Tutorial: Green Smokey Eye

In my opinion, esteemed or not, no brown-eyed girl should be without a good green product for the eyes. So I decided to do a murky dark green-grey-brown smokey eye tutorial. MAC Club is a very complex shade and very dimensional. The technique is pretty basic and easy to accomplish. I have very sensitive eyes, so the flash was difficult to bear, which is why my eyes are straining to stay open in some of the pictures. Also, the flash made my highlight into a huge hot spot, while in real life it was soft and subtle. So please excuse!

Products Used

MAC Paint in Cotton Candy

MAC Club
NARS Night Clubbing
NARS All About Eve

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black

Revlon Fabulash Mascara in Black

Step 1
I tapped on the Cotton Candy paint evenly all over my eyelid to my brow bone. I really like this paint as my primer because it makes my shadow last all day and it allows me to blend like a dream. Another plus is that the blush and lip gloss I pair this look with is in the same family (distant cousins twice removed, but still...) as the Paint.

Step 2

I applied a sheer layer of MAC Club from lash line to just above the crease.

Step 3
With a more densely packed eyeshadow brush, I applied more colour at the lash line and gradate towards the crease.

Step 4
With a crease brush, I applied NARS Night Clubbing along my lash line and gradated the colour as I moved away from the lash line. I stopped at about halfway from the lash line to the crease.

Step 5
I used a clean eyeshadow brush to blend the NARS Night Clubbing and MAC Club, especially at the "line or demarcation." Now I have no harsh lines between the two colours.

Step 6

I like the liner to be very smudgy for this look so I applied the Revlon Colorstay on the upper and lower lash line fairly thickly.

Step 7
With a q-tip, sponge applicator, or brush, smudge the pencil liner on both the top and bottom lash line. I used a q-tip for this. In this picture, you can get a sense of the eyeshadow. The brown in the top outer edge is brown, some of the shadow looks grey, and some looks blush-green. Club is a gorgeously complicated colour.

Step 8

As a highlight, I used the shimmery eyeshadow in the All About Eve duo under my brow bone (the flash made the picture look a little too shiny and filled with hot spots). I then applied about 2 coats of Revlon Fabulash. I recommend curling your lashes for extra drama or even adding a few clumps of false lashes at the outer edges. However, I'm feeling a bit lazy, so I just finished with mascara.


30 days ago said...
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30 days ago said...

That looks gorgeous Anu. Thanks a whole lot. This looks very evening wear and you know, I might choose this look for my reception. Or do you think I should wait for your other cat eye tute? Tell me, is it worth getting all those shades of shadow? Can I use them for day wear and other things dressy also? I'm purchasing make up a lot this month- it's your fault! (In a good way), and I want to know its reusability value. Also, shipping's cheaper if I get a lot together. So, what colors are you planning on using in your cat eye tute?
Ooh one more thing- you labeled these as green smokey eyes. Where's the green? Is the camera not picking up on it? Just asking because my saree is a salmon sort of color, and I'm afraid green might be a bit clashy, if the shadow is green that is.
Thanks again Anu

4:47 PM
Anu said...

This is just a basic dark smokey eye but I will have a couple more up on cat eyes and smokey eyes with neutral colours, and a nude eye aswell. I'll have lots of tutorials up I think D. I think MAC clus is a very unique shade, but I like to go bold for daytime too. It is definately a great colour for going out. As for the other eyeshadows, I think any soft shimmery cream would do as highlight and the reason I like night clubbing is because it has tiny green-gold flecks that bring out any green.

As for the shimmery cream shadowm it is a great everyday highlight and black shadows can double as eyeliner. However, if you're hesistant about very vibrant colour, you can always hold off buying something until you decide what kind of look you want.

Mac club is a blueish green that can be muted or brighetend, depending on the shadows you use with it. THe shadow can look very grey and then simultaneously be very green. It's not for the faint of heart. But i will post a few more tutorials tonight and tomorrow if that helps :).

The camera does not pick up anything at all. It's been abused to death which is why the pictured look awful! however, it is a very vibrant green that

5:11 PM

30 days ago said...

Thanks! Ok- another question.
In the photos, you seem to have a nice dark flush like pink going on, that I like. Is that the Cotton candy? (It showed up as Canton candy in the MAC site- but it was a pale pink. Is yours darker?)
And.. did you paint under your lower lid with the MAC paint also?
I think I'm buying that (if it's Canton Candy), and Mac club.

5:33 PM
30 days ago said...

Also..fairly related- do you use a primer before you put on foundation? So far this is what I do- Moisturize- Sunscreenize- wait a bit-foundationize.

