Neutral Cat-Eye

This is a dramatic cat-eye look but I used neutrals, well except black liner, to achieve this. It's not very intimidating but it does require a bit of shading at the outer "v," so you can refer to my diagram if needed. I do apologise for the pictures as I have the world's worst camera. I hope my next tutorial is a bit nicer picture wise.

What you need:

  • A neutral, medium taupe brown for all-over colour on the eyelid. I used Bobbi Brown Sable.
  • A soft buttery-vanilla coloured eyeshadow for highlight. I used Bobbi Brown Vanilla
  • A neutral, dark brown eyeshadow to use for shading. I used Bobbi Brown Chocolate.
  • A liquid, cake, or gel liner. I used MAC Blacktrack fluidline.
  • A mascara. I used Revlon Fabulash.
  • Optional but recommended: a primer. I used MAC paint in Cotton Candy very sheerly.
Step 1:
I already had cotton candy paint tapped very, very lightly over my eyelid to function as a primer. I then put Bobbi Brown Vanilla eyeshadow from lashline to brow bone to even out the area.

Step 2:
I applied Bobbi Brown Sable from lashline to crease.

Step 3:
Here comes the shading part. To apply Bobbi Brown Chocolate eyeshadow on the outer "v", I used a blending brush (MAC 217). Alternatively, you can use a crease brush. I use MAC 217 and the crease brush made by Essence of Beauty for shading the outer "v" equally. I blended the edges of the shadows so there are no harsh lines, but I still left it slightly dramatic.

Step 4:
I applied Blacktrack very closely to the lashline at the inner corner and made the line thicker as I reached the outer corner. At the outer corner, I extended the line past the edge of my eye. I just made a little "flick" at the outer corner.

Step 6:

Here, I applied Blacktrack from the middle of my lower lashline and made the line slightly thicker as I reached the outer corner. I then connected the lines on the top and bottom of the outer corner and then added some thickness to the extended liner.

Step 7:
To finish this look, I applied two coats of Revlon Fabulash. For a more dramatic effect, you can always curl your lashes or add a few clumps of false lashes at the outer edges.


Aishwarya said...

wow anu!! this looks great. i've always been afraid to use liquid liners though so might just try it out with a pencil liner. but i really love how the liner looks. are there any drugstore/department store liquid liners u'd recommend?

3:55 AM
[a} said...

I know that mascara is a make-up staple, opens up eyes, etc. etc., but
I especially love the look just before the mascara was applied...very simple and v. v. pretty.

Cat-eye makeup is gorgeous, but I've never been able to do it well with my pencil liner. I guess liquid is better..but I can't use it!!

Thanks for this!!!

8:25 AM
Anu said...

hey aishwarya,
I'm sorry the camera didn't pick up most of the shadow towards the end, i'm so mad about that. On the lookout for a new camera. You could try L'oreal's HIP cream liner. It's much easier to control than liquid liner in my opinion. The liner comes in a pot and with a smal stiff brush you can use to apply liner. They also comes in varying colours. If you want liquid liner, I'd try maybe L'oreal or Revlon. I don't know if Milani makes one, but you could check it out. all their products are fab.

9:00 AM

Anu said...

Hey [a},
The problem with the pic right before mascara is that it doesn't show the shadow :(. I'm so upset about my stooopid camera. If you can't use liquid liner, try cake or gel liner. L'oreal HIP makes cream liners you could try. That alwasy seems to give more control than liquid liner :)

9:02 AM

Saniya said...

u r beyond gorgeousness, muahhhh!!!

4:53 PM
Anu said...

You're such a sweetie *hugs*. Hope i'm not embarassing you calling all kinds of cupcake-y names.

7:13 PM

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