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I found an article where Mickey Contractor, a Bollywood make-up artist, gives a detailed description on how to get a specific look. So here it is, enjoy!

Mickey Contractor, one of Bollywood's top makeup artists, has seen makeup in Indian cinema go from the caked matte finish and heavy eyes and lips of the 1980s to the current look of natural-looking skin and a range of colour palettes. The latest looks combine textures such as matte, gloss, shimmer and sheer for gorgeous glamour.


-The base is the most important factor in red carpet make-up. Prescriptives Traceless Skin Responsive Tint in a Level 4 is ideal for Indian skin, as it neutralizes imperfections and evens out the complexion.

-After foundation apply concealer, such as Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, to disguise any blemishes

-Apply a translucent powder such as Chanel’s Poudre Universelle Libre over the top of the skin, concentrating on any shiny areas, such as the forehead or nose, in preparation for the photographers’ flash


-The eyes are the most important feature in Bollywood. Dark colours such as carbon and burgundy (M.A.C’s Beauty Marked eye shadow has some added sparkle) work well with Indian skin tones. “I apply a hint of a darker shade at the end of the eye and blend into the other colour. This technique gives extra dimension to the eye and really makes it stand out” says top Bollywood make-up artist Mickey Contractor.

-Eyeliner is also crucial. Line the entire eye with kohl – inside and outside both lash lines.

- “I recommend all women curl their lashes no matter what the occasion,” says Contractor. Then apply one coat of mascara, allow it to dry and apply more until you reached the desired effect (Contractor recommends three coats). L’Oréals’ Double Extension Waterproof Mascara with help add volume to lashes and will stay put all night.

-Eyebrows should be pronounced, so run a light brown powder or an eye shadow over the brows (Bobbi Brown’s eye shadows in smoke or mahogany work well).


-Choose a blush similar to your skin tone and use as a base over the whole cheek. “Then use a warmer blush colour over the tops and buff them together into the foundation – it gives a natural-looking lovely glow. Colours in peach and coral look great on Indian women.” Try Pout’s Coral Nymph/Bronze Siren cream cheek duo.


- “When there’s so much focus on the eyes, I like to play down lips and go for nude, lighter colours; I recommend going for colours that match your natural lip colour”.


- Make sure you think about the skin that’s on display, the neck, arms and chest should glow. “M.A.C’s Face and Body Foundation is perfect for this – it’s water-based so works on all skin types and water-resistant so it won’t streak if you sweat.”

source: www.women.times.co.uk


Black cat said...

OOOOhhh, I like the sound of this Pout Coral Nymph/Bronze Siren cream cheek duo. But where to get it from in the US?? Do you have any recommendations for similar colors, anu? Preferably in powder. For some sad reason, cream blush breaks me out - even BB etc, which is a shame as they are so gorgeous. Part of the reason I wrote off blushes until your tutorial.

Another Q for U: what is the brow bone? Is it the area all around and directly underneath the eyebrows, starting at the inner corner of the eye?

Thank you so much for this cool article!!!

5:44 AM
Black cat said...

WOW. Just popped in for a little bit. I LOVE the website. Very Kwool!!!!!!

4:50 PM
Anu said...

I thought it was an interesting article too. Definately made me want to check out a thing or two. If you like the pout cream cheek colours, let me know. Always want to know about potential great finds.

I hope you like the new layout. It took me a while to change/edit it properly. It looks very awkward a while back.

8:27 PM

Anu said...

Hey Black Cat!
I didn't realize i didn't answer your question much lol. sorry about that.
I dont really know how similar it is to the Pout's cream cheek duo since I haven;t tried it yet (a matter of time though), but you could look into Stila's Beachy Keen cheek duo. It's limited edition (aren't they all though) and the copper/bronze shade is replaced by a peachy one. I can't think of something else at the top of my head but if you give me a while i'll hunt you similar cheek colour soon.

The brow bone is the "bony" part under the eyebrows. If you touch the area under your eyebrows (gently) you'll feel where the brow ends and the eye socket begins. I hope this helps!

2:44 PM

Black cat said...

Hi anu,

Thanks for your detailed response! Hugs.

3:27 PM
rsp said...


this is the correct link for the article. it timesonline.

9:21 PM
starter said...

wow!!! i hav alwayz admired this guy... Look at the way he has done make up on Kajol in K3G... god.. she hasnt looked more beautiful in ne of the other movies she has done far... My complexion is very similar to Kajol... may b I am bit fair dan Kajol... I dont knw nething abt makeup and hw to get started on it... How did you learn this Anu? Is der any place wr I can go and take some classes or something?

8:04 PM
Anonymous said...

wow awesome article...enlightened me a lot !!!!

1:44 AM

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