Bollywood Make-up... Again. Too much of a good thing?

Alright, so once I'm on a roll, I get lightly obsessed. If you so wish, you could probably psycho-analyze me and probably see how I got to be such a make-up afficianado. If you do end up doing this, let me know. I'd like you to analyze whYIi have such an intense hatred for visible dark lipliner with frosted pink or grey lipstick. I'm not sure this abhorrence is healthy. Anyway, here is more information on Bollywood and make-up.

Sonali Bendre:
"I have a very sensitive skin, and anything unusual bothers my skin. I can't even use something like besan to wash it. It doesn't agree with me. When I get up, I just wash it with water and a non-moisturising soap. Moisturisers don't gel with me. The less I do to my skin, the better. The only thing I consciously do is to never sleep with make-up on. I use baby oil to take off the make-up and then wash it off with soap and water. If I'm going out in the day, I wear a very light lipstick and mascara. If I were going out in the night, I'd add on a liner and a very light eye shadow. I like Mac."

Malaika Arora:
"I believe that to look good, you must have a healthy skin and for that, the age old recipe of loads of water is what I believe in. First thing I do in the morning even before drinking tea or coffee is to drink warm water with lime and honey. I follow this up with literally a liter of water and then start my day. I don't smoke or drink, so these things are naturally excluded from my diet.

I believe that water flushes out all the toxins we accumulate throughout the day. The kind of lifestyle we lead, eating fast food and also frequently eating out is harmful. So water is the first medicine I use. Then come all the cleansers, moisturisers, skin globs etc. I use these but what I follow strictly is exercise, healthy eating and keeping my skin very clean. Last thing before going to bed, I wash my face with Margo soap. It's a neem soap, mild and very good for the skin. Then I drink a glass of warm water and go to bed. My skin is very oily so I moisturise it with an oil-free moisturiser after washing it lightly."

"In cosmetics I use a lot of moisturisers, mascara and kohl pencil. Other make-up is minimal, I believe that one should highlight the attractive aspects of one's face. I have high cheekbones so I highlight these with a blusher, to achieve a sun-kissed, flushed, healthy look. I use cosmetics by Body Shop or Mac because these shades suit the Indian skin."

Juhi Chawla:
"I believe in the 6 to 8 glasses of water for the skin tip. I drink lots of water. Besides, I have a very simple routine. I just use a moisturiser and an eye cream to keep my skin moist. Generally, I keep it very clean. For face wash, I use La Mer. They have a mild washing lotion, which I like. I use their moisturising lotion and an eye cream from Clinique.

To fight dry skin, I drink lots of water, eat curds and lots of green vegetables and salads. I eat less spicy food and opt for more of the boiled and baked variety. When my eyes feel tired, I lie back with slices of potatoes on my eyes to remove the tiredness from them. After I remove my make-up, I use a cleanser to clean my face.

I wash my face with a very mild soap. "I don't apply any creams at night or any other time, but if I feel like using something, I opt for the moisturiser again at night. I find leaving the skin alone is better than doing hundreds of things to it. Allow your skin to breathe freely by keeping it clean. The lesser you meddle with your skin, the less it meddles with you."

Rani Mukherjee:
On eye care: "I don't take any special care of my eyes. Except when I'm feeling tired, I use an eye toner, which is rose water. And it really helps because after that, my eyes do feel cool and clear. That's my secret."

Manisha Koirala:
"I think I've inherited my flawless skin texture from my parents. I keep it very clean and wash it with lots of cold water and use moisturiser to protect it. To take off my make-up, I use baby oil. I don't do much to my skin. I'm going out, I just use a little blusher and nothing more. I prefer my face to be clean of make-up. If I'm going out in the night and it's a dressy occasion, I use a bit of mascara and liner but not too much. No make-up during daytime. I drink lots of water and juices but not with the intention of keeping my skin looking good."

