Easy Way to Get Intant Cheekbones

There are a various ways to contour cheekbones into existence and I have different preferences depending on my mood. I wanted to post one before but the pics were beyond crap and I didn't like the tutorial in general. So I'm bringing you a new and slightly different version. Also, I know there are many out there whose skin hates cream blush so I'll bring you one soon with a bronzer/powder blush.

What I used:

  • Cream blush. I used Bobbi Brown's Chocolate Cherry Rouge Pot. Any blush on the darker side will do.
Step 1:Start of with clean moisturized skin. I prefer not to scrub my face before doing this because it can get red which spoils the effect. If you want you can do your foundation now, however I skipped the step (yes, I'm lazy).

Step 2:Suck in the cheeks and make the classic and highly elegant "fish face" This way you can see where the cheekbones end. The shadows that show up are the edge of the cheekbone.

Step 3:I added this step to clarify where I'm going to put my blush. I am going to place my blush, about 1/3 to 1/2 away from the outer corner of my eye and draw a line straight down to the part under the cheekbone. From there I am going to follow the line under the cheekbone to the hairline.

Step 4:Dot some blush along the area under the cheekbone. I make the blush more dense as I reach the hairline. Note that the placement of the blush is low on the face, especially compared to using blush for a natural flush on the apple of the cheek.

-Initial Result-Blend, blend, blend! Be certain to blend along the top and bottom edges of the blush "stripe". I added this fuzzy pic (sorry about that, I'll put but a better pic soon) to show you how I start off blending. It' certainly not done yet. You can blend the blush out more as you reach the hairline. Make the blush thinner as you go inwards (in the direction of the nose, mouth etc.). Be careful to not blend the blush out over too large an area as the effect will be lost.

-Final Result-The blush adds depth to the shadow under the cheekbone and gives it more presence. There is no harsh stripe but since the blush is placed under the cheekbone it defines the cheekbone more. For more drama, you can dust some highlighter along the top of the cheekbone and on the apple of the cheek.


Black cat said...

OMG Anu!!!!!! This is truly amazing. THANK YOU!!!! Until I found your blog, I used to forgo blush altogether. I had no idea of what "along the cheekbones" and then "a pop of color"meant. Whenever I've tried to learn this at department stors, I was told things such as "a little goes a long way", "apply sheerly" and all kinds of similar meaningless advice. The result was never, sheer, may I add. I always felt like a clown walking away from the MAC or BB counter. They would insist that I look "healthier" and I kept thinking I looked like two a sioux with 2 giant stripes of red color. Annnyyywwaay, you just debugged one of life's deepest mysteries for me, thank you. I thought it was so clearly and succintly expained and with great pics. I am REALLY impressed. And, may I add, BTW, that you look stunning!

Yes, please do recommend some powder blushes. My skin hates creamy ones. And I have countless pots and tubes of these little buggers. Again, SAs, as described above, would push these colors on me and keep telling me I wouldn't break out from them. I did again and again. I even did a little experimet where I re-tried BB cherry tint (I think) after reading your blog a couple of weeks ago, and yep, I broke out...

As powders I have the Guerlain Terracotta #2 bronzer, the BB Apricot I bought fter reading your blog. I love those 2. I also have MAC Gingerly, Harmony and Format and NARS Sin.

5:26 AM
Anu said...

Black Cat,
You are so so so so so sweet. I agree that sometimes SAs dont really seem to be in tune with what we want. not really blush related but I have some serious dark undereyes especially if i don't sleep properly (with school it's now i never sleep properly). a long time ago I went to a counter and the SA told me to use red lipstick under my eyes and THEN pat concealor over it. needless to say i looked ridiculous. I have no clue what came over her OR me but goodness that was awful.

I will definitely do a bronzer tutorial. I'm a huge bronzer girl myself and I use it as blush too. Nars sin is just lovely isn't it? What's your skintone by the way. that way we can find blush that suits your skin tone better.

11:43 AM

Black cat said...

Lipstick as a concealer???! Really?

Maybe she was coming from "red counteracts dark". I also have very dark circles (and I mean full-blown panda bear here) and peach/dark pink correctors have been recommended - like BB dark bisque. I haven't found a good solution yet.

My skintone is tricky - kinda a BB #5 (honey) but that would be a tad on the yello side.

Thanks again for taking the time to post these wonderful things and answering our questions.

