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tina said...

how did you train as a make up artist, i want to do it but dnt no how to do about doing it, please help??. keep up the good work.

3:19 PM
Chandni said...

Hi! I recently got engaged and started a new blog:

if you have any ideas for make up ideas for my engagement party that would be great, i have a mocha skintone.


1:27 PM
Anonymous said...

hey wts ur email add so i can send u some of my makeup pics i did modelling for asiana. i want ur opinon.

11:53 AM
Anu said...

hey tina, send me an email and ill be sure to get back to you asap.

hey chandni,

i will be sure to get back to you in a couple of days :)/

hey anonymous,
my email is

7:48 PM

Anonymous said...


I am poonam from New Delhi,Age 25yrs old,Female .I am working with Hyatt Regency, Delhi as a senior make - up artist & Beauty thearpist. I am big fan of yours.i want to work with you.
So,could you please let me know what's the procedure to work with you.

Please revert...............

Thanks & Regards,
Poonam (+919810996662)

12:25 PM
Anuom said...

hi I like your blog.You look absolutely stunning in engagement pics.I want to know that where do you live? just asking cuz if u stay in mumbai then from where do u buy loreal, revlon makeup foundation.please reply
My email is

11:20 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
I came across your blog spot few days ago. I love your blog. I have a question. I am a dark skinned South Indian. I have dark pigmentation around my mouth (chin and upper lips area). could you please suggest any remedy? thanks....

9:43 AM
Anonymous said...

Anu, I just love your blog and how relevant it is to Desi skin.
I have a question about the AHA Souffle. I have large pores on my nose and surround area and want to use the Souffle overnight as you recommended in one of your older posts.
Should I apply a night cream on top of the souffle or just use it alone?

4:07 PM
Srav said...

Hi Anu.

Your blog is simply awesome even for a novice like me. I have noticed that you got married in Chennai, few months ago. Big congratulations!!
I too am getting married in chennai this summer and I am super worried about how to work on my makeup given that it will be peak summer and very humid.

It would be great if you could suggest what products would be appropriate.
Thanks so much.


8:23 PM
Anonymous said...

Wow, how long is ur move? did u move to Mars?? probably gonna try for another week & then ur blog falls off my favorites:(

8:43 AM
Anonymous said...

i like ur makeup :)

5:32 PM
Anonymous said...

hey have you ever thought about posting makeup videos on youtube?? I'm sure you'd get tons of subscribers!!!

6:57 PM
thefifthkind said...

Hey Anu, you should definitely consider uploading tutorials to youtube, I've been scouring youtube for good desi tutorials, and I don't really like any of them. I have a feeling you would beat out all of the competition. I love the way you do your makeup, and I think you could really expand and reach out to more people through youtube, I always regret that I didn't find your blog sooner.

11:13 AM
v.xpink said...

hello there anu,

i am a major lip smackers fan and i recently moved to india.......
cud u plz tell me where i can buy lipsmackers in bangalore?

2:10 AM
mita said...

hey...m 18 from mumbai...n developing interest in makeup... can u suggest me some easily available and affordable makeup products...???

7:32 AM
shruthi said...

hi anu,
i love your blog. i am an aunt and i have a neice who wants to really try on make-up. are there any specific products is hould use for a 15 year old. i mean she has mocha, indian skin.
should i take her shopping for foundation and etc or tell her to wait? please email me at with suggestions.

ps i would love it if they are inexpensive products,.
pps. I currently live in Canada but i will be traveling to india during june. so anywhere from thses countries will do.
please and thank you soooooo much
love you blog<3<3

8:33 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Im getting married in 3 weeks and am completely useless when it comes to make up application.
Just saw a couple of your videos and loved them! Very easy to follow!...Pity I hadn't come across this website earlier!

Keep up the good work!

P.S you have fantastic skin!!!!

3:01 AM
Anonymous said...

ur gorgeous...and im glad ur helping out ur desi sisters to lookin even better ;) a small suggestion if u cud post the name of products with titles under each video, that'd be awsum
jus to b clear: face: chanel foundation eyes: mac rubenesque cheek: nars tajmahal lips: buxom amber etc....keep posting and good luck...cheers and keep looking

6:31 PM said...

hi Ojas, just came across ur videos , and i must say dat ur really gud at ur job...however i have a question for u..does makeup work for people who dnt have symmetrical features..i have a broad nose, square forehead and lot of other flaws along with hyper pigmentation and an acne prone skin(the acne is not my a lifestyle fault its genetic) can u try and maybe put something together on how makeup can help people who really need makeup to camflouge their flaws...use sumone else as a dummy since u have an amazing skin and lovely features.

9:54 AM
Anonymous said...

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