A Few Red Lippies

Red Lips: Not for the Faint Hearted
So after my ranting and shouting about someone copying my stuff, and because I can't sleep, I bring you three red lippies that I absolutely adore. I have a few other red lippies that I highly recommend but my lips are so huge that they don't look good one me. Very few red lipsticks actually suit me, and here are some that I feel are great finds.

Clinique Red Drama
Trying not to be cheesy, but this makes me do a little dance and say "yowza" and "va-va-va-voom" in front of the mirror every time I wear it. I am not a vampy woman, rather I am a clumsy oaf, but somehow this moisturizing neutral, rich red that I will admit is not for the faint hearted brings out the sophisticated siren in me that I thought that had died a horrible death long ago. This lipstick is not subtle, so it definitely calls attention to the mouth, but it is so sophisticated that all red lipstcik loving desi aficionados (and even non-desi women) should check it out. Maybe you'll say cheesier things than me when you look into the mirror.

NARS Diablo
This lacquer comes in a pot, which I love, and is therefore very transport friendly. You can apply a thin layer to look like you just ate a popsicle or you deepen the colour to get a cool blue-red without the warmth of Clinique's Red Drama. The formula itself is in between a gel and lip gloss and is so incredibly moisturizing that it makes my chapped lips to very soft. While I agree that it might be a bit expensive, I have still not finished mine which I use quite often and have had over a year. In the picture I patted the lacquer on as sheer as possible

L'Oreal Colour Juice in Candy Apple
This is one gorgeous, sheer red gloss that is perfect for those who do not want full-on red lips but a sheer tint. The shine is lovely without any large glitter and is great paired with nude eyes. The name says it all and the colour is a true apple red that would suit most skin tones.

image taken from: www.drugstore.com


30 days ago said...

reds scare my poor countenance.
I'm still stuck on nudes. I found a beautiful nude in Aveda's buy one get one basket. I'm eating toast right now, and the bits don't stick. They slip off with a delicate flick of the tongue. I also bought their cheek lip stain. havent tried that yet.
Alas Anu, my Walgreen's does not have storm. Or Illusion.

11:13 AM
30 days ago said...

I dont like my Walgreens.

11:14 AM
Anu said...

I love all make-up, can't ever turn my back to some great colours. :p
Why doesn't walgreens have milani eyeshadows? grrrr Try hunting the shadows down in cvs, they always seem to have them. That's so frustrating!

10:10 AM

[a} said...

I love (!!) the Clinique Red Drama photo. It looks like my dream lippie!!!!!!!!!

4:16 AM
Rupa said...

Hey Anu

Awesome blog. Any tips on bronzers for desi skin?


12:13 AM
Anu said...

Hey [a},
I LOVE red drama, and usually pair it with neutral everything. Makes me feel very lady like.

Hey Rupa,
I hope to have some reviews of bronzers out soon. :)

4:20 PM

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