Tutorial: Soft Blush

I used to be so intimidated by blush and the little brush that comes along in the packaging. You know, the one that is so tiny that you really don't know what to do with it. So I thought a blush tutorial might be in order. This look is basically a very soft, sheer pop of color on the cheeks. True, the pics are cropped oddly but the basic idea is quite easy (at least I think so).

What you need:

  • Blush. Quite the shocking revelation isn't it? I used LORAC blush in Soul.
  • A blush brush. I used Smashbox #16. There are some great blush brushes out there ranging from Essence of Beauty (great, great brushes) and Sonia Kashuk to Stila.
  • A kabuki bush. I used MAC #182. Again, there are cheaper and more expensive alternatives out there.
DiagramThis is a diagram of how the application proceeds. The application is something of a triangle, at the center of the apple of the cheek the application is at its heaviest and most noticeable, and then I make my way to the temple thinning out the blush "line."

Step 1:I press the head of my blush brush against the blush pan so that the head of the brush is covered with blush. This is enough blush for one cheek and I never double-dip because otherwise the blush application becomes more dramatic and can even become clownish. If I want a more dramatic application, I pick up more blush on my brush after I'm done with the initial application.

Step 2I then tap off the excess blush of my brush by gently tapping the brush over my free hand. This ensures that I don't apply my blush too heavily. I can always add more blush for drama, but it's much harder to get rid of excess blush.

Step 3I place the brush on the middle of the apply of my cheek and make my way down diagonally. As a general rule of thumb, I never go down lower than the top of my upper lip. I always draw a mental line at the top of my upper lip and try not to go below that. Also, my application is also the most firm at this point because I was to deposit the most color.

Step 4I decrease the firmness of my application as I make my way to my temple. As you can tell I have applied enough color in the middle of the apple of my cheek but it isn't overwhelming or too strong.

Step 5I have now reached my temple and my blush application is over a very thin bit of skin as compared to my broad application at the apple of my cheek. And by the way, that's not sideburns that's a scar I have from a long time ago.

-Initial Result-This is the result from my initial blush application. It's too dramatic for the subtle look I'm going for so I prefer to buff the blush out a bit. However, I sometimes like slightly heavier blush and I stop after Step 5.

Step 6With a kabuki brush, I buffed the entire area where I had applied the blush.

-Final Result-This is what I end up with when I want a subtle pop of color that brightens my skin and makes me look awake. Of course, depending on your application you can make the final result more dramatic or more subtle.


Black cat said...

Hey Anu,

LOVE it!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put up this tutorial. I own about 10 blushes and have hardly ever used them... for fear of Betty Boopness. I now feel inspired to play again. You look stunning, BTW!!! :)

Black cat

6:07 AM
Black cat said...

P.S: I love the ring too. Where is it from??

6:08 AM
Aishwarya said...

hey anu,
thanks a lot for this tutorial! it was great! ive always had a problem with blush. i somehow always end up with too much so i just end up not using any.

10:20 AM
Saniya said...

Why are u so gorgeous...Gosh perfect skin, and now perfect cheekbones too... Love the tut!!!!! XOXO..I hope ur not stressing out too much with school

7:04 AM
Rupa said...

Anu - you are gorgeous! You could apply mud on your face and you would still look beautiful :) Thanks for the tutorial.

11:23 PM
Anita said...

Hiya Anu, Excellent tutorial again. Your photos are very well taken and illustrates your points very well. You should do this professionally (IMHO).

PS: Thanks for the permission :D

12:37 AM
Anu said...

hey ladies! i'm so sorry, this whole website building thing and the fact that I am not as computer savvy as i ought to be is wreaking havoc on all sane thoughts in my mind lol. Thanks so much for the great response. I was wondering if a contouring and highlighting tutorial would be useful too. let me know if you think so.

Black Cat:
my mum got me the ring from india and since I have decided to actually use my jewelry, It'll probably be on every photo that features my hands lol.

i hope the tutorial helps you out :).

I love you, but I'm sorry to disappoint you. the complete package is somewhat lacking lol. But thanks for being so supportive. You're such a sweetheart.

I have to say though, I apply most things and I look pretty horrifying. I have to always be so selective about colours that suit me. If I don't i get comments like "oh, are you sick... do you have jaundice." (this was an actual occurrence).

Thanks for mentioning my blog :)

10:48 PM

shilpa said...

hey anu
how r ya .. gr8 blog. i actually found this website its pretty cool . it has some gr8 tips about make up . 1.http://www.indiwo.com/india/videos/body-and-face-beautyfashion/applying-lipstick/3203

cheers shilpa

11:46 PM
shilpa said...


11:50 PM
Anu said...

hey shilpa1
thanks for reading my blog. those are some great links! Thanks, i really liked his version of the smokey eye.

1:15 PM

annie said...

your skin looks so healthy and radiant. now, i am going to try your recipe for the face mask :-)

3:40 PM
Anu said...

Hey Annie!

Thanks for your compliment, but there are days (like say one week per month :P) where I really struggle with awful skin :(. I really have to put a huge effort in trying to get it to stay calm. Let me know how the mask works out for you

9:37 PM

ranjani said...

Love that blush! You have GORGEOUS skin

11:06 AM
Margaret (Ritty) said...

hey girl thx :)
ive got gr8 nite planned 2mrw, im sure gona try this!!!

8:04 PM
Anonymous said...

hey girl could you possibly list the brushes used.
im looking into buying a few.and your blush looks flawless!

3:46 PM
adelanoval said...

I need to get a blush brush, but I love the kabuki brushes. They blend in so well.

11:59 PM
Anonymous said...


9:16 PM

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