In this page, I'll explain my tags and definitions so that you know better what to expect. I will add more information here as time goes by.

  • All things natural - This section is all about natural face masks and remedies you can make yourself at home.
  • Announcements - This is dedicated to any major announcements and changes.
  • Body creams - This section tackles creams, lotions, and oils meant for the body.
  • Bollywood and make-up - This section features interviews and articles I found on make-up used on desi celebs. I will try to expand this to not just Bollywood celebs,
  • Bollywood and style/fashion - This section is dedicated to fashion and Bollywood. It an be my input and critiques, or it can be articles I find.
  • Book review - This talks about book reviews related to make-up for us desi women.
  • Brushes - This section is devoted to make-up brushes and features tutorials, reviews, and advice.
  • Clips - This shows videos that are beauty related but not about desis.
  • Copycat - This section features breakdowns on Bollywood celebs. Unless otherwise noted, I am the one who gauges what which celeb wore.
  • Desi clips - This shows videos that are possibly beauty related but always refers to desis.
  • Highlights and lowlights - This part shows all my posts that critique positively or negatively the fashion and make-up choices by desi celebs.
  • Knockoff products - This part showcases lookalike products from high end to low end.
  • Make-up artists interviews - This is dedicated to interview-lettes I conduct with make-up artists. They're small but informative I think.
  • Make-up for darker skintones - This targets specific products that I think would look great on darker skintones. Feel free to add your favourites in the commend section.
  • Make-up for lighter skintones - This targets specific products that I think would look great on darker skintones. Feel free to add your favourites in the commend section.
  • Make-up musings - This part focuses on reviews and experiences regarding make-up. I'm very honest in my assessment so I apologise if I come across as overly critical. I just want a product to work.
  • Make-up pet peeves - This is dedicated to some make-up crimes ordinary people make or worse (think disdain for dark skin).
  • My opinion... even if you don't want to hear it - This part is for all my miscellaneous rantings.
  • PSA - This announces any sales, product promotions, discount codes, etc.
  • Skin care - This is rather self explanatory and focuses on skin care.
  • Survey - This allows you to tell me about yourself and your make-up world. As I get the results, I will address what you wrote. If you want, I can make the results available in some form or the other so you can see what others also thought.
  • Trendspotting - This features upcoming tends announced by magazines, etc.
  • Wedding make-up. This I hope to expand soon and features make-up advice for weddings.
  • What you like - This is dedicated to your holy grail products. Let me know what they are and I will post them. Just be sure to add why you love the products so much.
  • When good make-up goes wrong - This part is about the killer make-up that gives rather dubious results.
  • Where have I been - This is for when I need to excuse myself as my brain is blowly turned to mush because of grad school.


GOLDFISH said...

hi there,

i can't help it but need to ask you this question - the girl in that picture showing her lip colour; Is that you Anita Aiyavoo?

In thw whole of s'pore one one such girl owns that set of lips! It can't be anyone other than you!


10:56 AM
Pari said...

I have been following your blogs for past 6 month now. And i find them great. I love experimenting with make-up, but find that most of the available information about the make up is for the European/ light skin women. I am Persian myself, and find that our skin and features need a hole new book on make up. (If it exists I would need to look harder for it.) At this point your site is the only think that comes near to giving the useful information.
I would like to place some requests. I live in Holland, and as frustrating as it is, the make up lines as MAC or Boby Brown are not available hear. The only selling point for MAC is in Amsterdam, and there I find only the colors useful for the 'not colored' skins.
So my first question is: which make up lines have lipstick, eye shadow and foundation in colors useful for a Persian skin type? I love brown and dark red colors for the lips and catching colors for the eyes but don’t even know where to start looking.
Or maybe u can give tips on the way to mix colors In order to get the right color?
My second question would be: can u give a tutorial on 'Arabic look' for eyes? I would like to experiment with that one. I thing it would look good on me. But I have never mixed more than 2 strong colors… or used bright yellow in combination with purple and green (tried it yesterday before going to the party.. but am still afraid to look at the pictures haha)
My third question is: what is the best way to replace a primer and translucid powder? (both of which I cant find in Douglas or ICI pari in Holland).
If u can’t save me, I would have to plan all my holydays around countries where I can shop for decent makeup.
Help! :)

6:04 AM
Anonymous said...

hi, i really love your blog and your two videos on youtube! I was wondering if you can make a video on how to do the "smokey eye" look with black's and grays.. for example Katrina Kaif usually always wears her eye make up so whenever she opens her eyes it's black and smokey along the outer corners of her eye.. also a fan of this is Priyanka Chopra, whenever i see her makeup it's very black and smokey along the outer corners.. how can I do this makeup at home? thanks so much! please do help i have to like pay 30 dollars everytime I have a big party to go to because I can't do my own makeup! :(

12:39 PM
Anonymous said...


I love your blog and was wondering if you do in-person tutorials. I try to recreate your looks sometimes, but I think I need a little extra help :))


4:22 PM
Anonymous said...

hi anu, i have a photo of my friend which i can email to u i dont know how to attach it, but i really like the bronzer shes using. cd u plz tell me a alternative one?

2:56 PM
Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that your pic is on this site without your permission.


1:27 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi--I love the blog and especially all the ideas for darker skinned desi women. I was wondering if you would comment on parabens/fragrance/chemicals present in cosmetics and suggest some less toxic alternatives to those of us who want to look pretty without all the chemicals.

