First Installment of Powder Blush Reviews: MAC Formal

I decided to do the powder brush reviews one by one as putting blush, wiping it off, and applying it again made my face irritated and (three guesses what happened next) red. So here comes my powder blush rave.

Format is a pigmented deep coppery-cocoa blush with subtle shimmer. Apart from my much beloved (beloved, fanatic obsession, I can't really tell the difference here) NARS blushes, this blush is a recurring favourite of mine. It's one of those blushes you love, use, and forget about. Then, you reach for it again and wonder why on earth you don't wear it more often.

The blush itself glides on beautifully smooth and is very pigmented, so a light application is very important. I don't like high shimmer on my blushes, but the shimmer here is so subtle and I like having to skip adding a highlighter. The colour I end up with on my cheeks is a warm, tanned, and a bit windblown effect. It's a very versatile colour that I use year round. I like it for the colder as well as the winter months.

I must confess that I get told that my bold gold-and-cranberry shadow combination with cleopatra liner "suits my personality" (read, a polite way to tell me to tranquillize the drag queen that dances in the depths of my soul while wearing a pink-and-blue feathered costume with sequins sewn all over), but every time I wear this blush people always compliment me on how healthy and soft I look.


Selina said...

This blush looks a lot like MAC's Ambering Rose!

10:56 PM
Anu said...

I know! except that it's a lot less orangey/red and more brown on me. To me, it's a bit easier to wear and more of a year round blush. I do prefer this one to ambering rose.

11:01 PM

Black cat said...

Woooaaaa Anu, I go away for a few days and loads of yummy wonderful posts appear!!! When I'm at home, I tend to check the website obsessively so coming back to your posts is just awesome - takes the edge off being back.

The blushes look just amazing and, were it not for the fact that it is now 9.30pm, I'd have rushed out and bought them. As I said numerous times before, I never used to wear blush until I found your site. BB Apricot started it and now I even wear my NARS sin proudly.

Speaking of which, I found a new gem, NARS Albatross - you add it on top of the cheekbones as a highlighter and it's invisible except people start saying how well you look!!! It has gold flecks in it but it doesn't obviously show at all - I am deeply in love!!!!

Oh, and do show/tell more about this cranberry/gold combination...

6:34 PM
IxLovexMAC said...
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IxLovexMAC said...

Hey Anu, since ur a blush whore, like me..(LOL I love that term 'blush whore') u should try MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes. Aaaaaaahhh I'm in love with them. Here's the link to them:

3:48 PM
Anonymous said...

HI Anu,

Picked up NARS blush-`Madly' today. Noticed it has bisumth oxychloride later. Cannot take it back cuz I used it once.
You did mention the ingrediant does'nt suit you. The last time I tried a product with the stuff, I broke out massiveley (It was Laura Merciar mineral powder).
Have you had issues with NARS powder blushes?

Closet Diva

12:49 AM
Anu said...

Hey black cat!
welcome back! were you on vacation? hope it was a good break :). the reason i love blush so much is because sometimes it's all i really need; not mascara, liner, lipgloss, or lipstick. bare face and blush. nars sin is lovely too. by the way, nars albatross is an all-time great. you have impeccable taste :P. i will definately add the tutorial soon. im just lazy getting around to taking pics *is a bad make-up diva*.

hey saniya!
I swear I have a problem when it comes to blush. do you have issues with the skinfinishes being too frosty on you? the recent collection of skinfinishes (northern lights etc) were kind of blah on me. or am i missing out on hidden jewels? i know i missed on some great ones, but i havent been too wowed by them lately. have you tried laura geller's baked blushes? they remind me of the mac skifinishes in look, but not too sure how you would compare them since i am not too huge a fan of the skinfinishes... what do you say?

hey anonymous!
i do have issues with bismuth but nars blushes have never irritated my skin, cream or powder. i dont think it's one of the main ingredients and is very low on the list of ingredients. test drive the blush and let us know how much you like it.

11:14 PM

IxLovexMAC said...
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IxLovexMAC said...

Ohhh girl you should try Stereo Rose, Petticoat, and Shooting Star (dupe: Global Glow, from recent collection)!!
They dont turn frosty on me except one which is called 'Shimpagne', otherwise, almost all of them look great..:)
They are simply stunning:)

I have tried LG's baked products, I love her Blush N Brighten in Pink Grapefruit, it's gorgeous!!! Gives me peachy cheeks..which i love!!

11:20 AM
Chris said...

I am so happy to finally have found a site that gives GREAT make-up tips, and to top it off we have the same skin tone. I was wondering what color foundation/powder you use? I can never find the right color. Thanks!

4:17 AM
Kell Styles said...

I have a hard time finding the right foundation too.. right now im finishing up c7.. i also have Mary kay 507 but im looking @ Nars...I LOOOVE format though it gives me an instant healthy glow.. love it!

6:44 PM

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