan... it was terrible for me! It didn't take off my makeup at all... after I tried the product 3 times!!! And then I used my toner to get the makeup off and it was still not cleared up. So then I ended up using my normal biotherm - biosouce for normal/combo skina (which takes off makeup beautifully). My skin definitely felt crazy last night with all the cleansing!!...

I don't know how you use this product... is there a special way? like do you have to use a washcloth or something?? All I did was dispense a small amount on my wet fingers... and then rubbed it all over my wet face... and it just didn't do a thing for me!

Anyway, let me know and thanks!! :D

4:12 AM
Anu said...

hey msjamie:
i had the same problem too until i realized it's best used as a make-up remover. i use it before using a gel cleanser and it gets rid of all my make-up. i'm currently using a garnier one which my skin is really loving. i first use the lrp dermo nettoyant, massage it in completely, then wash it off with my cleanser, and i'm done. hope that helps.

4:22 PM

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