Archana Puransingh:
"The only thing I really care about is my hair. I cut it and look after it regularly. I just like to wash my hair and leave it dry. I don't even blow-dry it. I love sitting at a hair salon to get all the works done - waxing, pedicures, manicure, facials, etc. I don't follow any beauty regime. No creams, face packs and masks for me. The only thing I do regularly is wash my face before I sleep and brush my teeth and nothing else. The only allowance I make is that I use Neutrogena soap. I bleach my face maybe once in nine months. So for me, hair care is the most important."

Hema Malini:
"My skin is good because God made it so. I keep it very clean and free of make-up as much as possible. I visit the beautician often and let her take care of my skin. Farida, my beautician, makes this nourishing aroma oil for me, which is excellent. I use this on my face and even before applying make-up. I don't use foundations for the most part. I think the skin should be allowed to breathe naturally. I concentrate on the eyes and leave the skin alone. Sometimes, I use a light lipstick but that's all. Before sleeping, I apply my current favorite night cream, Aveda. When I do my own make-up, I only work on the eyes and use kaajal."

"I think your skin has a lot to do with your eating. I eat a lot of green vegetables and seldom eat out. I also eat my last meal before 8 p.m. and make sure I eat very little. This really helps your complexion. Not too much food or spices and very little oil. I'm a curd person and have it in liberal doses. I use the usual cosmetics."

Mahima Chaudhary:
"I have a dry skin. As soon as I get up in the morning, I wash my face and apply moisturiser. I don't do much make-up except for using kaajal and lipstick. I think lots of sleep, lots of water and the fact that I follow a vegetarian diet helps in keeping my skin clean." "I keep changing my moisturiser and use different cleansers for my eyes and face."

"I don't use any kind of cream or scrub on my skin. It has always been very soft and smooth. I have totally stopped using pan stick since I neither have pimples, blackheads or any facial hair. When I'm shooting, I use some pancake and shading. When I'm home, no make-up at all. Eat a lot of yoghurt, curds, cucumbers and cooling foods. Also drink a lot of water to keep your skin without blemishes."

Kareena Kapoor:
"Don't use any chemical preparations," she advises. "Control your eating and drinking habits and your skin will be glowing forever."

Tabu believes that her favorite accessory is her great-looking hair. "I shampoo my hair regularly. Using a shampoo regularly makes your hair look dazzling. I also believe in oil therapy for my hair. I oil my hair at least twice a week. I also apply an herbal hair powder, which we make at home, to nourish my hair. I make it a point to blow-dry my hair if it gets wet or after washing it. That really helps. I believe, that if you have straight hair, use shampoos with cleansers and if you have thick and coarse hair, avoid shampoos with added proteins, as they tend to worsen the hair condition. For normal hair, use mild shampoos made with moisturisers.

Nandita Das:
"I drink a lot of water, starting with about three glasses after I wake up. I wear kaajal on a regular basis. I use a lip pencil whenever I go out and that's all. I go to the beauty parlour once in a while to get a nice hair massage or for dipping my feet into water for pedicure, when I'm tired. But mostly, I have a very ordinary lifestyle."

Bipasha Basu:
"Make-up is mostly for the eyes. If I've done my eyes, it's enough. I prefer a highlighter on my eyes and use kaajal. I dislike lipstick. I love lip-glosses. On an ordinary day, if I'm going out, I use the Mac Shimmer, a moisturiser with sheen and not a foundation. I like mascara. And for blush, I use YSL Bronser."

Perfume favorites:
Juhi Chawla - Cartier Declaration
Manisha Koirala - Chanel Five and Opium
Kareena Kapoor - Vive-Versa by YSL or Romance
Hrithik Roshan - Issey Miyake
Neelam -Naomi Campbell
Sanjay Suri - XS Pour Homme
Manish Malhotra - 212 Men
Raima Sen - Clinique
Pooja Bhatt - Enjoys men's perfumes.

Hot Bollywood star favorites: Hugo Boss, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Gucci Rush and 212 On Ice.



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