Lemon, honey, milk and, cucumber face mask

Gentle face mask

Although make-up is vital to my survival as a happy, fulfilled, and sane (I no longer dream that I am an Egyptian princess reincarnated thanks to the mystical powers of lipstick) human being, my first and foremost love is healthy skin. I will warn you though, my masks use natural stuff. And natural stuff can be gooey and takes getting used to the texture. Sure, the stickiness takes some getting used to, but the results are worth it.

This is my favourite face mask that I make in my kitchen.


  • 1 tsp honey
  • A few drops of lemon juice. Use a fresh lemon for this, and by a few drops, I mean two or three (you don’t need much).
  • 3 tsp milk
  • Half a cucumber sliced horizontally (you get the circular slices of cucumber)

The method:

  1. Mix all the ingredients except cucumber thoroughly.
  2. Dip your fingers into the mask. Just enough to spread onto your face, but not so much that it drips all over your arms and you become a sticky mess.
  3. Gently massage the mask onto your face. Don’t put any of the mask on your eyebrows or eyelashes. I like to massage my face for a good 15 minutes.
  4. Spread the cucumber evenly over your face. You should lie down for this as I don’t think gravity will give you the day off and not pull the cucumber slices to the ground. You can put a cucumber slice on each eye to give yourself a great cooling eye-mask.
  5. Leave on for 10 minutes.
  6. Wash off the mask.


zuppe said...

Hi! It's Supko from MUA, and I officially out myself as a South Asian obsessed about makeup (and its even more frivolous sister - nail polish)!

This recipe is making me hungry! I think it'll be especially refreshing to use in warmer months. I also just like to smear some honey on my face and leave it on for 10 minutes or so - I think it adds a little glow to skin, and it's fun to apply :)

5:58 PM
Anu said...

Hey supko!
I agree, all kitchen-made face masks taste so good. Honey is so nice as a face mask :).

7:54 AM

Anonymous said...

Wr do we get jojoba oil? is it available in target, walmart, hyvee or bakers?

7:39 PM
Rakhee said...

HI Anu,

I love your natural home-made masks......

I was wondering where can I find
a) Rose essential oil
b) Sweet Almond oil
c) Castor Oil

Thanks so much

2:00 PM
Anonymous said...

hi anu,
i've been following ur site for so long hoping you would reveal the secret to ur gorjus skin and i tink this may be it!:D:D:D so thanks
also, this is really embarasin, but do u know any home made remedies to make my skin lighter? i've got so burnt lately :(
thanks alot!

7:01 AM
Anonymous said...

heyy i wanted to ask you can u usee lime instead of lemon for this face mask ?? pleasw writee back thank a bunch !

11:42 AM
Anonymous said...

juicing your cucumber and adding it to mixture is better it is a old remedy used by the queen

3:53 PM
Anonymous said...

have a cup of hot cayenne tea with agave and lemon every day especially after mask

3:55 PM
Shaheen Shine said...

thank you, i didn't have cucumber for my usual face/skin routine and i found this. this is amazing and great for dry skinned individuals such as myself. there is a website that is Indian beauty tips and skin issues i'd like to share:http://www.indiaparenting.com/faqs/beauty/dull_dryskin.shtml they have tones of topics from hair,nails,weight, i use it very frequently.

11:22 PM
masks said...

How will i REALLY get rid of my pimples? I DONT have ance just some all over, nothing serious! HELP! how can i say bye for good?

8:59 AM
Anonymous said...


12:23 PM
Anonymous said...

Dear Anu

Iam a new person has just loged on to this site and wanted to know how to i get rid of blackheads and i have small brown spots on my face all over. will your mask help to reduce all of the above.

2:03 AM
Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try this one tonite!!!!

12:56 PM
Anonymous said...

This soun good ... Im going to try this later .. (:

10:49 AM
Anonymous said...

what kind of a milk should be used? is it the powdermilk? :O

3:30 AM
Anonymous said...

this was a great idea but proportions not quite right , made it and it was just a pot of runny milk.it looked a bit of putting

8:31 AM
saywhatsayward said...

To answer some of the questions... Lime can be used in place of lemon. I believe the milk called for is liquid but i see no reason why powdered will not work. The point is lactic acid which is present in both forms of milk. Yogurt can also be used. Just make sure its plain. The cucumbers can also be blended into the mask which will result in a thicker... slightly more gravity defying mask. Excellent recipe!

9:20 AM
Kitchen Equipment said...

Well, the ingredients to make the face mask is quite common and you can find it easily in your kitchen. If I didn't have cucumber, I use tomatoes. It works perfectly too.

11:35 PM

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