Rose-scented steam, yoghurt face mask, sweet almond oil eye massage

Gentle, Soothing Facial

Glowing skin is a must if you want your make-up to look good. I remember peeping into the mirror when I was twelve and realizing that my skin was dull and patchy. This demanded serious attention but since my parents were pro natural-remedies and "anti-chemicals" as they called it, I was left to use the natural remedies that were passed on for generations in my family. Never mind that my brother nicknamed my concoctions "pigeon shit," the natural face masks I used were very effective in cleansing my skin and giving it a soft glow.

This is one of my favourite at-home facial.

  • First, I steam with a few drops of rose essential oil added to the water. The scent relaxes me while I steam my face.
  • Second, I massage the eye-area and lips gently with sweet almond oil.
  • Third, I spread yogurt, I use low-fat, evenly over my face and avoid the eye-area and lips.
  • Fourth, I put cotton pads dipped in cold milk over my eyes.

I lie down with the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. If there is too much residual almond oil, you can wash it off the targeted area with a gentle cleanser.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering how many times a week do you do this regime ?


8:15 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
I steam about 1x in one or 2 weeks and the yoghurt face mask as often as I feel like. Hope that helps.

3:08 PM

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