Gorgeous Hair. What Did They Use On Her?

Another clip, this time desi. Now that we've established that we're all highly intellectual rocket scientists who have a penchant for finding the perfect lip gloss, hair texturizer, or eye cream. Here's a clip at the Lakme India Fashion Week featuring a hair model. I am green with envy over her hair. Now that I've washed off my make-up you could probably see my face going green. I am having another wtf moment over the side ponytail. I hope this style doesn't catch on or I will hold Lakme responsible.


sanjana said...

i am ashamed to admit that being indian and all , I can't get a kajal to stay in my lower waterline :). I am apprehensive to use a few indian brands cuz of lead levels and such. does anything work for you / your readers?

eeks, toomany comments on 1 day.sorry:P

anu , congrats. ;)u have gotten a lot of readers from the time I came on here and commented b4.

7:10 AM
Anu said...

I don't really use kajal anymore since it ALWAYS runs. I just rely on layering of eyeshadow and gel liner to last me a long time. I know Lakme's best seller is their kajal, so it would be interesting to hear about ingredients.

And thanks for the compliment sanjana, I really appreciate your suggestions :).

8:18 AM

30 days ago said...

I've read that soft Kohl pencils work great on staying on the lower inside lash line. Sephora.com sells some soft Kohl pencils specially made for that purpose. Ordered mine 2 days ago. I have the same problem see:) I've said this before, and I agree with Sanjana. Good job on the blog. It's wonderful.

3:28 PM
Anu said...

PLease tell me how those khol pencils are. It would help all of desi-dom if you could be our guinea pig. Really. Thanks on the compliment, you're sooo sweet.

9:14 PM

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