Brush Review: MAC 168 (Large Angled Contour) Brush

I'm a huge fan of good make-up brushes. I don't really care where my make-up or brushes come from but I am especially picky about brushes. A long, long time ago, I used to use q-tips and my fingers to apply make-up and while my fascination for finger-painting my own face has still not subsided (I'm still a huge fan of applying certain make-up with my fingers), I have turned into a regular brush-diva. I am possibly harder to please than the stereotypical mother-in-law you see in all the desi soap operas. And yes, I throw hissy fits of equal magnitude when brushes disappoint me. Here's my review of MAC's 168 brush.

For the most part, MAC's 168 brush is incredibly soft and angeled so that I can achieve easy contouring looks. I like my products to be multi-functional and use the brush as a blush brush as well. Here's my problem with the MAC brush. It sheds, and sheds, and sheds.

The brush itself is incredibly soft and I was very taken wit how luxurious the bristles felt. The bristles are made of natural goat hair and generally, I trust MAC's brushes quite a bit. However, my brush sheds pretty badly and I can always see a few hairs that have gotten loose and are about to cling to my face the way they should have clung to the damn brush. This is a huge problem for me because I don't think comb overs look very good on balding brushes (on a side note, I know many desi uncles who favour the comb over).

Another problem I have with this brush is that it applies blush rather unevenly. I do like it for blending out my contour and I can blend away my blush easier with this brush but I feel like that's an added step I don't need when I want a basic flush.

MAC's 168 is not bad, but I just feel like you can get a much better brush for the same price.


Anonymous said...

Mine does too! I hate it. :(

10:36 PM

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