Just to let you know the situation on the breakdowns. These are formulated by me. I sometimes find out exactly what products were used from sites or Saniya send me some information, but the actual breakdown, the steps on what to put where are all my interpretation. I just want to let you know this because someone has been copying my post word for word and posting it on another site. It made me so mad because a) I put in the effort b) it makes it look like I got it from somewhere, which I did not. Also, all information I get from another site is also credited to that site. I just hope that in the future that certain individual will not look at my blog for updates on their site.


30 days ago said...

Hey Anu,
Copy paste the url, so everyone knows where it is, and who to frown at.

9:04 PM
Anu said...

lol, i think i will if they don't take it down. Thanks for the support *hugs*

9:06 PM

30 days ago said...

you're too forgiving. grr.

9:10 PM
Anu said...

LOL, let's see what they do. I just contacted the site. If they don't remove it I will be very angry. If they want posts, let them write it themselves!

9:12 PM

Saniya said...

they took it off anu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyy!!! that b*tch anyways. im not posting on that site anymore for he reason that they're not strict about plagiarism...muahhh i always got ur back girl:D:D:D:D

2:06 PM
Anu said...

Saniya, you're always soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet! Thanks so much (again) for everything.

10:09 AM

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