A Great Palette for a Lot of Skin Tones

I think we have already established that I love make-up. Love as in "I want to marry it" kind of love. Which is a fine, healthy thing for a woman to experience in her life. So I have a wide range of make-up looks that I love and as much as I love perfect neutrals, I also have a strong passion for colourful, bold hues. I am ashamed to admit that I once had the following conversation with someone, whom we shall call Ms. X (sounds mysterious doesn't it?), who remarked on my love for colour.

Me: Hello!
Ms. X: Oh my! *crosses self* Child... You have the devil in you. The devil!
Me: I uh... Hello?
Ms. X: You have them crazy eyes. Just look at you! Your eyes. They're looking at me all funny.
Me: Are you... Referring to my eyeshadow maybe?
Ms. X: Ah! Don't look at me. Sit there, I'll be right back with some holy water-I mean Evian. Stay!
Me: I have facial wipes if that helps.

Alright so I kid (slightly), but once in a while, I find a great product that works for a broad range of skin tones (for the lighter and darker Desi lovely). I have quite a few palettes, and I always end up using only a few of the products there and leave the other ones pretty much untouched. However, with LORAC's Croc palette I can honestly say I've tried all of the included shades and love them. Also, no one tried to sprinkle holy water on me when I wore the shades in the palette and others have actually asked me what make-up I was wearing. Ergo, I thought the palette was worthy enough for a mention here.

The eye shadows are pigmented and come in a shimmery light beige gold, shimmery champagne, shimmery brown with plum undertones, and a matte deep brown with strong plum undertones. The blush is a slightly rosy plum blush with barely noticeable shimmer which keeps it from being too matte. The shadows glide on so smoothly, are very pigmented, and stay put for quite a while even without primer.

The best thing about this palette is that it can be used for a day and evening look, depending on the combination of the shadows. Also, I like to use the matte eyeshadow as a liner on my lower lid. The two lighter eye shadows also function as highlighters and since I'm on vacation and haven't brought along 40 bags worth of make-up, it's great to have them.

The blush is such a flattering shade that I can also see it complimenting a large range of Desi women. For me, it helps chase away the sallow undertones to my skin and makes me look alive.

The eye shadows
In this pic, I've used the shimmery beige gold as highlight, the shimmery brown eyeshadow with plum undertones as an all over wash on my lid, and the matte shadow for lining my lower lid (very thin line) as close to the lash line as possible. I took this picture in bad lighting, with flash, and at night.

In this pic, I used the shimmery beige gold as highlight (dusted on very lightly I might add), and the shimmery champagne as a wash all over my lid. I used the matte shadow to line my lower lash line. I took this pic outdoors without flash. It's a very natural look and the colours are pretty true to life here (even though the lighting kind of washed me out the colours are about the same as how they looked on me).

image taken from: www.sephora.com


Anonymous said...

Man...now I want this :/

Seriously though, I love your site. I was wondering if you could suggest other eyeshadows for daytime. I have about the same skin tone as you, and I have dark eyelids. I'm trying to look for a natural eyeshadow with some shimmer to wear everyday, but I don't want to have to wear a primer first to cover up my darker eyelids. Any suggestions would be great! Keep up the good work :)

10:06 PM
Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I forgot to add this too...have you tried Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow?

10:07 PM
Anu said...

thanks for reading my blog.

First off let me tell you why i'm such a primer-pusher. I have pretty dark eyelids and colours can get kind of lost in my eyelids. Also, I like to wear my shadow in the morning an not have to think about it. Primers really help prevent creasing and bring out the colour of the shadows. One of my all time favourite primers, urban decay primer potion (yeah, i know, everyone loves it and swears by it. it's so good), din't really do much to correct my lid colour but held onto my shadows and brought out the shades like a dream. Primers also help my liner to stay in place. I'm done with my primer sermon now.

Here's the fun part.

One of my favourite eyeshadows of all time is milani's java bean. It's such a gorgeous deep brown (with slightly red undertones that make it a warm brown) and gold shimmer. I love it because with my colouring it's dramatic but still a very every day colour.

Another great, wearable, subtle milani eyeshadow is illusion. it's a light to medium pink that flashes gold. It looks so amazing on, very natural, very pretty, unique, and goes on so well.

I like bobbi brown's sable a LOT for a matte everyday medium brown. It lasts pretty well and I personally don't think it's boring at all because it's so wearable and classic. It's a very my-lid-but-better shade.

If you want a bit of colour, one of my favourites is mac trax. It's a violet with gold shimmer. On me it's not dramatic but very understated. You could also go for lilacs which i personally love.

Another set of neutrals is bobbi browns stonewashed nudes palette. Although it's no longer available on bobbi brown's webste i think you can still get it elsewhere.

And yes, i LOVE her shimmer wash eyeshadows. They're also very easy to wear and pretty much fool-proof with some shimmer which I really really like.

let me know if you have more questions :), i'll be very happy to answer them

10:53 PM

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the super detailed reply! I'll definitely check out your suggestions :)

7:37 PM

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