A Great Blush and Some Lipstick and Gloss Obsessions

Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot
Since I'm on vacation now, you won't believe this, I don't travel with three traincases containing every make-up item I own. Unbelievable, I know. I know you expected me to travel with at least one traincase. Sorry to disappoint. However, I did bring along Bobbi Brown blush in Apricot. In the pan it's a heart stopping (that would be to you, I mark sunrise at the time the sunlight brightens up my pigment-endowed eyeshadows and blushes just right) bright apricot with strong pink undertones.

For those who are scared that it's a clown-effect waiting to happen, rest assured that the blush itself is sheer enough that it makes application easy. The blush has just the right amount of pigment that I felt that my skunk brush gave me too sheer an application and chose a conventional blush brush instead. The texture blends beautifully into my cheeks and allows me to calibrate the intensity of my application. The blush itself is long lasting and gives me an innocent pop of colour. Ignore the shine near my nose/cheek, It's been a long day.

I have quite a few blushes, note the restraint when I describe my ever-growing blush collection, and was going to put up reviews of some of them. I don't have all of them near me at the moment, so I'd just like to know whether you want to see reviews with me wearing the products or at least give you swatches on my hand, or you don't mind a review with a picture of the product alone. Just let me know what you feel.

Mac Tinted Lipglass in Lust
This is a very creamy, milky nudey pink with brown undertones. On me, it's a very light, JLO-ish colour that leans more towards an opaque rather than sheer coverage. It has a vanilla scent reminiscent of all Lipglasses, to me at least, and since the texture is quite tacky the gloss stays on for longer than the average gloss. The texture would also be my biggest gripe against this gloss because I hate how my hair gets stuck on my lips when I leave my hair loose. However, the gloss is so moisturizing and the colour is so versatile, I can opt for a dramatic or toned down look, that I decide to just wear a ponytail.

Revlon Moisturous Lipcolor in Tawney Dew
First off let me warn you, I can't find this colour or type of lipstick on the Revlon website so I'm assuming it was a limited edition colour long ago. However, I got mine at Big Lots about 2 weeks ago for $3. Not bad since it came with a gorgeous pearly lipstick too. There were many such lipstick deals do I decided to write about it anyway. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. It's a warm medium brown with orange undertones. I think it would compliment a large variety of skin tones too. It's such a very warm, easy to wear colour that I overlook the texture every time. Every single time.

The texture itself is gritty, and I feel like the the lipstick can double as sandpaper every time. You might think I'm exagerating when I say this, but the top of the lipstick grows bumpier with every use and actually looks like sandpaper. Not pleasant. To its credit, the lipstick has no smell at all, a huge plus in my book, and the colour is unbelievably flattering. And hey, it was $3. Who am I to complain?

Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Tint in Floralia
This is a medium brown red that goes on incredibly light, the lipstick feels so thin if that makes sense, and is also very moisturizing. The lipstick is on the more pigmented side but it looks great with a sheer application too. I think this colour would also flatter a wide range of skintones, but the with the 'stereotypical Desi skin tone,' such as me and those slightly darker, would suit this best. The Kevyn Aucoin website describes this colour as "flesh" and while it does have a certain fleshy undertone, it's a lot deeper than that.

The thing that puts me off about this lipstick is the overwhelming smell when I put it on. It smells of rosewater, like the kind my mother told me to use as a toner and got angry at me when I wanted make-up instead. Rosewater smells great, don't get me wrong, but I don't need such a strong source of it right under my nose. When I tried this on my cousin she loved the colour but made barfing gestures because of the smell. She does, however, have a flair for the dramatic. To be fair the smell doesn't last too long, but long enough to make me get slightly annoyed at the scent. I bought mine at a Victoria's Secret sale for $5, and for the smell alone would never shell out full price for this.


Tatva said...
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Tatva said...

I would like to see how the blushes look on your cheeks, since that would give me the best idea of how they would look on my skin - without actually having to make a trip to the store :)

I was just wondering what your advice might be on concealers? Bobbi Brown is on QVC today (4pm EST)I am waiting to hear her advice on concealing. She suggests concealers with yellow pigments being good for all skin tones. What are your thoughts?

11:03 AM
Anu said...


I love bobbi brown's corrector, which i thought did a great job. She advises people to use the corrector and then the concealor over it, but for the corrector was enough. Personally, i don't agree with her mantra that ALL skin tones look good with yellow pigments but a great number of people do. The problem for me when i use concealor is the insane creasing i get, not matter WHICH i use and i have tried a whole boatload of them. Setting it with tanslucent powder makes my undereyes look dry and parched. I would suggest going to a counter first and sit with a make-up artists and try on different types and colours in concealor. I find it hard to gauge over a screen how concealor would look on me. The bobbi brown corrector is great though!

11:16 AM

Tatva said...

Thanks Anu. As always you have been extremely helpful.

11:23 AM
Black cat said...

