Bollywood Make-Up Artist Speaks... A Little... On Make-Up Application

So my search for finding out what desi celebs use has brought me one step further, only no one ever seems to specify what products are often used on specific celebs. I truly believe that the day will come when we will find out exactly what eyeshadow a particular celeb uses as a crease colour when she's making press statements. Until then, I suppose we can make do with this interview I found with Bollywood make-up artist Cory Walia.

Makeup expert Cory Walia smoothens some blush for model Indrani at a Lakme beauty workshopMakeup artiste Cory Walia (seen doing model Indrani Dasgupta's face at the Lakme beauty salon) lists five common makeup mistakes:

* Using too much foundation or foundation that is the wrong colour.

"Most people think foundation is a mask they can hide behind!" says Cory.

People who have dark complexions tend to use a pink-based foundation. As a result is their skin looks purple, which Cory dubs as the 'Krishna look'.

* Not using mascara

Most women do elaborate eye makeup and forget to use the one thing that will make a difference: mascara. "Women use kajal and eye shadow but no mascara. All makeup is incomplete without mascara. It lifts your eyes and really makes them stand out," says Cory.

* Using a dark brown lipliner and filling the lips with a lighter shade of lipstick.

Women tend to go for very dark brown or almost black colored lipliner and then fill it with a lighter brown coloured lipstick. This, says Cory, is a big no-no. Use a lipliner that blends in.

* Sticking with matte

Matte lipsticks are out. Lips that are dry, wrinkled looking and filled with dark colours like brown, burgundy or chocolate are out. Gloss them, says Cory. "Make your lips look juicy. Matt/desert dry is out. Brown and burgundy are nice colours but put some gloss on it," he says.

* Imitating actresses or models you see on television

Cory says many women walk up to him and ask him to give them the 'Ramola Sikand' (of television serial Kahiin Kissi Roz fame) look or make them look like (veejay-model-actress) Malaika Arora. "Don't try to imitate others. Develop your own personality, self-confidence and attitude. Any kind of makeup will then look good on you," he says.Model Indrani sports the look of this season

Finally, get rid of the complex you have about your skin tone. "Indians think being dark or tanned is bad. That's their biggest complex. Learn to love your skin tone, only then can you highlight it," he says.

Five makeup must-haves

1. Lip pencil

2. Mascara

3. Kajal

4. Blush

5. Gloss

Get these, pair them with of self-confidence and attitude, and you are set to look great, says Cory.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear god, I think the model looks terrible. Someone hand her a concealer quick!

1:33 AM
Olgish said...

I so agree!

1:35 AM
Anonymous said...

Snarky much? It looks like a neutral smoky eye and I would bet that no amount of concealer would work since the model has larger eyes. Oh, and by the way, some shadows can't be covered since they are actually the blood vessels and are embedded in the skin rather than tricks of light. Get over yourselves!

3:26 AM
Anonymous said...


3:29 PM
Anonymous said...

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12:52 PM
Anonymous said...

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1:19 PM
rachel said...

which kajal do they use??

I used all ..none of them is good..

i need dark kajal

3:00 AM
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