At last! The Exact Make-Up Used On a Celeb: Vidya Balan

I think I hear thunder growling, feel the earth giving away under my feet, and hear wild animals screeching. Yes, I have finally found out the exact colours used on a Bollywood celeb. Of course, the colours are enhanced with Photoshop but hey it's a huge step in the right direction. As suspected, all products used were from MAC. Enjoy this rare occurrence.

Products Used

Select Cover-Up

Studio Fix Fluid

Sincere powder blush

Star Violet
Gold Mine


Zoom Lash

Lip Liner:


Lip Gloss:
Love Nectar


This look also requires that skin looks flawless. To get the best results when using foundation, use a moisturizer and an eye cream according to the needs of your skin.

The brows for this look are very defined and neat so pluck any stray hairs so that your eyebrows. Using a dark brown brow-pencil, enhance your eyebrows with short strokes of the brow pencil.

With a make-up sponge or foundation brush, apply the foundation as evenly as possible. If necessary, cover up any problematic areas with concealer. Thoroughly blend the foundation and concealer together and into the jawline, sides of your face etc. You want the foundation melt into your skin.

I am so repetitive, but with such gorgeous, vibrant colours, I really recommend using a primer to make the colours pop.

Apply Star Violet from lash line to crease.

Apply Sprout on the outer "V" of the eyes and follow through with applying the colour along the entire lower lash line.

Apply Gold Mine from crease to brow bone.

With a steady hand, apply the Minted eye pencil along the lower lash line. Blend the eyeshadow and eye pencil with a q-tip.

Since thee is not liner on the top rim, curl your lashes for maximum impact and apply Zoom Lash mascara generously on upper and lower lashes. If you get clumps, comb through the lashes with a lash comb to separate them.

Apply the Sincere blush on the apple of your cheeks all the way to the temple, decreasing intensity as you go towards the temple.


Line lips with the Plum lip liner. Apply the twig lipstick and finish off with the Love Nectar lustreglass.

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Saniya said...

ur too good to be true!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo in love with ur blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:48 PM
Saniya said...

Oh and about the breakdowns. Could u possibly do Kareena Kapoor's or Karishma Kapoor's? I saw her at the recent Filmfare Awards and a fashion show and she looked radiant. I hate Kareena Kapoor but I think her skin and make-up is absolutely flawless. Is it possible you could give a breakdown with MAC specifics? Like Eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack fluidline...blah blah...
I know this comment is soooo long, but you have to check out and see Aishwarya's latest wedding pics. I didnt think she looked good. I read somewhere that they used all Loreal on her, and she was wearing her own Aishwarya Beige Star Secrets Lipstick...sorry for the long comment:P

11:54 PM
Anu said...

now see? you've made me blush under my bronzer. you're very very sweet, thanks for leaving me a comment. I will definately post a breakdown of kareena's and karisma's make-up. I'll try to find the specifics but those celebs and their make-up artists are so tight-mouthed about the products used. I could try and suggest a couple of colours though, but don't kill me if they are not exactly the colours used. I did check out aishwarya's wedding, and damn i wished i had her make-up artist. I do think she looked adorable though :(, maybe it's just my jealousy speaking there.

5:48 AM

Saniya said...

Hahahaha...thank seriously in love with ur blog. no kidding;)

12:58 PM
Saniya said...,,7kzsm14m,00.html
check out this link:)

10:46 PM
Saniya said...

How to create the Bollywood make-up look

by Lucy Batcher

Bollywood style is all about high-octane glamour - so it's perfect for a party. Bold eyeliner, metallic colours, bindis and jewels create dazzling effect.

Here are my tips for creating the look:

1. Inviting and mysterious eyes are the key to this look. Use a soft gold eyeshadow on the lid and define the socket with brown; don't be afraid to go for metallics. Apply eyeliner, extending the line from the outer corner of the eye to elongate it and drawing along the lower eye line as well. Always soften the line with a smudge tool or your finger; the look should be sexy and inviting, not hard.

2. This is not a look to skimp on, so go for false lashes. I prefer to apply individual lash extensions, which look more natural.

3. A well-defined brow is needed to carry off such heavy eye make-up. Groom your eyebrows with tweezers and brush them into shape, trimming overlong hairs. Fill any gaps and strengthen the shape; I often use a matt brown eyeshadow, applied with a brow brush in short feathery strokes, but specialist brow powders are avaliable. To maintain the shape, spritz hairspray on to your brow brush and stroke it across the brow.

4. Lips should be generous and full, so line them with a natural, rose-coloured lip pencil, going right into the corners, and filling in. Add a nude or honey gloss on top.

5. Cheekbones should also be defined. I like to use a touch of bronzer to contour the cheekbone, or a warm apricot on the apple.

6. Most bindis come with an adhesive, but it's often not strong enough to last out a party. Use a dab of eyelash glue to make the bindi more secure, and place it a few centimeters about the centre of your brows.

7. For a modern twist, use coloured eyeliners to complement a metallic eyeshaodw. I like using pencil in violet or peacock, but some delicious greens and golds are also avaliable.

11:06 PM
Anu said...

i saw that one on ivillage, but you know what peeves me... a LOT!? it's all those muas just keeping quiet on what they use for celebs. it's like a matter of national secret. green eyelids arent "natural" but we like them, so tell us what you used already. that was my message to all bollywood make-up artists. i want to have a good chat with them, look in their traincases :P. thanks for posting the other article :D:D:D i love hearing from you

4:38 PM

Saniya said...
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