Finally I Praise a Celeb's Make-up: Sara Jane Dias

I was browsing the web/complaining to vampires that my sleeping schedule was out of whack when I saw the following pic of Miss India Sara Jane Dias at the inauguration of Richfeel Hair and Scalp Clinic in Banglore on Sept 25, 2007.

In the past, I have been vocal (I feel I did manage to restrain myself) about bad make-up and I realized I have praised good make-up only once. Once. Let me clarify that I am not a bitter woman who is cursing the celebs behind the computer because I want to secretly be them. I am content to merely live vicariously through them, but I can only do that if I agree with their make-up habits. So I decided to reward some much needed praise to Sara Jane Dias and the great job her make-up artist did.

Apart from the fact that I absolutely love the vibrant colours and patterns on her salwar that compliment her skin like bullying mothers-in-law do a desi soap-opera, Sara's make-up is understated but I don't think it's boring at all. On the contrary, the look is sophisticated, sexy, young, and feminine.

I know many follow the rule of picking one feature and enhancing it while downplaying the rest of the fact, but since everything is understated and nothing is overly emphasized, everything is emphasized. The make-up enhances her contacts (I swear I'm not being snarky, they truly do make the contacts look better), her blush gives her a healthy glow without overwhelming her face, and her lipgloss ties everything together subtly. In fact, her entire look has me opening up sephora's web page and try and locate a similar colours.

On a side note, her eyeshadow looks exactly like what Bobbi Brown's long wear cream shadow in Sand Castle looks like on my lids. What do you ladies think?

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Anonymous said...

you should do a review of geeta basra's makeup!!!

4:44 AM
ranjani said...

I like the soft make up, but I think she should lose the lenses!
What's wrong with brown eyes??

6:18 AM
Anonymous said...

I miss you raving about the absurdities of whitening creams and the love of fair skin. Here is something to rekindle your anger ;)

12:51 AM
Anonymous said...

hey anu thanks for your lovely reviews on stuff,I ended up getting mac taupe shde and loads of others ,trust u girl.....btw any idea abt lighted makeup mirrors................?

7:56 AM
shilpa said...

hey anu

check out this website. its got a couple of good tutorials .

4:30 PM
Anonymous said...

What are you on about?

It looks like she's only done with the base and forgot the rest. Her face looks ashy and washed out. Her dress is taking over her face. If you want the BEST example of healthy, glowy and suitable makeup with south asian clothes, then google Deepika Padukone. Now that's beauty!

3:55 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous!
i always stop myself from reviewing geeta basra's make-up. I dont want to sound like a raving lunatic. i mean that girl REALLY offends my make-up sensibilities sometimes.

hey ranjani!
i wish ALL of bollywood would ditch the lenses for a bit. i agree, it sometimes seems to send the signal that something is wrong with brown eyes.

hey anonymous!
i saw that and was hesitant to rant about it because i could go on forever. but now i can't ignore it. i mean, you're pretty much enabling me :P. i will definately sputter about this.

hey anonymous!
thanks for reading! i am not too familiar with lit make-up mirrors because i feel they tend to wash me out and then i end up overdoing it (even more). if i find a good one, i will let you know.

hey shilpa!
i love that website. i frequented it often coz i love how she did the layout etc. so professional looking.

hey anonymous!
i am sorry you didn't liek the make-up. it looks great on her if you ask me. i like how natural and soft it looks. i feel like a neutral, natural face can compliment bright clothes :).

12:37 AM

Anonymous said...

I dunno what the other anon was talking about. I looked up pictures of deepika padukone and I didn't find any thing where her makeup was good and it was a "candid" picture. Yeah, she looks amazingly hot in a lot of them, but they are all magazine spreads and anyone can easily be made to look good there.
Check this one out -
I don't think I'm a queen of makeup, but this is definitely a prime example of how not to do your makeup

2:03 AM
[a} said...

It's a really soft & romantic look, IMHO!
Her contacts don't look "hard" and unforgivingly harsh like they do on most celebs, and I suspect it's her toned down eye makeup that's responsible!!

4:26 PM
Leyla_Shehnaz said...


I was the one who posted about Deepika. Well how about you check out the pics in these following links:

Now thats PERFECT makeup.

2:14 PM
Black cat said...

OOhh, I like that last pic ( What do you think the lipstick is?

4:54 PM
Anonymous said...

The make up is alright.... But for christ's sake is that a miss india????????? God she is ugghhlllyyy!!! Whats wrong with femina? We have better looking beggar women on the streets of mumbai n that too without makeup. I feel sorry for this country. This monster does not stand a chance at the miss world contest.

8:41 AM
Anu said...

deepika does have some very nice make-up, I agree.

Hey anonymous.
I like to look at people's make-up simple because good make-up can really enhance their features and I can always learn from others. I would just like to stress that this blog is mainly for make-up and a bit of celeb bashing is fine, but please try not to make it too harsh.

I would like to add that I think she's got a great look going on there. Even though i detest fake coloured contacts, they kind of don't steal the attention from her face because of the soft make-up. :)

11:07 AM

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