9:30 PM
Leena said...

hi! love your blog. im a natioal makeup artist for illamasqua http://www.illamasqua.com/about_us/the_artists_man/artist/2/

you always go on about MAC mainly, you need to check out this brand for asian skin tones and others in general no1 beats our colours! there also 60% pigment which is amazing and all the makeup is high definiton ready, its also manufactured by kryolan check it out see what you think xx

1:29 PM
Mridula said...

Hey, fantastic blog...I'm an Indian girl myself all the way in New Zealand, where, luckily, we've got most of the decent brands (MAC, Chanel, Clinique, etc). Unfortunately though we seem to get things ages after everyone in the rest of the world...so I'm unsure if you've already reviewed this at any point but Maxfactor Sheer Radiance Shimmer Foundation is possibly the best makeup product I have ever used IN MY LIFE. It simply enhances the beauty of darker skin in a subdued yet lovely way. Its not OTT glitterazzi- its very subtle and you can use it for ANY occasion...perfect for those mornings I wake up looking haggard, tired and with bags under my eyes not unlike Cruela de Ville's to give myself a facelift of sorts. Just thought I'd post this...you've probably already heard of it though =)

7:09 PM
Anonymous said...

i want to know a blush which gives pink cheeks like kareena

12:33 AM
Anonymous said...

Maybelline has recently launched a blush in a peachish pink hue which comes very close to kareena's dewey look. I just love it's effect.

3:29 AM
Anonymous said...

hi... i absolutely adore ( heart heart!!) your blog. i think its about the only website where one can find make-up tips for indian skin - i mean genuine ones!- yep i am from Mauritius ( hard to find on world Map) and of indian origin. I did realise that fashion and make-up world is under the dictat of white skin n blue eyes...but glad to know that you are the exception to this rule!
Congrats for this Fab Blog!

1:51 PM
kidkid said...

love this blog! i had been scouring the net looking for something like this for so long... i finally found gold!

1:52 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi I read about Anu in India Aboard recently. Well i have a question- i am nearing to 40. my face is oily in certain part of face (chin, nose and forehead) and dry in others. I am looking for a good balanced moisturizer (with no animal product).

Any suggestion?

(PS-I am big yoga and free weights buff- LOVE to Excerise no problem and i drink plenty of water)

6:33 AM
Anonymous said...

hi anu,
i am an aunt and i was wondering whether i should give a teenage girl some make-up. my neice, she is about 15 and i was wondering whwether make was good gift. you know these girls today...they all love to wear make up. she ahs really bee bugging me and i was wondering whether i should get make-up or no make up or just a few select products. i dont know much about make up and so...yeah.

ps i live in canada. any inexpensive products but good products would work.

8:21 AM
Nikki K said...


I have been reading your blog for a while now and i really enjoy it. I am a indian girl and i love that the makeup you do will go with my skin colour really well! Some blogs that i love dont really have the sort of colours that suit our medium tone skin! I would love it if you subscribe to my blog! It is all about fashion, beauty, cosmetics makeup, reviews, skin care and all that fun shallow stuff lol!


Thanks, Nikki xx

7:59 AM
Deepthi said...


I like your blog .There is so much information and education in your blog about the makeup.I am from India and came to US a year back and had a hard time finding the right foundation color for my skin tone.But after i saw your blog it became a bit easy for me now to shop for the right makeup.Thanks .I saw your threading tutorial.Nice job on that.Iwas wondering where to buy a thread, i wanted to give it a try,cannot afford to spend so much money to get rid of the facial hair.Could you tell me where can i get the thread.My skin color is same as yours.I ued to use Lakme when i was in India ,but after coming to US, i got confused and wasted money on the products that didnt suit my skin tone.Most of the makeup you suggest ,i try to buy it and it suits me well too. :).Thanks


6:19 AM
N said...

I was just wondering where you're from? I know you're an Indian (hence the name of the blog, duh!) but where do you live? India or someplace else? It's ok if you don't want to answer this. Keep up the good work! Ciao!

3:23 AM
Anonymous said...

there is a makeup line designed specifically for Indian skintones called myface cosmetics. You can order on their website www.myfacecosmetics.com It's great and worked on by the makeup artists who do many of the Bollywood stars.

5:38 PM
Neerja said...

Girl, this site is fantastic! As an actress and a desi girl, this is an amazing resource for me. I LOVE all things makeup so cheers to you for doing this. Thank you!

6:17 AM
Sneha said...

Hello..I just recently came across you site, and just had a quick question..Which home remedy do you think is the most effective way of getting a lighter skin color?
Thank you
-Sneha Anantha

8:32 PM
Anonymous said...

hey:) i m just 18years old and just started off with my make up adventure ....i really wanna no where i can find make up for ever products in chennai please do give a detailed address so that it makes it easy for me to find the place and i m mac user for now but i heard that mufe is reeli good i jus wanna try and i m not able to find it in chennai pls do help
thank you:)

9:48 AM
Anonymous said...

I was trying many products for skin whitening but so far no results. my skin tone of face & neck too different compare to body color as im more exposure to sun.

Pls suggest products / facials to reach body color

10:11 AM
Anonymous said...

Do you like Nazneen Contractor's makeup? What colors would you use to recreate her look.

9:49 PM
shruti said...

hi you dont need any make up for your body. the make is only for face... dont you????

your body totally different from your skin.

if u want solution for your body care such as tanning, sun burn etc then you can contact me on 8452062977 or you can mail me on mumbaikarshrutika@gmail.com

2:58 AM

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