Yes yes, please do show us more about blushes. Actually I was wondering whether you have a recommendation about where to find the Pout’s Coral Nymph/Bronze Siren cream cheek duo mentionned previously in the US or how to duplicate the colors.

I agree that concealers can be tricky. The better ones I've found have been from UGlogirl mineral cosmetics and YSL Touche Eclat or the YSL perfect foundation used as a concealer. Under-eye concealer is a whole different bag of fish that I haven't figured out. Damn the dark circle heritage!!!

6:05 PM
Lalitha said...

I've just found your blog and I'm so happy!! After years and years of buying the wrong makeup because of sales assisstants who were baffled by by skin colour (not many Indians where/when I grew up) or magazine articles that told me "hot pinks look great on dark skin" this is such a relief. Good to see you've found some lipsticks that look good, most of mine look great in the tube but make me look like a clown, so I will definitely try the ones you've shown, especially the "flesh" one. Yay!!

5:26 AM
Lalitha said...

(Also, because I love the smell of rosewater. I actually do use it in a spray bottle as a toner!!)

5:28 AM
Anu said...

Hey Black Cat!
You can order Pout from sephora.com. I'm not sure every sephora carries all the lines listed online, but you can order whatever you can't find in the store online. Let me know how you like it.

7:42 AM

Anu said...

Hey Lalitha!

I've had so many issues with people at counters trying on stuff that I really didn't want in the first place. I understand your pain, but I do think it gets easier as you develop an idea of what you want. Great to hea from you!

7:44 AM

Black cat said...

Hey anu,

I went to my local sephora but they didn't carry Pout. VS, however, does carry Pout. But they didn't have that blush. I however bought the BB apricot and OMG, I love it!!! I also got me some cotton candy...I'm excited. Thank you for all the recommensations!! Can't wait to hear more.

3:25 PM
Black cat said...

Hmm, me again...How do you put the cotton candy on??? I have the MAC 242 brush but the effect end up being pasty. Same thing with my fingers... HELP!

6:18 AM
Anu said...

hey black cat!
when i put on the paint i use a *very* tiny amount. very, very tiny. it can get splotchy in my experience if you just add a lot in one go. i then pat it on with my finger. the 242 is amazing for applying paints, but you dont want to swish it about like you would any othe brush. take a little bit of the paint on the brush and pat it on. when you're done, you're left with a homogenous amount on the eyelid. patting the paint in is the key, not rubbing it. i hope this helps

1:06 PM

Black cat said...

Hi anu,

Thanks for the tips. I'm still having a bit of a struggle with that color though. The other paints I own are sheer, so theya re easier to apply. This one is so dense that it dries as I'm applying. I'll try adding a drop of contact lense or something. I adore that color. Paired wit BB Gunmetal as a liner... muaaa!

4:43 PM
Anu said...

hey black cat!
it sounds gorgeous with bb gunmetal. such a gorgeous cool-toned combination. try addring a drop og visine or something, that might help. also, do you use eye-cream? i found that it always helps to have my eye area moisturized. let me know how it goes. i'm sorry it's so dry for you :(. if it doesn't work out properly, g back to the counter and as them to replace it for you or something. the paint shouldn't be this dry.
glad you love apricot. it's very sheer isn't it? my friends always get so scared at my blushes but they're so easy to work with and really brighten up my face, in a nice soft way.

10:05 AM

Anu said...

and, you can always order the pout blush online. i know sephora doesn't carry all their lines in stores but they have them all online. hope that helps

10:06 AM

Black cat said...

Thanks for the tips and feedback anu. I *think* I've cracked the MAC paint issue. It totally clicked when you said pat, don't go back and forth, like a windshield wiper. I now use the MAC 252 brush and pat, pat, then drag once out to the side -it now the right intensity for my dayjob. And, you were so right about it acting as a primer - my liner lasts all day - I apply eyeshadow as a liner, using the MAC 266. Maybe you could do a eye make-up feature, talking about the brushes. I've been oggling the 217, ever since you talked about it. I don't o any contouring as my lids are quite dark.

I'm somewhat nervous about the pout blush because of the (1) shimmer and (2) cream blushes make me break out. I had a gorgeous BB that I now no longer use (cherry tint), I think.

Are you still using ALima? I'm still trying to find a good foundation mix but their colors look like a lot of fun.
Sorry for taking up the whole post with my innane comments.

6:32 AM
Anu said...

hey black cat!
yeah i still use alima. You know what you should do. get a hold of their customer service rep on the phone. they're so great about stuff like that and will help you out. they will also custom blend a shade for you. you could also order the samples.. hope that helps with the alima issue.

and i'd literally break down if i couldnt use cream blushes. i've found that nars never makes me break out but that mac's cream blushes are pretty bad on my skin... so you have to stick to powder blushes? well, there are tonnes there too. i think i might have narrowed down on a powder version of the pout blush duo. let me get back to you on that in a bit

10:59 PM

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