12:26 PM
Anu said...

black cat:
let me just clarify, it was lipstick and then CONCEALOR over it. yeah it was baaad. as in crease central, greasy as hell, and um... just horrible to look at.

you know what would look crazy pretty on you? the scott barnes bronzer. it is such a gorgeous, wearable bronzer that isn't too orange. another rec would be to try nars torrid.

didn't you say you tried bb apricot? i am guessing that looks amazing on you. let me know in what family you want the blush (i have some great corals and tangerines that you might also like)

12:41 PM

Black cat said...

I looovveee the BB apricot. I've also tried layering it over the Guerlain terracota. I try to stay away from obvious shimmer - so I'm a tad nervous about the Scott Barnes. Thanks for all your fabulous recs Anu!!!

4:06 PM
ranjani said...

I love that blush on you, just gorgeous:) You have the most perfect skin!! I'm shamelessly jealous of it:)
Wish I could use the cream blushes, but unfortunately they make me break out:(
I read your post on the lipstick and concealer combo...thats insane!!!
BTW what do you recommend for concealing under eyes circles? I use the YSL stuff, but am always looking for new stuff. Have you tried Laura Mercier's camoflauge? I've heard mixed reviews...
Keep up the great work

6:41 PM
Black cat said...

I've tried a whole bunch of concealers. The YSL is great as a reflector but I don't think it works well for those who have serious shadows. The LM camouflage thing is pretty good but she has limited shades and, though the SAs, insist that you can mix the colors for the right shade. it' very very time-consuming and kinda obvious in the end (at least for me). The BB corrector + concealer is not bad or MAC studio fix.

7:08 AM
ranjani said...

Thnaks Black cat, I like the ysl, but sometimes when I'm sleep deprived, I like something with more coverage, I'm going to try the bb concealer with the corrector. I used to use the mac stuff, but their skin stuff has never suited me:(

12:40 PM
Anu said...

Hey ladies.
Laura Mercier's secret camouflaged creased on me pretty badly and so did mac's studio fix. if it works for you please let me know. I've tried everything with concealors, but I also have some majorly annoying undereyes. The darkness is so bad when i havent slept. The best concealor i've come across is bb's corector. i didn't particularly like the concealor annd powder over it. far too cakey for my liking. i'd say go to the counter, try the concealors, walk around for a day and see how you like it after a few hours.

11:24 PM

Ranjani said...

I was rummaging through my makeup bag the other day, and I found few hidden treasures:)
Lancome's effacernes waterproof concealer for undereyes.
This stuff is like magic, I wore it all day yest, gave me perfect coverage, didn't rub off at all, and I was at work for over 10 hours...:)
They also have another concealer in a tubey thing with a brush called maquicomplet, this stuff is great for concealing random blemishes or getting rid of redness,
The texture of both of them is super rich and creamy, and you don't even need foundation after it, You need to make sure to use teeny amount of these products, I like to dab some of top of my hand and warm it up with my fingers before concealing.I just lightly used translucent powder all over my face after concealing a few spots:Lancome Color id Precise match portable powder.Its great lose powder particular for on the go, esp since I tend to do a LOT of my makeup in the car:)
Fabulous fabulous stuff, makes me think about all the other wonders I have stashed away in some makeup bag!!
Going to start using all my makeup now:)
Sorry for taking up so much space anu, i just HAD to share this.

3:29 AM
Black cat said...

Thanks Ranjani, That's really useful. I can't imagine not having tried the Lancome one but I don't have any memory of it. I'm feeling the lure of the shops now!!!

6:40 AM
neha said...

Your pictures look great and make the application seem so easy! but the only part where I always mess-up is the blending. do you use a brush(foundation?) or a sponge?

3:22 PM
Black cat said...

Rajani, just wanted to check which color of the effacernes you use? I tried bronze but it wasn't quite right. I also tried bisque I think, which was too light. Sorry Anu for us highjacking the blush tutorial with concealer...

5:48 PM
Ranjani said...

Hi Black cat,
I've been using Bronze IV,but it didn't quite blend in perfectly for a while, lately I've gotten really tan( being out in HOTlanta!!), perhaps that's why its working!
What's your skin tone?

9:51 PM
Black cat said...

Hi Ranjani,

I'm sort of a MAC NC42/BB #5. I'm using a mix of MAV NC45 and NW 45 as my concealer.

7:34 PM
Anu said...

Hey Black Cat and Rajani,
how goes the concealor hunting. i've just given up really. i have a bunch and none seem to fit the bill.EVERYTHING creases on me.

