Contouring with Powder Bronzer

So I am back (finally) and I decided to do a tutorial on contouring with powder bronzer. Yes, I do eventually get around to requests. I'm just a bit... disorganized. I would also like to add that I am sorry that the pics are underexposed. I am this weird strongly green colour. I am very olive skinned and in bad lighting I become more green/lizard-colours versus plain ol' deep olive

What I used:

  • A bronzer. I used NARS Casino. I like this because it doesn't have red undertones and looks like my skin but deeper and has only very slight shimmer.
  • A blush. I used MAC Ambering Rose. This is already shimmery so I didn't want to use a highlighter for this look.
  • An angled blush brush. I used MAC 168. I used to use Essence of Beauty's which I also like a lot.
  • A blush brush. I didn't use a blush brush per se but used MAC 187 instead. Whenever I am using a pigmented blush, I like to use this brush to sheer out my application.
Step 1:I started off with a clean base. I moisturized my face and applied some translucent powder so that my make-up glides on better and doesn't look patchy.

Step 2:Here, I made the classic fish-face by sucking in my cheeks. I am not going to place the bronzer under the cheekbone but on the cheekbone. So here, place the bronzer along the shadow that you see when you suck in your cheeks.

Step 3:I dipped my MAC 168 brush in the bronzer and tapped it to dust off the excess bronzer. Be careful to not use too much bronzer at the first go. You can only blend it out to an extent and I'd rather just add intensity as I go along. As a good rule of thumb, I draw a line from the middle of my eye and where the shadow and the line collide is where I place the farthest bit of bronzer. I went along the cheekbone up to the temple. For added drama, you can add bronzer along the temples and the jawline.

Step 4:
I blended out the edges of my of the bronzer so that it's no longer a strip. I didn't use another brush and just blended the bronzer out with my MAC 168.

-Initial Result-I have blended out the bronzer enough so that the cheekbones are enhanced but was careful to not blend not too much that it just looked like my usual application

Step 5:I like to add blush because I personally feel it looks much more natural. I dipped my MAC 187 brush into the Ambering Rose blush, dusted it off and placed it on the apple of my cheek. I apply the blush pretty much only on the apple of my cheek and then blend it into the bronzer.

-Final Result-Here you can see the final result: cheekbones with a slight flush. If you want, you can add a highlight along the top of the apple of the cheek and then make your way toward the temple. However, I skipped this step as I didn't want too much shimmer


Anita Krishnan said...

Hey Anu, I really liked the way the bronzer and blusher work together. It doesn't look too shimmery which is great!

ps: Love your lip gloss!

1:19 AM
Ranjani said...

Hey Anu, Loved the contouring tutorial, you have the most gorgeous skin ever made!!!
Love the gloss you have on, what is it?

12:43 PM
Anu said...

Hey Anita!

Thanks for looking. And the bronzer is slightly shimmery but I don't think it's over the top at all. very subtle shimmer which makes it very wearable.

Hey Ranjani
Thanks :) as always you're such a sweetheart. And no, my skin isn't a very nice element of my life left to itself. I have to go through great paints to keep it looking halfway decent. And the lipgloss I have on is Clinique's Simply Luscious.

12:23 AM

Ranjani said...

Hey Anu,
Any tips and tricks on doing a gold dramatic egyptian eye? I'm attending a wedding soon, and wearing a goldish chiffon sari, and wanted to do something sexy and fun with my makeup. Never done the egyptian cat eye thing, but I thought i should experiment. Would love your thoughts and suggestions.

2:15 PM
Anu said...

Hey ranjani.

You could definitely use your mac paint pot in indian wood for this. Add some gold eyeshadow over it to intensify, add a crease, dark winged liner on top and bottom lash lines. I used to love doing this look. I have an old pic I can send you if you'd like. Also, you could add a cranberry for accent (i love golds and cranberries together. don't know why).

your sari sounds lovely! what kind of work does your sari have?

3:34 PM

Ranjani said...

Hey Anu, thanks for the suggestion, I am yet to try cranberry with gold, any pics you coud send would be awesome!!!My sari is pale gold with coppery sequins on the borders and the pallu , and a stringy black blouse its quite grogeous, I really splurged on it when I was in India this summer. I was thinking of winging out my shadow and adding some false eyelashes too, its ok if I outshine the bride too, since its a gay wedding!!!:)

8:35 PM
Priya said...

Heey sweety,

Remember the blush you liked somuch i used? Well here is the code: MAC, coppertone blush....enjoy!

1:25 PM
Anu said...

I'm so excited. I jut send you the pic. it's a look i did a looooong time ago.

hey pri:
dank je wel. i love you sis.

12:44 AM

ranjani said...

hey Anu,
Thanks a bunch, you are such a sweetheart!

5:38 AM
Black cat said...

Cranberry and gold??? This ounds awesome, you guys. Hmmmm,how about a tutorial on this? Hugs.

3:48 AM
Anu said...

Hey ranjani,
no problem! it was a very simple pic, i do hope you like it :). I love the additions you wanted to add to the look.

Hey black cat,
i will definately do a tutorial. I need to finsh the powder blush stuff and then i will do a tutorial on gold and cranberry. I LOVE cranberry as an accent. It looks so good with desi clothes too.

11:12 PM

yoli said...

Hi Anu- I love your tutorials! This bronzer/blusher tutorial is what I have been looking for, for a very long time! I love how you go down to the brush that you use- its definitely very helpful. Its such a beautiful glow-I can't wait to go home and try it!

1:32 AM
Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Your skin looks amazing, and if I can get my skin to look one tenth as nice as your skin, I will be thrilled.

2:01 PM
Anonymous said...

In the last sentence of 'step 2' you mention you will place blush along the shadow that appears when you suck your cheeks. Is that a typo? Did you mean to say thats where the bronzer is positioned? Its just in your last point you say you put blusher on the apples of your cheeks. I am trying to copy your instructions word for word here.

2:07 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
that was absolutely a typo. i just changed that. sorry about the confusion.

10:09 AM

shoppdiva said...

Girl you are Flawless absolutely Flawless!!!Super Gorgeous! I'm so happy I found this I've been searching for a contouring product and technique that would suit me and this is perfect and I've been hearing Casino is a bronzer especially for ladies of beautiful color-tone that would make my cheekbones pop out and this is it! Thanks again xo mwah *does the happy dance* lol

11:05 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu, Suggest some brands as well as shades for contouring which are available in India...Thanks

2:47 AM
Akansha said...


Can you tell me any bronzer that is good and available in India esp in Delhi ?


7:47 PM
Anonymous said...

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