About Me

My name is Anu and I'm the person behind the rantings on this blog. I strive to give you an honest view of whatever it is I'm writing to you about.

You might have guessed but I am obsessed with all things make-up. As I am currently in grad school I don't have the time to put my lessons learned during art school to use so I make my face my canvas (before this would be literal and you'd see me walking around campus with green and blue paint on my face/hair clothes). When my study load becomes too heavy I tend to take longer to update.

In also freelance as a make-up artist as a side job. I have found out that I love food and must therefore work to supply that. I also want to apologise if I don't email or respond to your comments immediately. My brain is so muddled sometimes I forget to get back to you.

You can contact me at anu@indianmakeupdiva.com.


sawa said...

keep up da gewd work

3:40 PM
nywele said...

I looove your blog! I've just subscribed to it and i am looking forward to reading more :)

8:11 PM
Anu said...

big hugs to both of you! thanks for the support.

12:12 AM

laila said...

I love your blog!!! I think i'm addicted.

6:44 PM
laila said...
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Diana said...


Love your blog. I think you are stunning! I am looking forward to trying out all the tips I have picked up.


4:01 AM
Anisha said...

Im a desi girl living in Sweden. I think it's really good and entertaining the way you write abt things, for example the melanin article :), that was hilarious. I wish you all the best!

6:13 AM
smoovie said...

I'm not desi but I love your blog, keep it up!

9:48 AM
Anonymous said...


11:18 AM
Anonymous said...

uv got urself a fan....thank u

11:20 AM
nfs said...

Hi Anu,
Thanks for your post on Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty foundation! What shades would you recommend for medium desi skin tones?


1:49 PM
sherin said...

Hey Anu,
I am a person who surf the web for make-up tips and tricks. I am a subscriber of a lot of blogs, Youtube channels etc. relating to fashion and make-up, but yours is the only blog I found that caters to Indian/brown skinned people. I feel like I stumbled up on a treasure of make up tips. Please continue to do the good work and don't stop. Also, good luck with your studies too!

1:04 PM
Vithya said...

I love your blog! I'm a fashionista desi girl who lives in Colorado and was looking long and hard for a blog that helps me with makeup. You do a great job, looking forward to reading more. BTW, You are gorgeous!

4:04 PM
peaches said...

Just came across your blog,really cool!!!! I love your summer glow look!Man dats so easy!Guess we have the same interests in skincare and makeup!(i know i'll be never satisfied in achieveing flawless skin *sigh*)

9:16 AM
roop said...

how did i not know this blog existed! 've been looking for something like this for a long time!!! good goin' girl.

2:54 PM
Reshma said...

Hey, love the blog...i was wonderin when you were talking about the MAC make up were you referring to Studio Fix or Select SPF? I don't understand how colours in both are so differant. Also do you find you have a green tint?

5:00 AM
Pallavi said...

Hello there anu

This is possibly the only blog that reaaaallly talks about indian skin and not africaan american, native american skin etc.

So I have been in the market looking for a foundation for about 10 years. Never found a perfect shade for my skin - it is in between shade and no brand really makes that color. Since I wear it so rarely - foundaations and even mineral powders just feel heavy on the skin.

Do you have a recommendation for a good foundation or powder that provides coverage without feeling heavy for idian skin? Also, is my only option the prescritives counter to blend my custom foundation? The problem though is that they always mix the wrong color since they just dont know indian skin!

4:04 AM
Anonymous said...

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Let us know how you would like to take this forward. If you need any further information, I would be glad to help you out.

Take care,


4:33 AM
Anonymous said...

just wanted to say THANK YOU! i'm a desi girl in manhattan and i LOVE your blog. it's exactly what we desi girls need. keep up the fantastic work!

12:36 PM
Anonymous said...

love your blogg!! and you know who preity desai is? google her and post something on her! shes gorgeous!

1:27 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi, I am wondering if you've ever heard anything about myface? i have read a few things online about it and it has colors and shades that are supposed to be perfect for medium - dark skin tones. I am trying to find someone who has tried it??? (I like your blog btw).

11:38 AM
Hana said...

Your blog is wonderful! I really enjoy it. I have just recently started a youtube channel. Come visit if you get a chance! http://www.youtube.com/user/hanak124

2:33 PM
Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I wanted to know if you have any tips or products you recommend for covering up upper lip shadows.

4:30 PM
anu said...

hey anu wanted 2 kno whetr the revlon photoready has been launched in indai?if yes den wt is its picr n hw many shades it is availabel in?

11:12 PM
Anonymous said...

pallavi try Estee Lauder Double Wear it is great for Indian skin tone and has so many options..you can try them at palladium in mumbai or select citywalk in saket delhi

6:27 AM
vivalalipstick said...

Hey Anu,
I just discovered your blog and I love it! Keep it up girl :)


1:31 AM
Rashidah Ferguson said...

I love your blog. It's so cute and informative. Thank you for your posts!

7:09 AM
Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Very informative nd really helpful!! Thankyou!!!!

5:15 AM
Kirtana said...

Helloo there!

I absolutely adore your work Anu. I have been searching for quite some time for make up tips for darker skinned asian girls. Im Sri Lankan and around your shade and when I came across your blog it was defitely a eureka moment!

To top it you're a pretty wee thing too! Love it!!

Keep it up lady!

Bisous x

10:43 AM
Sindhu said...

Hey are you still in grad school?

9:28 AM
Manali said...

Superb blog. Kudos to you, girl! Keep posting valuable tips! Mwuah!

3:38 AM
puja said...

never seen sooo much for dusky skin9lke me) thanx,ur blog has boosted my confidence as i always wnted 2 b fair
great job dearie thanx a lot!!!!!

