When Make-up Artists Attack: Mickey Contractor vs. Preity Zinta

So I was browsing around last night for divine inspiration (that's how I write my posts, this isn't your ordinary blog you know) and an interview with Mickey Contractor in The Hindu caught my eye. In that article, he seems to at one point be hissing and bearing his claws. Not in an outright nasty way, but it's definitely more than a backhanded compliment (you know, when people go "oh! you look so much better now that you've put on weight and your cheeks are so chubby and round. so cute.") The article states:

"In his years of experience, which was the one face for which he needed the least effort? 'Raveena Tandon. She has perfect features. ' And the most difficult? 'Preity Zinta. It was so tough to make her look like a girl! And you can quote me on that." He laughs . . ."

Ouch! I'm not sure exactly why he said what he did, but there wasn't really a build up to this quote. No it fits in the interview just as you read it. Poor Preity Zinta. A make-up artist stating that their client has flaws? I think nothing of it. Having your femininity disregarded by someone who's beautifies you regularly? That has to hurt.

source: www.hindu.com


ranjani said...

That's so mean, I love it:) Am sure there's some beef between them!

5:52 PM
30 days ago said...

Theres beef between Preity Z and a lot of film people. Apparently she's a bit 'frank', and talks to much. Heard that from a Rani Mukerjee interview!

9:19 AM
Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! Mean, but hilarious...I'm sure it's definitely coming from somewhere. Who knows what she said about him...

6:57 PM
Anu said...

I'm always the last one to know about gossip. I had no clue she was 'frank.' Is this frank in the same realm as 'i can say whatever i want even if it's rude because i'm frank' kind of frank?

8:29 PM

Anonymous said...

OMG - i have been a huge mickey fan and have been following his work for years and i always wondered which actress would be toughest for him to make...and i too in my head thought of Priety Zinta and today after all this time i read this and realised it was actually true what I thought ...the reason being that they worked together in Kal Ho na Ho in 2003- for some reason I think that was a time period after which Priety Zinta's freshness started dying down (she was still mint fresh uptill 2002- thats the reason why Karan cast her next after Kareena for her fair skin new york nri look) but unfortunately suddenly in 2003 Priety lost her signature freshness which was apparent in some scenes of KHNH- it could be because of many reasons- improper diet -alcohol intake perhaps or just bad deeds showing up on your face- and even though her career was on an all time high even after KHNH she didnt look good in even Veer Zaara(though she was styled well) and ofcouse Lakshaya and Armaan we all know- Anywyas the turning point was Salaam Namaste- that was shot after Priety went through the unfortunate incident of Tsunami which totally changed her as a person for the better and i guess even if she got lost up in all that jazz of stardom she came back to the ground and in Salaam Namaste she looked Smashing and regained her appeal..even though it was an older Priety but she still looked gorgeous like a lady- didnt matter if she didnt look like a girl anymore ..and ofcourse after tht till today she still looks great especially in jhoom she looked awsome --shes got one of the best hearts and personalities in bollywood and im a big fan of hers!!

2:50 PM

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