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Brands Celebrities Use

I love make-up and am always on the lookout for more looks, tips, etc. Bollywood celebs have great make-up but somehow seem to feel they can't admit to wearing it. Their standard comment is something along the lines of "I don't wear any make-up. In fact in so-and-so film I didn't wear make-up at all." Um, yeah, there's such a things as natural make-up. We can tell. Ever so often I come across and article where Bollywood celebs dish on their make-up stash. Enjoy!

Ayesha Takia: Blush-on, mascara and mocca lipstick from Mac and chapstick from Molten Brown is what I dig for. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera, Cheery by Christian Dior and True Star by Tommy Hilfiger are among my favourite brands in fragrance.

Neha Dhupia: I am very particular about my makeup as we practically live in it for long hours when we are shooting. I only use MAC and Bobbi Brown as these suit my skin and they are in tune with the international trends in makeup

Esha Deol: I am very particular about my skin and trust only Mac as it suits my skin. I also like Clarins moisturizers as they are very light.

Simone Singh: If not on shoots I use very little make-up. I like Estee Lauder's kohl and mascara, Chanel and Dior lip gloss as they suit my skin well.

Tanushree: Make-up is another big domain I shop for. I like Christian Dior foundation and nail polish, Mac eye shadows and lip glosses. I also use Nina Ricci lip gloss and Revlon nail polish. I don't use Indian products as I am not too sure of their quality.

Shilpa Shetty: I use products from Mac, Stella, Estee Lauder and Nars. I don't stick to one brand. If a colour suits my skin tone I may even go for a new brand. Before I go to bed, I use Johnson's baby oil to get rid of the makeup on my face and then dab it with a hot towel.

Amrita Arora: I am not very fond of make-up. But if I use I am very particular about the brands. I draw on mascara by Estee Lauder, kajal by Revlon and fruity lipgloss and cheek tint from MAC. They suit my skin tone and are very soft on sensitive skin.

Nina Manuel: I use blushers of Japanese brand Shu Uemura. For mascara, lipsticks, eye shadow or compact powder I either go for Makeup Forever or Christian Dior as these brands are of very good quality and come in amazing colours to choose from. I only use Biotherm moisturiser. But this time I also picked up a Biotherm lip-gloss and I am very kicked about the colour.

Sophie Chowdhury: I am a big fan of makeup. I don’t understand how girls in India say that they prefer not to wear any makeup. In fact abroad they teach you that a good moisturiser, sunscreen, and foundation are very important to protect your skin. I always wear foundation, lip gloss and mascara when I go out. My favourite brands are Mac for lipsticks and lip gloss, Chanel foundation, and Trish McEvoy.

Koena Mitra: For my stage shows and shoots the brands I stick to for cosmetics are Derma, Krylol, Mac and Bobby Brown. I usually shop at Beautiful in Khar or from make-up artists Bharat and Doris’s make-up counter at Citi Mall. They generally have all the uncommon and latest stuff in make-up. When I am not facing the camera I dab Kohl pencil, Mac gloss and very little cream blush. I hate using a base cream unless it’s very imperative.



sanjana said...

I stumbled upon your blog today.Glad I found it.Yours is the first blog I have come across w// talks abt makeup for indian women.I feel u on 2 colored lips,dark undereye etc.I am a makeup novice -- just startedl searching for the elusive perfect foundation and concealer.

PS:u use any of those colorstay or zero transfer lipsticks?any color suggestions?if there was one w// wud mimic aish beige,it'd be awesome.


9:32 AM
Anu said...

Hi! Thanks for reading :) always glad to know that I can get at least one hit for the day. I'm not a huge fan of zero transfer lip products as they are very drying. In the end they end up making my lips peel and flake. Not very attractive. Colorstay has a nice range of colours but they are drying too and not completely transfer resistant. However, to combat this i apply a boatload of lipbalm/aquaphor etc the night before i go to sleep. In the morning i add more more balm and then place a warm washcloth on my lips. Sounds funny but this really moisturizes them. Then I take a toothbrush and gently brush my lips until the flakes are gone. My lips are super soft at this point. After this, i apply a long lasting lipstick formula, such as colorstay. This way my lips can take the impact of long lasting formulas. I dont know of anything close to aish beige in a long lasting formula, but if I do, I will certainly let you know. MAC Viva Glam V looks identical but somewhat less mauve and more pink on me. It is also a bit lighter. However, it is a good alternative if you can't stand the smell or if you don't want so much mauve/beige in the lipstick. Hope this helps.

11:10 AM

sanjana said...

ty.ur latest post was linked by some1 in makeupalley. thats how i found i am sure u must have had more visitors today.

11:44 AM
Anu said...

lol, well thank you :). feels good to know my blog is read.

11:53 AM

Saniya said...

I love ur blog...i was wondering if u could post more celebrity make up breakdowns..there r soooooooooo many American celebrities make-up breakdowns. I loved ur posts about the makeup that rani had on in tht pic. I love ur blog and check it every day

2:50 PM
Saniya said...

I love ur blog...i was wondering if u could post more celebrity make up breakdowns..there r soooooooooo many American celebrities make-up breakdowns. I loved ur posts about the makeup that rani had on in tht pic. I love ur blog and check it every day

2:50 PM
Anu said...

Hey, I am glad to know that the breakdowns came in handy. I agree, desi celebs never tell us what they're wearing and I really wish they would. They always have such great make-up. I will definately add more breakdowns.

1:51 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Im from the UK, a I love make-up too! You are so right its is very difficult to find out about what the Bollywood makeup artists use on screen. I have tried so hard to figure out what products are commonly used to give that flawless look. I think Kryolon is a big player, but i guess they have started to use higher end products too such as ysl, mac, etc..

but if you getanymore info about what the famous bollywood makeup artist use esp the bases that will be excellant!

4:49 PM
Nahida said...

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3:47 PM
Anonymous said...

Nahida, you are not born in Kolkatta. A Kolkattan, doesn't write a tt. Rather, they are irked, and they are very snobbish about writing things correctly, at least their own names and their own city names. Please don't waste this blog space. Requesting blog editor to delete nahida's post. It's a spam. This is a beauty forum not a spam forum.

3:07 AM
Anonymous said...

what the hell is this Nahida person saying are u retarded or what ?? who gives a Fu@@!! u from kolkatta and u dont look indian ! this girl is trying to give tips on make up !! u need a doctor to treat u ! what should u do because u dont look indian ? hmmm go see a doctor stop wasting blog space Dumb F@@@ !!

2:00 PM
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