I Love Lakme Too, but Having a WTF Moment Here

I promie to bring you some tutorials by Sunday. Am having a bit of a crisis here, so I plan to postpone my tutorials til Sunday and include not only one on threading but also post make-up looks I did on a couple of my friends (my photography by the way, I'm an amateur photographer). We will see how this goes.

Anyways, as for my wtf moment, here it is. Whenever I go to India, I gorge myself on Lakme. True, they have (un)succesfully segregated the wide range of desi skin tones in 4 categories. Let's not forget that their packaging is flimsy at times, but overall they have some great products. For example, their lipstick in Barely There is one of my all-time favourite no-brainer natural lipsticks. It's only natural that I'm hoping they would update their site with better swatches and allow customers to purchase their products online. Lo and behold, many years later i get one of my wishes granted. Lakme allows online orders. Time to bring out the low-fat, low-cal, low-carb, fully artificially flavoured cake right? Not really!

The prices on their website are outrageous. They charge 17 pounds for their Face Souffle. Translate that into American Dollars and it's, erm, a lot more than that. Who are they kidding? I mean, Sephora's on my speed dial. For that cost I'd rather get something from a department store. And depending on what brand it is, I'd probably have money to spare.


The Renaissance Princess said...

Lakme is a total fraud. See this Indian Express story. Neither Lakme nor VLCC does any research on their products.

10:26 PM
shona said...

u know ...i completely agree w/ u ...i was goign through lakhme products online and the prices in rupees were pretty decent...when i saw the prices in dollars..i was like wtf....they dont convert exactly from rupees 2 dollars...buh um ok...whateva floats their boat...i don understand y the products r cheaper in India and Pakistan,...

10:48 AM
Anonymous said...

lakme has never sold products online. you must have either gone to a fraud site or gone to a site that wishes to cash in on the high demands of lakme overseas.

10:21 AM
Anu said...

hey anonymous,

actually lakme sells products on their site (or a site affiliated with them, either way they overcharge). at leats they did before. not sure about now :)

8:36 AM

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