Is that ok?

I cannot wait for the other tutes. I'm going to try the purple shadow Priyanka Chopra look today, but I'm going to try it without lining my bottom lids.

Thanks for being born.

6:04 PM
Anu said...

I used cotton candy very sheerly, so what happened was my natural dark brown eyelids showed through. I didn't feel like covering them up that much. If you want to get a paint as a primer, i highly recommend some of the nude ones that are available. that way they are more versatile. This paint gives a slightly pinkish sheen that i love as highlight, which is why i use it very often. However, I also have a nude one that I use petty much all the time.

As for MAC club, try it at a department stoe, see how you like it, and then buy it. it's such a gorgeous colour that makes brown eyes incredibly mysterious.

As for primer, I am so scared of using much on my face as I tend to break out easily. Therefore, I always skip primer. I feel like in the summer, I don't need that extra step and in the winter I am scred of clogging my skin with too much stuff. Just be cautious and get samples before you commit to a primer, as they contain a lot of silicone. This always makes me get bumps so I stay away from it. If you're looking for longevity, I recommend having a sheer powder along the same lines as your foundation. That however, is my preference as I don't like primer.

It's great that you're having fun with the breakdowns :). Just note that these are my interpretations of what they're wearing. Sadly, someone's been copying my posts on their site :(. Sorry, just had to add that.

8:33 PM

30 days ago said...

eh? what do you mean? What site? Who?
I'll beat them down with an e-stick!
Thanks- you've sold Mac club to me.
I just tried that Madhuri look. I think I went too think on the eyeliner. I tried my best to not line the bottom lid, but I caved. Grr. One of these day's I'll do it. I think what was bugging me was a thin line of highlighter I put on the rim of the lower lid. It just made my face seem so empty.

8:56 PM
Anu said...

Thanks so much for the support. It really bugs me that they had to copy it instead of acknowledge the work i put into it. It seems trivial, but it is so upsetting.

it's hard to relinquish old habits. Let me know if I can edit the breakdown to help you out in any way. I never put highlighter all over my lower rim unless I balance it with darker liner on the lower rim. I also have that problem that I look "empty." It has been described as "the look someone would have if they were recently abducted by aliens." Not flattering.

9:10 PM

Anu said...

btw, if you want a cheaper alternative to night clubbing, try looking out for milani storm. THis is such a soft black eyeshadow with multicoloured flecks. It might not pick up the green, but it adds beautiful depth too.

9:27 PM

30 days ago said...

cheap is excellent. Storm it is. I did pick up the antique gold. I havent tried it yet. But it looks kinda dark and greenish. You think it could be dark enough to substitute for Mac club?
I'm an illustrator, and I hate it when I dont get credits. I go the shameless route and ask for it. Talents should be known.

10:05 PM
Anu said...

MAC Club is different from antique gold altogether, but it is a khakhi green with gold that made my brown eyes get noticed :). So fo a muted, slightly different variant of this look, antique gold is perfect. Try th technique with antique gold and storm, and see how you like it. I'm sure it will work out great as it is one of my facourite combinations too. That and milani java bean and milani illusion. GREAT combination.

You're an illustrator? that's so awesome. I wanted to veer my art degree to illustrating but chose studio art instead.

10:29 PM

Aishwarya said...

wow anu!! this looked amazing. and your eyes are very beautiful. ive never really thought of using the colors you suggested before. but after looking at the pictures, i'm definitely going to give them a try.

11:48 PM
Anita Krishnan said...
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Anita Krishnan said...

Hi Anu,

Your eye make-up looks fabulous! I really love the colours. It's a pitty I can't seem to find M.A.C here in Belgium :( Got to wait till I am back in Malaysia or the UK.

I have a question. My eyeliner always gets smudged under my eyes after awhile. Do you know how I can deal with this?

PS: Can't wait for your other tutorials!

1:31 AM

1:33 AM
30 days ago said...

I promptly came home and misplaced my Antiquegold. grr.
I'll try that combination for sure.Tonight. Is there a substitute you could suggest for that pink tone? And why did you use Nars and Mac club? Is one just darker than the other?
I did that Yoghurt face thing. Since no store in my vicinity carried Almond oil, I used castor. but the rest of it was great. I did have some irritation- which is interesting given that the ingredients are natural and gentle. And the fumes from the Aloe really burned my eyes. What brand did you use? I used Fruit of the earth- it says 100%aloe on the bottle, but should the fumes sting?

9:10 AM
Anu said...

Hi Aishwarya!
THanks for the compliment! This is such an easy technique that you can use for various different combinations of shadows. Let me know how it works out for you.

