Very Easy Blue Smokey Eye

I know I'm stuck on the smokey eye thing of late, so I'll do a bright coloured or neutral tutorial next time. However, I got the Lumiere eyeshadow to finally work for me and I had to show off the blue shadow. In my opinion, this is a fairly easy smokey eye that's just a tad different because of the lining on the lower rim. Pardon the eyebrows, I need to get them done with weekend.

Again, pardon the simplicity of the tutorial as I'm still enjoying my vacation. I hope you like the tutorial.

What I used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion. This is my absolute favourite primer and with a combination of other things, it helped the Lumiere loose shadows to stick. A good primer isn't always a necessity in the traditional sense, but it makes a lot of difference to the longevity and colour intensity of your shadows.
  • Lumiere Dark Waters eyeshadow. This is a very intense, shimmery blue shadow with black undertones. A similar shadow would also work.
  • LORAC Moonstone . I needed a basic, shimmery champagne as highlight.
  • MAC Blacktrack. I like using gel and cake liners because it gives me great control over how I want the thickness and intensity of the line. I can get my liner to look like a traditional liquid liner or like a smudged pencil liner. A cake or gel liner would be great for this look.
  • MAC 242 brush. I used this to pack on the loose eyeshadow. Make sure you have a brush that will help you build intensity with your eyeshadow.
  • MAC 217 brush. I used this to blend the edges of the eyeshadow. Any good blending brush will do.
  • L'Oreal Voluminous. I love dark, sooty volume with a smokey eye. You could use any volumizing mascara for this look.
  • Loose powder. I used a nameless brand loose powder under my eyes to catch fallen eyeshadow.
  • Angled liner brush. I have the most fabulous liner brush I had extra when I was making a painting. It's a Windsor and Newton brush I bought for around $3 that performs better than any brush out there and has taken a fair amount of abuse.
  • Q-tips. Actually, I only needed one.
Step 1:
I prepped my lids and lower lash line with primer and I let it stay for about a minute.

Step 2:
First, I put a generous amount of loose powder on my cheeks and under eyes. With the 242 brush, I applied Deep Waters from lash line to the crease. For a slightly less dramatic look, you could stop right below the crease.

Step 3:
I lined my entire lower lash line with Deep Waters. Again I used the 242 brush (I seriously adore this brush).

Step 4:
To blend the edges of the shadow on my upper lid, I used the 217 brush to blend out the colour at the crease. The edges are now softer than when I first applied the shadow.

Step 5:
I applied Moonstone as highlight on my brow bone and blended it into my crease.

Step 6:
With the angled brush, I made a think line on my upper lid. On my lower lid, I made the line somewhat thicker. I also lined the inside of my eye (the waterline, where you'd traditionally put kajal). Then, I used a q-tip to gently blend the shadow and liner on the lower lash line.

Step 7:
Finally, I dusted off the powder and fallen eyeshadow on my under eyes and cheeks. I finished the look with 2 coats of volumizing mascara.


Black cat said...

Gorgeous! This is REALLY helpful. I like the pics and seeing the progression. I have a question about blending. You have mentionned the 217 brush before. When I try to put a darker shadow at the outer V, I invariably look as though I got iAn a fight with Mike Tyson...I use the MC 224. Maybe it's too big??!

6:22 AM
Tatva said...

You look Fab!!!

My problem is my lower eyelashes get in the way of me lining my lower lid. I just can't seem to draw a straight line...any suggestions?

12:29 PM
Anita Krishnan said...

I have to say Anu. You have the perfect eye shape!

2:32 PM
Anu said...

Hey Black Cat!
lol, i had a visual of a make-up-aholic trying to fight mike tyson. not too good. i think the 224 a the 217 would both be fine for blending out at the outer v. i don't really think you need anything else to blend out. what you could try is to not extend the colour past the crease, or maybe even stop it just below the crease. when you blend out you don't have a too large area covered with dark eye shadow. let me know how that works for you.

i didn't rally concentrate on the outer v here, but if i really want something for precise work i use my trusted 219 for it (i swear by this brush).

12:14 AM

Anu said...

hey tatva,

i wish i had your problem with my lashes being too long! one thing you could try is to slightly look up. That way your lashes are not pressed to the under eyes and you can get between the lashes. also, you could try to make little dots with your brush or liner instead of lining the entire lower lash line in one go. try pressing the liner against the lower lash line and make your way along the entirety. hope that helps and let me know if it works for you!

12:17 AM

Anu said...

hey anita!
i'm going to hang my head and shame and admit to you that it's mostly the make-up doing it's thing. you have such pretty, big eyes. you have no clue how lucky you are lol. mine are tiny compared to my face.

12:18 AM

Black cat said...

Got to get me a 219, drrooolll, drrooolll!!!

7:08 AM
Anita Krishnan said...

Haha Anu, I have Chinese eyes. I notice that I only look ok with lighter shades of eye-shadow. sort of opens up my eyes. But I love using eyeliner.

1:03 PM
30 days ago said...

Hey Anu,
Question- what do you use to line the inner rim of your eye? The gel liner? or a kohl stick? What stick do you recommend?
Love your tutes!

7:43 AM
Tatva said...

Thanks Anu! I will try it out and let you know how it goes!

3:26 PM
Anu said...

Hey 30 days...
if i use a gel liner i use my liner brush or otherwise i use a kohl liner. honestly, either on is fine. i juse like the gel liner because i dont have to switch products. all depends on your preference, but personally i have none. i do find however that the gel liner is a bit longer lasting, but it is easier to touch up with kohl throughout the day.

hope that helps!

11:48 PM

30 days ago said...

helps! Thanks...

8:28 AM
Angela said...

wow i love the blue. it blends beautifully with your skin.

9:14 PM
Anonymous said...

tis awesum!

11:06 AM
Roselen James said...

wooooow i like it blue skin :D thanks for sharing

4:08 AM

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