Dewy Blush and Nude Lips in One

Stila Convertible Colour in Peony
Yes, I am still bringing you the promised threading tutorial, but before do that let me tell you of this fabulous find. I just scouted the perfect lip and cheek product, Stila Convertible Colour in Peony, that gives me a natural and glowy dusty peachy-pink flush and the perfect "JLo" nude lips.

I had given up on multi-tasking products long ago. Either they're a great blush but too dry for using as a lip product, or the texture is too waxy-feeling to use on my cheeks as well. I used to much rather prefer to buy a cheek product and a lip product separately. However, Stila's Convertible Colour made me retract my previous notion. Peony is a highly pigmented creamy blush and lip product that gives me a great glowy, natural flush. It looks rather dull in the pan, but it's so easy to blend and adds such a warmth to my face that I plan to hoard more of these. There are no sparkles and glitters but I get a soft glow from this product. Also, as hard as I tries to overdo it (this was in the name of research), this blush did not make me look like the clowns you see in horror movies with garishly painted blush.

The Convertible Colour also is creamy enough to work well as a lipstick. However, if I feel like it is bit drying I just add a dab of Carmex and this problem is solved. Peony gives me a great nude, "JLo-esque" lip that goes really well with my two-toned lips and compliments dark, smokey eyes very well. All in all, there will be more shocking, cutting edge products out there, but this is such a great find that has a lot of potential.

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angel said...

hi, i really like reading your blog. There are many beauty/makeup blogs out there, but most leave me wondering how most products will work with my 'fair indian' skin tone, which isnt as white as caucasian skin, nor as olive as indian skin is normally classified. So thnks... I would like to suggest that you take pictures of you wearing the makeup that you are reviewing, or pictures of the actual product, cos promotional pictures are very different to the actual shade...thnks again, tc

5:12 AM
Aishwarya said...

hey anu! i was wondering if you could do some makeup breakdowns on bipasha basu because i really like the way she does her makeup. i've especially been trying to mimic the way she does her lips. i know she uses MAC lipgloss but i've unable to figure out which shades she uses. thanks a lot for the latest blog. am always on the lookout for versatile products :-)

11:20 AM
Anu said...

Hi angel,
Thanks for reading my blog. I'm thinking of having my friends pose for me and show different make-up looks and products as they have very varied skintones. I think it's easier to incorporate a wider range of skin tones that way. I have you typical (stereotypical dare i say) desi skintone, but there are such a variety of skintones i feel i would alienate those. How about that?

12:37 PM

Anu said...

Hi Aishwarya,
I will post a breakdown of Bipasha basu's soon. I LOVE her make-up and will try my best to find information on her make-up.

12:37 PM

Chic Mommy said...

I tried Peony a long time ago, and it was too dry for me. I literally had to drag it and rub it into my face to make it blend. I'll take a look at it again, maybe they changed the formula.

12:17 AM
Anu said...

hey chic mommy,
i found peony to be very creamy and it blended amazingly well on my skin. I do always moisturize before applying make-up... Btw, I'd hate to have a blush make me drag my skin. it'll make your skin red though, a natural blushing reaction i suppose

9:38 PM

Anonymous said...

Hey plz suggest me which brand concealed nd foundation I should buy ... And also for Smokey eyes what v need ? Plz reply me

10:46 PM

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