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These Lip Products Will Be My Heirlooms
I usually have the worst time finding lipsticks even though I'm such an addict (I should probably see someone for this problem). The colours are either too light, too dark,or make my upper lip a dark ashy gray and my lower lip a bright fuchsia. I also have a horrible problem of colours just blending into my natural lip colours, yes it's plural since I have two-toned lips, and looking like every other colour I try. So I present you my favourite picks that I absolutely love.

Bobbi Brown Chocolate
This is a warm brown shade which is infused with red so that it doesn't look like you've smeared mud on your lips. Let me warn you, this colour is very deep and adds a lot of drama. I have fairly dark skin and this offsets my warm/olive undertones and provides a soft satin sheen. You can add a coat of gloss over it if you want more shine, but for me this is a staple I don't have to worry about after I put it on. On my dark skin it looks very dramatic and is my favourite "black tie" colour. The lipstick did not exaggerate my two toned lips and is opaque and pigmented enough to create a fairly even look.

NARS Niagara

A very sweet make-up artists suggested this to me, but I think she was very mistaken about the fact that it suited me. She kept telling me it was "so natural" while I kept wondering if the store provided her any benefits for her to have her eyesight checked. On me, it's a very peachy pink that is too light when applied directly. However, it looked great when patted on with a finger. The colour is diluted and fuses with my lip colour to form a lovely peachy pink, matte lip colour. If this lipstick is so much trouble, why am I recommending it you ask? On my dark skin, it was less than perfect but I tried this lipstick out on a desi friend who is quite fair and it looked fabulous on her. If you have olive or warm undertones and are on the fairer side, I definitely recommend this gorgeous matte shade of peachy pink to you. It adds a splash of colour that looks very natural and compliments lighter skinned desi ladies.

MAC Taupe
This lipstick is a warm medium brown with a bit of brick red mixed that, on me, looked like a neutral shade that I could pair with dramatic or nude eyes. It looks very brown and slightly orange in the tube but it looked stunning against my dark skin and didn't show up as orange at all. The formula itself is very matte and slightly drying so I recommend using a lip balm with this. However, the colour is lighter than the Bobbi Brown Chocolate lipstick I raved about but it is definitely darker than my skin tone and so didn't make me look washed out. I highly recommend trying this lipstick as a basic colour for the darker desi ladies.

Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment
So this is technically not lipstick, but I cannot tell you how much I adore this range of glosses. They are tacky enough without making my lips stick together but it is not too watery feeling for a gloss. I love the delicious coconut scent and the range of colours is perfect for a nude look. The glosses are a lot sheerer than they seem in the tube but contain enough colour that they can be worn alone. This lip gloss is one of my favourite glosses and I always stock up on them.

Revlon Raisin Rage

This is a gorgeous rum-raisin colour that is also very moisturizing. I think this would suit the darker desi ladies very well as it is a fairly deep colour. I am a huge fan of raisin and wine coloured lipstick and this drenched my lips is a shiny, pigmented colour that became a staple for a long time.

Milani Rose Fetish
This is a pinky-mauve that did not suit me too well and was too light for my complexion. Exactly why am I shoving this down your throat you ask? Well, on my friends whose skin tones ranged from very fair to a medium olive brown, this colour looked fabulous. It is a gorgeous natural colour with a bit of oomph so it adds subtle drama without being over the top.

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sanjana said...

I have a suggestion.If you can include your foundation # or color, it gives a perspective on if the suggestions will suit the readers since dark or lighter skin doesnot help much, does it??:)

I think the best way to find lipcolors that suit is by trying lip pencils.when something looks good,u can take it to the counter and try to get a match

7:06 AM
Anu said...

Thanks for the recommendation :), as I said before I range from G-4 (Jaipur) and W-3 (Coriander), to W-4 (Masala) in Aromaleigh, NARS pressed powder in Mountain, and MAC NC40. Hope this helps.

As for trying out lipsticks, I'm an addict :P. I find though that the range of lipliners is often very limited :(.

8:16 AM

30 days ago said...

I just got Aishwarya's beige. It's nice and nudey. You recommended it earlier I think Anu. But it looks like a nicer version of my lips. What kind of gloss would you suggest to go over it? For lasting power.

7:06 PM
Anu said...

I like to use Viva Glam V lipgloss from MAC to layer on top of Aishwarya's beige. I find that Viva Glam V is very similar to Aishwarya's beige, a little bit different but still. The gloss looks great over it. You can try it out at the counter to see how you like it. You can then decide to get it or find a gloss similar to it in colour. Let me know how it work out for you :)

8:40 PM

leander said...

Hi Anu,

I'm fairly new to your blog and I've been obssesively reading all of your posts...I wish I had discovered this before!

So I've got one question for you in relation to the two tone lip problem (which bugs me so much!. I was doing some searching and I found a product called Black Opal lip Corrector. Have you tried this yet?

9:08 AM
Jubilee said...

Me too, I'm interested in this Black Opal lip corrector. I can't find it in any stores around me. I don't want to pay the high shipping cost online for a small tube unless I know it works. Thanks.

8:43 AM
Anonymous said...

this sucks big time lol

10:33 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

I am dark skinned and wear Vasanti (a Canadian cosmetic line made for Indian women) and wear their powder foundation in V10. Could you make a lipstick/lip gloss recommendation based on this? Thank you!!

2:41 PM

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