My Newest Nail Polish Love: Elizabeth Arden Catalina Pink Shimmer

I was at Ulta a while back and they had a fabulous Elizabeth Arden nail polish sale and they also had a coupon. So me being the nail polish fanatic bought a few of them (I somehow refuse to pay full retail for nail polish, but more on that later). I wanted a white nail polish but didn't want it to be too harsh on me and Elizabeth Arden's Catalina Pink Shimmer is perfect. I would say it's a semi sheer pearly white that you can layer for more intensity. Best thing is that I've worn it for 5 days now without chipping.

I took this pic in natural light without flash and it's very true to colour. It's such a pretty off-white colour that I can't stop looking at it.


Black cat said...

That's a nice understated color. Lovely.

12:22 PM
Anu said...

isn't it? it's kind of different (well from what i usually wear) but still very understated. the best thing is that the shimmer isn't overwhelming and loud.

12:43 PM

Black cat said...

One of my absolute favoritest color of all time is OPI Rosy Future. It's a lovely barely there pink with Shimmer. My fingers always look longer and sophisticated!! (and I need it) LOL!

4:10 PM
Anita said...

I like the colour. It looks very natural. :) I went nail polish shopping on Saturday too! But I got a silverish coloured one and a bronzy orange one for winter.

12:13 AM
Anu said...

Hey Black Cat!
Rosy Future sounds so great. I'm not loving the new brush and formula as much from OPI though. Maybe i'm just being picky, they do after all have amazing colours.

hey anita
it's a very soft and feminine colour. Makes me feel like a lady even though I'm quite the klutz. what are the two polishes called? the bronzey orange sounds perfect for the autumn foliage.

11:20 PM

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