The Power of Anna Sui's Mascara (Seriously, This Could Be A Good Thing)

So many companies use false lashes and digitally enhance their mascara ads. I always used to fall for the Lash Architect ads from L'oreal. One girl I knew in high school believed the hype of lash advertising so much she never took off her mascara. She would pile on the mascara every day to make lashes look like in the ads (direct source here, she told me this). She did this for about 3 months (again, I am willing to use an unsanitized lipstick tester at the MAC counter of your choice to prove I'm not exaggerating), and when she one day removed the mascara, her lashes fell out. Point of the story? Don't believe the mascara ads. Except maybe the Anna Sui mascara in question.

I came across a post about this blog entry on makeupalley (thanks cuddlybear) and I had to post about it. The girl who writes the blog tried to test out Anna Sui's apparently highly potent mascara. She applied 6 to 7 coats. I'm not even going to elaborate, you ladies need to check this out yourselves.

All I know is, I'm going to check this mascara out. It's got some serious potential.


IxLovexMAC said...

Is this for real? Is that what 6 coats of mascara did to her lashes? Wow? This must be some mascara!

12:20 PM
IxLovexMAC said...'s Saniya

12:21 PM
Lorie said...

I'm still looking for your post on threading. Did I miss it?

12:27 PM
Anu said...

Hey Saniya,
How you been? Yeah, I believe it's completely real. I'm torn between being creeped out and coveting the mascara.

Hey Lorie,
I still haven't done the threading tutorial because i didn't think people would really want to see it. The thing is, it's pretty much impossible to thread your own eyebrows, which is what i think most would like to see. However, I can show you how to thread your upper lip, which is very very easy. Let me know if you would like to see the tutorial and i'd be glad to put one up.

7:51 PM

IxLovexMAC said...

I've been well, if you try it out please let me know what it does for ur lashes..Damnnnn

12:59 AM
IxLovexMAC said...

Hey Anu,
What's the mascara's name?

1:07 AM
Lalitha said...

I for one would totally love a threading tutorial.

And, this mascara scares me a lot (but, as you say, potential, potential)

4:14 AM
Black cat said...

Sorry guys, but what is threading?

6:26 AM
Anu said...

hey saniya!
i will get back to you on the name of the mascara soon. sorry about that. i'll also post pics so we can compare the effects of the mascara.

hey lalitha!
i will definitely post the threading tutorial then. thanks :)

Hey black cat!
threading is the desi style of hair removal, done with *big surprise* a thread. you twirl the thread and then you can use it to remove hairs. it's because i have this wonderful lady who threads my eyebrows so well that i don't touch mine. i have something of a... tweezing enthusiasm. i get carried away pretty quickly when i tweeze.

12:22 AM

Black cat said...

So, how is this different from using tweezers?

5:09 PM
30 days ago said...

AARGH! She looks like the kid from that 'ring' movie!

7:47 AM
[a} said...


That was the most terrifying thing I have seen in months!

4:47 PM

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