I'm Going To Give This A Try: Yellow Box Beauty

I have been dying to try this out for a while and am pretty sure I'm going to get a three month subscription. So before I ramble on, let me just copy the about us feature on www.yellowboxbeauty.com.

"For years, self proclaimed beauty junkie Nicole Jaffe had fun searching endlessly for new and unique beauty products. After continually finding brands that seemed to always make headlines shortly after discovering them, Nicole realized her true calling, and decided that she should share her great finds with other beauty mavens around the country. So, Yellow Box Beauty, the premier monthly makeup club where you get new makeup at your door every month was conceived. While you're lounging by the pool claiming you just found the next beauty trend or just surfing the web, Nicole is out looking for the next "it" product you can wow your friends with. She does the work, you reap the benefits, all from the comfort of your home."

What's even better is the products featured in the archives. Brands such as Vasanti, Besame, The Balm, Julie Hewitt, and FYLO cosmetics (which I've been eyeing for a long time) have very generous introductions to their brand.

I'm going to subscribe to it and see how much I like it. I will report back on the products and how the service is. If you guys already subscribe, let me know.


Black cat said...

Sounds exciting, anu!!!! I have been eyeing Julie Hewitt lipsticks for a while too. I'm so excited that you're embarking on this venture. I hope you will be able to link from your blog to the various goodies and get some mony for it if we buy them!

6:16 AM
Ranjani said...

This sounds interesting, would love to get your thoughts on this service.
Btw, loved the blue smokey eye tutorial, any blues you'd reccommend that are sort of similar from Mac?

8:48 AM
Anu said...

Hey Black Cat and Ranjani!
i am so excited about this. she always seems to pick great brands so i am looking forward to bringing you ladies reports.

as for a mac blue eye shadow, i love achieving the look with mac nehru, which is a tad different but i prefer it to the lumiere shadow. hope that helps :)

12:09 AM

lipglossgirl said...

hi Anu,
Have you tryed the yellow box beauty club? WHat do you think? Are most of the products suitable for our skin color or do they tend to go too light? Thanks!

2:16 PM

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