The Awesomeness That Is Clint Fernandes Replied With Suggestions

I regularly look at the online portfolios of make-up artists for inspiration and guidance. It's the make-up equivalent of going to the top of a hill in a storm, raising a lightning rod with your bare hands, and then finally being struck by lightning. One of the Indian make-up artists whose work is great to get ideas and make-up inspiration from is Clint Fernandes, whose online portfolio you can view here.

Shilpa was so sweet as to post links to his tutorials at and I figured what the hey, why not contact him. So I send him an email and didn't really expect much of it. I think it is Santa who ruined my psyche and made me this pessimistic (I used to write to him regularly and refused to believe he wasn't real, but that's another story altogether). Much to my surprise, I found a reply from Clint Fernandes in my inbox this morning. How awesome is that? Much better than Santa (seriously, all those handwritten letters, not a single reply).

So here are my questions and Clint Fernandes' corresponding answers:

Me: Finding out what products were used on Indian celebrities with varying skin tones seems to be a formidable task. What are some of your favourite products and colours for Indian skin.

Clint Fernandes: Revlon skin lights system works well with Indian skin tones. As well as the Bourjois Chocolate blush. In foundations I trust Chanel as it is colour adaptive and elastic.

Me: I was also wondering if you could tell me what products you used to achieve the following look on Lisa Ray.

Clint Fernandes: This image is very old maybe around 4 years or so... I did use MAC liquid Face and Body foundation along with Shiseido cream concealor. The blush would have been Chanel and for the eyes Nars matte taupe with lots of Rimmel Kohl and mascara.

I just checked out the products he mentioned and here they are:
Revlon SkinLights
I can't find them on so I'm not sure whether most drugstores carry them or not. However, I saw a bunch at Big Lots (great for make-up bargains by the way) and you can also order the SkinLights make-up online at places like

Bourjois Chocolate blush

I believe this is the bronzing powder by Bourjois. You can order it online at or you could find it in the Sephora store itself. I am probably going to check this out soon. It looks yummy and edible.

Chanel foundations and blush

A lot of department stores carry Chanel and you can order shades on various websites. I always believe that for foundations and concealors it is best to go to a counter so you can see the colour and try it out as some textures and ingredients might not work with your skin but be perfect for others. As for the blush, the Irreelle blushes are quite beautiful.

Mac Face and Body foundation

This seems to be a staple for a great many people. You can order this online at or other sites, or go to a counter at a department store.

Nars matte taupe eyeshadow

I believe what Clint Fernandes was referring to was either Nars Bali or Blondie. I believe Blondie is slightly cooler in undertone and lighter as well. I don't quite remember which of the two is matte though.

Shiseido cream concealor

I think he may be referring to the Corrective Cover concealor, which has been discontinued. However, Shiseido's The Makeup Concealor Stick is very similar in formulation.

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Black cat said...

Awesome is indeed the word! I'm so pleased he answered you. He must have realized he was talking to a fellow-pro!!! YAY, Anu!!!

6:10 PM
Aishwarya said...

wow! it's so great that he replied back so promptly. the bourjois bronzer looks good enough to eat :-)

12:09 PM
Anu said...

Isn't he awesoma ladies! I was so surprised he actually wrote back. Black cat, you're too sweet. Aishwarya, i got hungry after seeing the bronzer lol.

11:19 PM

Anonymous said...

Revlon Skin lights - I have seen this on the website a long time ago, don't why you couldn't find it. I have never seen this in the store and I have looked.

12:05 PM

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