All Important Eye Enhancer: Good Brows

My newest post will start off with a rant leading into much more relevant information. I wanted to grow out my eyebrows and reshape them. Since I don't trust myself with my eyebrows and like to get them threaded, I waited a full three weeks before getting my eyebrows threaded. You know the myth about desi women being hairy? This might be a myth to many, but to this desi woman, it's an unfortunate truth. My eyebrows hairs grow constantly and nature has blessed me with yet another asymmetrical feature. My eyebrows are different in length and thickness naturally. Instead of correcting them, I usually get them threaded as close to their natural length and as thick as possible without looking like I drew on one of my brows but not the other. Back to the matter at hand, walked out of the salon with incredibly thin and shortened brows. It looks like half my eyebrows are missing. In my world, that's not yet enough reason for me to put out a hit on the lady who threaded my eyebrows but it is enough to post about eyebrows.

Growing Out Eyebrows
Growing out eyebrows is always difficult, and after years of tweezing it might be a long process. If you want to accelerate the growth, you have a few options:

  • Men's Rogaine. I tried this after reading about it in a magazine and did experience a slight increase in the growth. If you want to try this, moisten a q-tip with Rogain and gently apply it to your eyebrows. Do not by any means try this on your lashes as it could cause damage to your eyesight.
  • Ardell lash Accelerator. I haven't tried this yet, but I have heard great things about its performance. It's cheap and reportedly very effective in promoting eyebrow growth. However, it can be hard to track as I still cannot find it. Your best bet would probably be to order this online.
  • Castor oil. This I actually use every night, you might be able to tell form my constant obsession, and it definitely speeds up the growth of my eyebrows. My lashes are conditioned and my eyebrows grow back thick and strong. It won't grow back everything, but it definitely promotes hair growth.
Grooming Eyebrows
Growing out my eyebrows makes me crazy as I sprout "antennae" and my eyebrows become bushy and unruly. To groom them while growing out:
  • Brush the brow hairs upward with a spoolie brush.
  • Cut the portion of the hairs that rise above the top of the eyebrow with a small pair of grooming scissors.
  • Apply a lash gel to hold the eyebrows in place.
Shaping Eyebrows
If you are shaping eyebrows yourself, it can help to use stencils. The following websites carry a great variety of eyebrow stencils:
  • You can find Ardell stencils here.
  • You can find Anastasia brow kits/stencils here.


Saniya said...

u go eyebrows are a tad bit thin too now, i need to get them fixed when i go back, im growing them out for 2 months. LOL...but then again my eyebrows arent that it's all good.

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hey i love your site come visit mine.

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thanks for the link to your blog! i spent a while looking at eveything. great for those tims when all i want to read is beauty an fashion related. and if you're wondering, yes i do have too much free time right now. thanks for reading my blog.

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