9:06 AM
Anonymous said...

Hey I just came across you blog today and I think its so amazing!!!
Keep it up :)

6:42 PM
Roshni said...

hey Anu. I handle CK, Givenchy n La Prairie in India. i wld like to get in touch with. Pl can u drop ur number in my inbox- roshni.tavadia@gmail.com

3:41 AM
Anita said...

Good work, Anu!!! Adore your blog! What I particularly like about your looks is that you don't seem "made up". There's a nice natural-ness to your art.

6:05 AM
Meera said...

Hi Anu - I've just discovered your blog and youtube channel and I love it!
I adore to see makeup that works on us Indian women...
Would LOVE to see a tutorial on Kareena Kapoor's look in 3 Idiots...Do you know the film?
I am not a big makeup person, so I am not what she was doing, but it looked like a strong eye and natural lips....she looked fantastic, especially in the wedding scenes. Would you mind doing a tutorial?

9:58 AM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu,

I'm an Indian living in California and I have to say, "thank you," for your fabulous blog and tips. I'm a bit of a late bloomer in the make-up department..I tend to apply it more frequently now that I have a real job :) LOL! Anyhoo, it's great to have tips on products for Indian skin because it's so damn hard to find a foundation that doesn't make my skin look ashy or a blush that doesn't make me look like a clown but I think I've figured it out. I love Revlon's Colorstay foundation in toast-fantastic coverage, NARS blush in Amour and Orgasm and MAC eyeshadows. My life has found meaning again, yay!! :) Love your work and all the best!


8:49 PM
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6:43 AM
Indian Fashion Trends said...

I sent You a mail, Hope we gel together soon!

7:55 AM
Health said...

Your blog is very fantastic, you have interesting posts. Wonderful and keep up.

4:55 PM
Cinema ponnu said...

Hey anu, awsome blog. check mine out if you like movies and make-up combined together.


6:14 PM
Anonymous said...

you're a great writer! keep it up. new subscriber btw

7:47 PM
Anonymous said...

Great! 1st found topic about Indian skin tone! Keep it up!
Greatings from Curacao.

8:19 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey came across your blog while searching for 'tinted moisturizers for indian skin' :) Had a look at your videos too. I am also a student and I totally get the "infrequency of uploads part"! I do hope you won't mind - a few compliments a a lil bit of criticism...Well first off - you are a total looker! Great skin (though you seem to have so many complaints about it -sure they may be justified but those 'flaws' are not at all obvious - you got great skin girl!) Great features - usually find the Jolie-like lips unattractive but yours suit your face and look great. Hope that doesn't sound condescending or something - my appreciation is probably getting lost in translation over cyberspace here! So like I said - you're one helluva looker - reminded me of southern indian actress goutami a lot. Ok, before you dismiss me as a nut I gotta admit I'm surprising myself too because I seldom comment online and certainly not in this vein... Now the brickbats - nothing much but if you want to build and reach a wider online audience - just my unsolicited advice - please be a little more lively in your videos. I don't mean you have to change your personality or anything but it is online right which means I'm sure you do want people to view your videos - a little more animation, an extra dash of confidence and a little less of the self deprecation - and you gonna have a huge audience I am sure. K hope you don't get offended by this since I am a complete stranger but such are the ways of the internet! I honestly mean well and enjoyed your laid back, natural personality in the videos and just wanted to drop by and say hi. And let me reiterate how gorgeous you are :) And off I scoot - looking forward to more videos :)

9:40 PM
Anonymous said...

very nice blog...searched for tinted moisturiser bought me here...i am

7:54 PM
Anonymous said...

hi anu,i hve a dark skin tone and always get confused abt wht colour of lipstick,eyeliner should i choose plz help

10:08 AM
Rohini said...

I really like this blog :) It's been helping me through high school, since I'm one of two Indian girls in the entire school of about 900 odd people! Thank you for being the one to have such helpful makeup advice!

7:32 PM
Halima Khatun said...

Great blog

2:28 PM
Anonymous said...

Where are you located? I am terrible with make-up, don't know how to do anything remotely clever with it. 14 year old girls put me to shame (and I am 32). Your makeup is beautiful. And, on a side note, you're MUCH prettier than Padma Lakshmi. I live in NJ. I hope you're local because if anybody I know (self included) needs a makeup artist, I would love for it to be you!

4:35 PM
Lucy said...

Your blog looks fabulous, I must say! How do you get your template to look this good? I've tried to customize mine, but definitely hasn't worked out like this. Opinions? Ha.

Good blog! Keep up the good work:) X

2:00 PM
All Things Beautiful said...

hey I like your blog!
I've recently started blogging too. please check out my blog
advice welcome

1:16 PM
Chetana said...

Hi Anu, just found out your blog today. Must say, it is a lovely blog. I run community.stylecraze.com, India's largest beauty network. It is a great place for Make up divas to socialize with each other. Do join us.

12:17 AM
Mara Bear said...

Hey! I love your blog. I just came to it today. I'm already liking it so far! (: Can you do one how to get lighter skin color? Or you already did?

5:58 PM
Anonymous said...


6:16 AM
Unknown said...

hi girl, could you do a post on BB cream. it seems super famous in asian since a long time but in europe not mayn poeple use it yet. I worry since most of them have a colour that it may look really bad and grey on my dark indian skin (something like nw45 or nc50). what do you think?

7:05 AM
myglossyaffair said...

Hi Anu. I came to know about your blog on makeup from magazine Marie Claire. Me also a makeup fanatic and also a newbie at blogging. My blog is http://myglossyaffair.blogspot.in.
Please do try to check that.
Keep in touch :)

11:10 PM

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