Hey Neha,
to blend the blush I just use my fingers. I don't need anything else other than the blush. HOwever, the bb blush is so sheer that I can pack the colour on like you see in the pics. With my other, more pigmented cream blushes, i'd have to vary the intensity of the application. hope that helps!

12:21 AM

Ranjani said...

Hey Blackcat and Anu,
recently tried the armani concealer, save yourselves some time, and don't go there, not worth it! they don't have enough shades, and they ALL look kind of ashy:(
I've been using the lancome effarcernes eye concealer, which is almost the exact color of my skin and very close to the color of my dark circles( I know you should go a little lighter)but it blends in well since my dark circles aren't too awful, I then use the all over concealer which is lighter than the previous concealer and a bit lighter than my skin....Its been working ok so far, but I just got this BIG zit:(which sucks, not sure if I can attribute it to the makeup...My zit was so big, I didn't go out sat night...go figure.I guess I just want some sympathy...

4:18 AM
Black cat said...

It sucks Rajani. Hope it goes away soon. Try crushing a couple of aspirin with a dab of water and putting it on - should decrease its size (salicylic acid). So, you use two concealers Rajani?

Anu, I think that the Lancome one doesn't crease. At leat not on me. Color is of course anther kettle of fish!

5:34 AM
Ranjani said...

Thanks for the tip Black cat,will try the Asprin trick this evening. Yep am using 2 concealers, the effacernes for the eyes and the maquicomplet in Caramel, when I have random spots on my face, or to disguise redness, did you try the maquicomplet as well? I'm thinking of trying the Bobbi Brown stuff too, while I'm fairly satisfied with Lancome, I want to check EVERYTHING else out. Have you tried chanel's concealers? their foundations are usually pretty good, I think I'll stop by the Chanel counter one of these days and check it out..
Anu, Blackcat is right, the Lancome stuff doeasn't crease.

6:06 AM
Anu said...

Hey Blackcat and Ranjani,
Ranjani, good luck with the aspirin mask. it always makes me sneeze so I add some alow gel. i hate it when the particles go flying about into my nose.

both of you are making me want to try the lancome concealor. I've hated everything i've tried so far... i have to give this a test. thanks ladies!

8:50 AM

ranjani said...

Hey Anu, have you tried Hylexin?

9:13 AM
Anu said...

hey ranjani,
i had a sample that lasted quite a while. It's a huge crock. didn't do a thing. very overpriced for doing nothing. i have an article that also states how hylexin pretty much does nothing... will find it for you. pardon the bitterness but i HATE it when companies lie like this. they prey on people indiscriminately

10:05 AM

Ranjani said...

Hi anu,
not surprised that Hylexin didn't work, was just curious about all the hype, you're right about cosmetic giants downright lying about the genius of products when in reality they suck.
Thanks for the headsup!!
PS: Sorry abt the eyeshadows...the pic still looks pretty though:)

10:42 AM
Anu said...

hylexin didnt even remotely work. i mean it was an outright lie! grrr, it's ok about the eyeshadows. they're sample sized and i want to test out stuff so everyone can use the hidden gems of the world lol

11:18 AM

Black cat said...

I agree, hylexin is a crock of ****! Nothing has worked and I have tried high and low.

8:35 PM
Anu said...

Black Cat,
I seriously laugh when i go to a counter nowadays. The other day I heard the Sales Assistant tell this unsuspecting lady that her wrinkles will be almost completely erase with their product. um... yeah!

8:47 PM

Black cat said...

ranjani, I realize I didn't answer your BB question. The corrector is ok but it creases and, on me, doesn't last long. I've lost heart in BB. I was looking at her latest book and she has pics of people she's made up and if you look at the under-eyes, there are many instances where the skin looks patchy/cakey/powdery - just not right! If that's her best, I don't want it.

You make me want to try the Lancome Bronze again. And on top of that, you have powder right? Which Color ID? I haven't tried the maquicomplet. I have an awesome concealr from Uglogirl that I use on my spots - it covers them perfectly. It's called "translucent beige" and, though quite light, covers the red very well. It's a solid, so you have to carefully apply with a small stiff brush but well worth it for me.

7:08 AM
ranjani said...

Hey Black cat, I think you should give maquicomplet a try too,I use the color id in 111 deep(nw), but it hardly has any color, its sort of a tinted powder, and it doesn't look ashy or powder like, I like to dust it on softly after applying concealer so the concealer doesn't move.
That sucks abt BB, most of the products are fab:) guess its hardest to find the perfect concealer/foundation and powder...

3:14 PM
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