9:24 AM

Anu said...

Hi Anita!
Club is a very pretty colour that really compliments my brown eyes. I suggest you try it out befoe committing to it. You can of course just use te technique for different combinations of shadows and see how they work out for you.

Spreek je trouwens Vlaams/Nederlands? I heb jarenlang, mijn jeugd zeg maar :P, in nederland gewoon.

As for smudgey eyeliner, it always happens with pencil eyeliner for me. Layering helps a bit. What i do if i need some serious longevity is: apply primer very thinly over my lower lash line, then apply gel/cake/liquid eyeliner, then go over that line with a dark eyeshadow. That seems to make my liner last longer than pencil liner only. Let me know if this works out for you (really, get back to me if you find something lacking/good. i really appreciate it)

9:28 AM

Anu said...

Hi 30 days ago...

I used club and night clubbing because club is a brownish-greyish-bluish-green and night clubbing is black with goldish green flecks. They pick up the dimension in each other very well. Another combination that picks up the complexity of the shadows is using milani java bean and milani illusion. such a gorgeous combination. I hope you find your antique gold soon. I've had to replace it a few times because i used it up (yes, i've used up shadows).

I am sorry the yoghurt facemask stung a bit. Maybe you're allergic? I am sorry for that. Try applying near your jawline a bit to see how you react to the concoction. THat always saves my face from becoming red. As for the fruit of the earth stuff, it stung for me as well. I have no clue why, haven't checked the ingredients list to see what the culprit is. I just use ome cheapo stuff I get at the health food store. It's very gentle and doesn't sting or burn. It also doesn't have any fragrance so it doesn't irritate my skin (my skin is uber, uber sensitive). I am sorry the alow didn't work for you.

9:33 AM

Saniya said...

why why why are u so gorgeous wifey?? heheh!!!
lovely lovely lovely tut!!!
post more post more!!!

5:31 PM
Anita Krishnan said...

Hi Anu, thanks for the tip. I haven't tried it yet except to use liquid eyeliner on my lower lashline and silly me! got it in my eye! I'll try your tutorial with my set of eyeshadow and see how it turns up. Maybe I'll put it on my blog so you can see.

1:25 PM
Chic Mommy said...

If you really like green shadow, you've got to try NARS Bellydance. The most awesome, beautiful color combo ever!

2:38 PM
Anu said...

Hey Chic Mommy:
I LOVE Nars Belly dance. That and Blade Runner (the green in that one). Do you know of any other green shadows that I must hoard. I LOVE green with brown eyes and am always on the lookout for new greens.
THanks :)

4:31 PM

Chic Mommy said...

anu, I don't know if you already have this one, but MAC Juxt is an amazing green that can be worn all summer long. And all you need is just that color as sheer wash all over your lids. I pair it up with mascara, Sayan blush by Vasanti (or you could use Matte Mocha by MAC) and Oh Baby Lipgloss. I'm kind of tired of the Oh Baby though these days, too much glitter, I've found a new substitute to the Nude lip look, Stila Lip Glaze in Mocha. I sometimes wear Vasanti Nile lipliner or MAC Plum lipliner under it if I need more color, but it's nice nude even on it's own.

12:10 AM
Anu said...

Hey Chic Mommy!
Will definately try out the Juxt. THe problem with me nowadays is that all my colourful eyeshadows are boxed and kept safely while I hoard every neutral made by bobbi brown, mac, stila and nars. I am getting into a rut! Will go look at juxt! HOw do you like Vasanti? I'v been dying to try the line but the reviews are very mixed about it and my ULTA doesn't carry it so I can only order online. HOw do you think it compares to Stila etc?

As for Oh Baby, on me it looked pretty awful. But that's ok since I hoard the other lipglass.

9:09 AM

Chic Mommy said...


I order Vasanti online too. Compared to Stila, I'll say the face base and concealers are much better, the brushes are on par with Smashbox, but the eyeshadows could use some improvement. The lipsticks are all phenomenol though, quality right on par with MAC

9:33 PM
Anu said...

Thanks :), I need to check out Vasanti stuff soon lol.

11:15 PM

Priya said...

Hi Anu,

I just wanted to say that you've really filled in a gap with the cyber-south-east-asian makeup/beauty community [that was a mouthful], so thank you!
Also you're absolutely gorgeous and you seem to bear a ridiculously close ressemblance to Malaika Arora [only your lips are fuller]. Anyways keep the good stuff coming!

1:55 PM
roops said...

how do you do the black smokey eyes?

6:56 AM

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