I Don't Want To Do This, But I Have To. Bipasha Basu's Bad Make-Up Choices

This little clip shows Bipasha Basu arriving at the "green carpet" at the IIFA 2007 awards. Let's get out of the way that I think she's gorgeous and has a great figure. Against my better nature (I do have one I promise), I am going to have to speak out against her make-up. Let's leave the dress aside that looks like someone ripped a hole in the middle and Bipasha's stylist had all of 3 minutes to repair the gaping hole, look at the make-up.

Cat eyes are great, sexy, flattering and whatnot. I usually love how Bipasha can carry it off. However, maybe she feels bad that her make-up choices are usually good or maybe her make-up artist secretly hates her, but her make-up for the event is pretty horrific. The eyeliner is winged way too much both at the inner and outer corners. But here's my question, if she really wanted such a look why couldn't she stick to one colour of eyeliner so that the look is less garish? Why black an violet together in this exaggerated way? This look would be great for a cosmetics campaign or even a magazine cover.

I would usually have written a post about wanting to know what make-up she was wearing, but she has taken that away from me now. I only feel half human because of this.


30 days ago said...

It tired me out just hearing that energy. Are cat eyes short for Cleopatra eyes?
I couldn't take my eyes off the dress long enough to focus on the eyes. Whoever had the camera kept focusing on her breasts too. Dope. If she wanted to go for class, black would have been a nice option for gaping-grand-canyon dress. Red's just slutty on that thing.

3:14 PM
Saniya said...

I think she should have opted for a neutral cat eye and red lips she would've looked gorgeous, LOL i just figured it out MAC is the offical make-up sponsor for the IIFA awards so her disastrous make-up has to be going overboard on the fluidline..LOL, it's sad, Anu I'm telling you let's take over Bollywood with our make-up skills!!!!! They'll thank us some day. I know it;)!!!!

4:09 PM
Saniya said...

Something for ur BLOG:
On the glamour trail for film festival
By Stephanie Smith
INTERNATIONAL and super-chic cosmetics company MAC is the official make-up partner for the Bollywood awards.
"Bollywood is all about full-on glamour," says James Molloy, the make-up artist who will be leading the MAC team at the IIFA awards, where they will be part of the backstage frenzy, putting the sparkly finishing touches to the nominees and award presenters.

While Bollywood-style make-up may not be to everyone's taste, it is well suited to this season's flirtation with bright colors and metallics to mix with clothing embellishment such as beading, sequins and embroidery.

James says of Bollywood-style make-up: "It is quite in your face, but very perfected. There is a lot of make-up, but it is all polished and beautiful, with a certain amount of drama." Much of this drama comes from the eyes, which are typically the feature most played up, using a palette of strong shades. Good blending is essential to get this look right.

"Eyes are very structured for Bollywood. It's all about enhancing your natural eye shape. You use bold pigments and then wing out with kohl pencil, but in a smudgy, soft way. Sometimes people go wrong because they use something too harsh," says James.

Classic Bollywood colours include a rich coppery bronze, antique gold and peacock blue.
James likes to use MAC pigments, which are barrel-shaped pots of powder, in shades Tan, Teal and Copper Sparkle.

Mascara is full-on too and for the high-voltage glam look, don't be afraid to use false eyelashes (MAC's set number 21 is ideal) or you can just use corner lashes.

Blusher is used to give lots of contour. You could use matte bronzer such as Harmony, a muted rose-beige matte cheek powder. Highlight the top of the cheeks up to the browbone.

Eyebrows are shaped. The browbone can be highlighted in a pearly white. Finally, put a pop of color on the apples of the cheeks. Or Gleam eyeshadow.

For lips, a softer look works best against the dramatic eyes. The MAC lipstick Dubonnet, a deepened claret shade works very well for a Bollywood look.

5:27 PM
30 days ago said...

wow- thats a cool post Saniya.

7:42 PM
Saniya said...

Thanks 30 Days Ago, i was checking to see if Anu replied. LOL Anu we've turned ur comment section into this...sorry!!!!:p Hehe...:)

6:01 PM
Anu said...

Hey guys!
I wish she'd done a less extreme cat-eye look. She is one person who can carry tht off. I read that too about MAC being the official make-up for IIFA. I wish they'd disclose more specific information (like what lipgloss did they use for a specific actress etc). They never do that. GRRR! Always makes me angry! Celebrities aren't the only ones that wear make-up lol :P

4:18 PM

raj said...

good work...to know abt makeup and raaz behind actress...

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