I PSA-eth: Get Thee to a Victoia's Secret and Grab Some Scott Barnes Make-up for Thyself (currently 75% off)

Yes, I will actually call this a public service announcement. Once in a while you try something that you feel you cannot keep to yourself. It would be immoral to do so. And let me tell you, immoral I am not. Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale and their beauty items are 75% off, meaning so is Scott Barnes' line. I just adore everything I have tried so far from this line, and as I've stated before, I can almost feel the spirit of JLo when I use his make-up (she was his muse for many products). Here's some of the things I picked up.

Scott Barnes Lip Slick in Smokey Topaz
I'll be honest with you, I don't think this would look great on lighter skinner Desi women. In fact I was scared when I first saw it. It looks like this dark muddy goo. Hard to imagine as looking good on the lips right? Well, I don't think this is meant to be piled on thickly. Instead, used sheerly, this darkens the tone of my lips and somehow brings out a deep reddish brown tinge. The product itself has no detectable smell and is very moisturizing. Best of all, it's on sale and cost me less than L'oreal or Revlon. Who can resist something like that?

Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy in Kelly
Whenever I open this tube of gloss I feel like I can hear JLo singing "Waiting for Tonight" and "Jenny from the Block" alternatively. Although her singing prowess is debatable, this moisturizing lip gloss is the perfect JLO nude on me. The lip gloss looks like a dark fleshy pink in the tube and is very pigmented. On my lips, the colour is not the death warmed over me nude but a soft, sexy nude that would look great with dark eyes. The flash in this picture makes the colour seem a lot more pink than it is. In real, it's a true nude on my lips.

Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy in Pretty Penny
This is a deep bronzey brown with gold shimmer. Although it looks similar to Smokey Topaz in the picture, it's unique enough in that it's very sheer and has beautiful gold shimmer to it. This is a no-brainer gloss that I imagine would look quietly dramatic on fairer skinned ladies and would deepen the natural lip colour and add a bit of shimmer for darker skinned ladies.Even is you don't like the shade, I would recommend trying out these glosses because they have no undetectable scent and always seem to enhance lips subtly.

Scott Barnes Illumineye in Velvet
The texture of this matte eyeshadow is exactly that: like velvet. The colour looks like a basic, boring brown in the pan but on the lid it is a rich, deep, smoked dark brown with plum undertones. The shadow blends like a dream and is very flattering for brown eyes. I have a lot of brown eye shadows and this one is different enough for me to want. If you prefer a different colour, you should definitely try out the other shadows Scott Barnes has to offer in his line because the texture and pigmentation is worth it.

Scott Barnes Bronzer in Nonchalant
I don't know how to express my love for this bronzer. It's what I imagined bronzers from NARS, MAC, Revlon, The Body Shop, Guerlain, Milani, Estee Lauder would look like on me but didn't. Mind you I love all the previously mentioned ones, but I love this one so much more. This too looks slightly worrisome and reddish in the pan, but it transformed once it was on my cheeks. This bronzer is what made me realize what sun kissed means. It's texture is so smooth and it blends beautifully into my skin. I honestly feel like after trying this, I don't need to hunt for more bronzers. This is what the bronzer looks like on my bare skin (meaning no foundation and powder) and I layered Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Tawny at the top of my cheekbones to add a glow.


Anita Krishnan said...

I love the Flossy Glossy in Kelly and the bronzer (it looks really, really, really good on you). I've never really dared try a bronzer, but now I may.

Anu, you seem to have very good skin. I'm trying all sorts of products on my skin to get it nice and smooth without having to use foundation(which I seem to use quite often these days).

1:10 AM
Saniya said...

Anu ur gorgeous:)

9:33 AM
[a} said...

I agree, the bronzer completely suits you!! It's very well blended & so looks totally natural.

The first lip-gloss is also gorgeous on you. I am looking for a lip-gloss to suit me, and look kinda reddish-gold like yours do in that picture, but I haven't found it yet. I'm also a lightish-skinned desi :( so I don't think the smokey topaz'd be so great.

You're very lucky to have such a gorgeous mouth; mine is so small, that most lip cosmetics don't suit me.

I love your blog!!

10:50 AM
30 days ago said...

Anu you really are a pretty one aren't you? My that is really good skin. I just had a facial yesterday and it's done nothing for my skin, and top it off with a fun facial hair issue, and voila- you get my sandpaper texture! Any takers?

5:49 PM
30 days ago said...

darncrap. The VS close to home did not have any Scott Barnes stuff. But I did buy the smoothest thick eye pencil I have ever used. It's their glossy pencil liner in 'smoulder'. It glitters and really smoothes on like a dream. It's a bit too smudge prone though. But I topped it off with some 'she-laq', a liquid make up sealant by 'Benefit' for eyes and lips, and it looked real nice. Good smokey eye pencil.

Why don't they make decent liptints?? All the liptints I've seen so far are so hooker like.

10:03 PM
lynn said...

I was at the VS sale the other day . they did not have scott barnes. I picked up some of their glosses, lipsticks, bronzers. Nothing great but doable for the sale price.

3:29 PM
Black cat said...

Just gorgeous Anu! You have great skin and lovely eyes. Must remember to look into this bronzer! :)

11:41 AM
dn said...

How do you apply the bronzer?How does it look in natural light? I see a distinctive line of the bronzer and is this how it is supposed to be?

well , I am never sure if the bronzer did anything at all on me.I tried a few bronzers and when I see in the mirror I see nothing.I knida' play it down since I don't wanna go overboard looking like dirt smeared all over.

5:19 PM

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