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Castor Oil
Alright, so I know it's been a while but I promise I have a great surprise in store. It's not finished yet but it'll be there soon. Until then my lovelies, all you can do is patiently wait for me to fill the void with my useless chatter. So in lieu of the anxious wait, I have some tips on natural beauty remedies.

One of the great loves of my life is castor oil. I know it's incredibly thick and the smell can put you, and others (I have hard evidence to support this), off but if you don't mind your popularity suffering for a bit you'll discover it's a multi-purpose messiah. I have quite a few uses for it:

  • Before I go to sleep, I pat a little bit on my under-eyes, and rub some on my lashes and eyebrows. It moisturizes my eyes better than any eye cream known to man, won't sting your eyes. On top of that it strengthens your lashes and eyebrows and makes them grow back. Being Indian, I know all about bushy eyebrows, but trust me when I say this has saved me after many a botched eyebrow-shaping incident (considering I first started tweezing my eyebrows in the dark so that my mother couldn't catch me, there have been quite a few incidents like this)
  • Before washing my hair I always massage my scalp and the ends with a few drops of castor oil. You don't need much and it does such a good job of moisturizing my poor traumatized hair that it is the only hair mask I use.
  • Before I sleep I massage my hands and feet with castor oil and put cotton gloves and socks over them. I know at this point you might think I might possibly resemble the monster you thought was under your bed when you were little when i am getting ready for my slumber. However, in the morning I have the softest skin and it really saves my hands and feet in the winter.
  • As a final note, I use it to moisturize everything, my knees, elbows, etc. Any rough skin that I have stands no chance to the miraculous castor oil.


Achara Reddy said...

Hey there !
I really like your site and have enjoyed reading all the blush reviews. I am super new to make up and have found this as a nice pass time and indulgence while I search for jobs( and spend all my existing money on makeup [:p]). Just wanted to write and say, keep up the gr8 work ! I have a request - could you do more on natural face masks and other natural skin care routines...I am Indian too and love anything and everything natural.
Thanks Girl !

10:59 AM
ice said...

hi anu! i'm a filipina married to an indian so we're quie related lol! i read ur post about castor oil and started using it too on my lashes & brows. My eyelashes & brows grew dramatically & I am so happy. But i get some tiny, white colored pimple-like thingies on waterline & tightline. They don't stay long, just a couple of days but they still worry me. Is this normal? thanks a lot & more power to u!

4:52 PM
Anu said...

hey achara reddy:
thanks for the encouragement :). i will definitely add more natural beauty tricks.

hey ice:
make sure that your cartor oil is 100% pure and doesnt contain anything else. ive heard this ight be a problem for people. other than that, i havent had the problem you were speaking of. however, try applying the castor oil only to your brows and lashes with a clean mascara want and let me know how it works out for you.

9:49 AM

EG said...

Hi Anu,
Excellent content ! Loved reading every bit! As an Indian, I can vouch for the fact that nothing works better than natural stuff. I have been using castor oil for ages but somehow forgot what miracle I have got stored in that little bottle! Thanks for the refresher course :-).
I also loved the jojoba oil stuff. Will get myself some of it as soon as I can.
Keep up the good job!

4:11 AM
AJ said...

Hi Anu,
I love, love, love your blog!!!!
I was debating on getting the generic castor oil brand from the Indian grocery store ($5)
or the one from nutrition house ($22)
Which one do you use? I would rather use the same brand you use since it is tried, tested, and true.

6:13 AM

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