A Huge Disappointment: Lumiere Eyeshadows

I got the Lumiere eyeshadows in the mail today and I was so excited. I had ordered the Lumiere buffer brush and three sample eyeshadows. I even had a code, LOUIE (the code still works by the way), that I typed in to get 20% off my entire order. So in effect, I paid a little more than $2 for 3 sample shadows in little jars.

Let's just start off by saying that in my world, all make-up is created equal, with none being more equal than the other. I don't care about the packaging, brand, etc. I just want good make-up. And I thought these Lumiere shadows would be amazing. I had a happy little tale planned out of how I would find my samples in the mail, try them out, be overwhelmed by the fantabulousness (I need a superlative here) of the shadows, and rave about it to all of you. Someone up there in the heavens made me dream this up just to shoot it down. Sick sense of humour they have by the way.

The eyeshadows I had ordered are Graphite, Deep Waters, and Pink Satin. Graphite is a rich slate grey with slight shimmer. Deep Waters is a deep blackened blue with a hint of shimmer. When used wet, the blue becomes this brilliant, metallic lustre. Pink Satin I knew I didn't like because it was a chalky ligt pink that showed up slightly off white on me.

Here's the bad part. The shadows have no holding power. They don't adhere to any primer I tried. I used MAC paints, Indianwood paint pot, and Urban Decay Primer Potion to name a few. I even tried the shadows on bare lids. Every single time the application was patchy. I thought it was because of my MAC 242 brush, which I always use for pigments and loose shadows, and used a sponge applicator. Nothing. And then I tried other means to put the shadow on. Nothing worked.

I had planned on doing a tutorial with the shadows I had ordered. My eyelids are now red from trying to do this. The eyeshadow just will not adhere to my eyelid. One touch and it's gone. Kind of like trying to get a shirt to stay on Salman Khan's self for longer than 2 minutes (notice the sly Bollywood reference. It's ok if you want to bang your head somewhere after reading my highly elevated attempts at humour).

I don't want to say I despise the shadow completely because I love the buff brush I got from Lumiere. However, unless the eyeshadows get replaced by fairy dust I don't particularly foresee a turnaround in my attitude towards them.

In the picture above, I got the Graphite and Deep Waters shadows to stick on long enough to take a picture. The flash then blew the shadows away.


Black cat said...

Hi Anu,

Good to have you back bringing us more fabulousness!!! ;-) Too bad about the Lumiere shadows. Do you think that even a damp MAC 224 might not do it? I've tried Alima eyeshadows and they satyed fine on the Urban Decay primer. I;ve tried Lumiere foundation but it was too matt for me. Oh well, more things to try. Hope all's well on your side and sweet make-up dreams!

5:23 AM
Anu said...

I tried EVERYTHING! :'(. i love the colours so i;m hopinh something magical happens. the colours go on so patchy and dont adhere to anything. so disappointed. thank god i got samples. i'm going to give it a rest and try again in a couple of days. my eyelids are red from tryingt o get the shadows to adhere

6:22 AM

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