Great Make-up: Bipasha Basu

This is one of my favourite looks on Bipasha Basu. So here's a go at her make-up.
Although the make-up is very dramatic and smokey, good skin will complement this look perfectly. Use a moisturizer and eye-cream suitable for your skin needs and allow it to skin in.

Apply a creamy, matte, medium-coverage foundation evenly all over the face and blend into the neck. You don't need to apply powder just yet.

The eye-make-up is very dramatic in this look, and if like me you have the problem of shadow always being muted by the colour of your eyelids, I suggest using a good primer to set the stage for the make-up to come.

Apply a smokey charcoal grey from lash line to crease. Dot the same eye-shadow along the entire lower lash-line.

Apply a shimmery taupey-nude from the brow bone to the crease and blend it with the charcoal grey at the crease. With the same eye-shadow, apply a a dot to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

With a rick black liquid liner, make a thin line along the upper and lower lash line. If you find this tricky, just place tiny dots as close to each other. Then, once you're done, even out any empty spaces between the dots.

Bipasha has a full strip of false lashes here. If you are comfortable with false lashes, you can apply a full strip as close to the lash line as possible. Apply one coat of a lengthening mascara to mesh your own lashes to the false lashes. Be sure to also apply mascara to the lower lashes. If you are not using any false lashes, curl your lashes and then apply a volumizing mascara generously on both upper and lower lashes. You can comb through your lashes to get rid of clumps. For added drama, you can add a few clumps of false lashes to the outer corners.

It's hard to tell what she's wearing because of lighting, but it looks Bipasha is wearing dusty cinnamon coloured blush. Using a fluffy blush brush, apply the blush slightly above the cheekbones starting at the apple of the cheeks and decreasing intensity towards the temples.

Apply a creamy mauve lip liner and top it off with a matching satin lipstick. I would recommend a liner along the lines of Bobbi Brown lip liner in Rum and Clinique Buttershine lipstick in Rum Kiss.

Setting Make-up:
Apply tranlucent powder with a large powder brush all over your face.


Aruna said...

Hi Anu,
Thanks for this! Is this the smokey eye tute? I'm going to try it tonight regardless, and try 'priming' my lid with foundation (Bobby brown stick foundation I think).

6:50 PM
Anu said...

Hey aruna!
no, i put this up because i got a request for bipasha basu's look. However, the tutorial, I'm going to have a step-by step instruction along with pictures, explanation of technique etc. It will start from bare eyes to full on smokey eyes. As for the primer, if you ever get the chance, try mac paints as primer. those have got to be my all time favourite primer ever.

11:12 PM

Saniya said...

lovely post as always

5:48 PM
Aishwarya said...

hey anu,
thanks a lot. i really appreciate you doing this breakdown :-)

2:42 AM
Anu said...

Thanks saniya! You're always so sweet!

5:25 PM

Anu said...

No Problem Aishwarya, my pleasure. I hope you find it ok :)

5:26 PM

Aishwarya said...

oh absolutely. the result was very good. my skin tone is wheatish but the colors still looked fine on me. i was recently on bipasha basu's official website. its nice but i do wish she and other actresses in bollywood would be more open about the brands and shades of makeup they use. that's y its great that you're doing these breakdowns for us ;-)

12:50 AM
Anu said...

NO problem :D

8:21 AM

KrazyLeo said...

hey anu..

this is my first visit 2 ur site... wow... u've a gr8 site here!!!! anyways... love'd how Bipasha has her eyes done.... since i know wat 2 use now.. plannin' 2 give it a try!!!!!

7:15 PM
Anu said...

THanks for reading Krazyleo! Let me know how the breakdown was. Let me know what you find useful and what you don't. I just make up these things as I see on the picture of the celeb so there's definately room for improvement :).

8:34 PM

Anonymous said...

could you break down bipasha's make-up here. I have the same coloring as bipasha and was wondering what powder you think she is using.

2:29 PM
Anonymous said...

and here as well

2:31 PM
Anonymous said...

well honestly speaking theres nothing great about this makeup. shes looking like a cadaver. and whats happened to those lips? her makeup artist needs some coaching.

10:23 AM
Anu said...

hey anonymous,

i used to love her make-up back in the day when she used to look like this *blush*. seriously, she looks so good to me here.

8:39 AM

Anonymous said...

yes ofcourse she does:) nice job! thanks for teh break down:) i love the lipstick:) colour nice shade matching skills:) buttt

what foundation shud i use? wat blus? name me some shades and brands please:)

12:51 AM

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