The elixir of happiness

Fair and Lovely ad

You too can view the truth in this ad.

In case you’ve been wondering why your life sucks, Fair and Lovely has the answer. It’s because of your skin colour silly! It’s the reason behind every failure according to the maker of the cream. If you’re dark, you have reason to be rejected for your dream job, by your dream partner, by your parents, and by society in general. Gosh, I eally didn’t know that. I think I will start using Fair and Lovely and test it out for a month. If by some miracle I don’t get my promotion and in general lead a more fulfilled life, and we all know this will never happen (Fair and Lovely will never lie to us, the unhappy, dark, ignorant public), there will be hell to pay. But since the ad just reaffirmed the truth that fair skin means happiness, I would rather bleach my face to a strange ashy shade and damage my skin in general than play with puppies and kittens in a meadow of daises. The only thing I can’t shake off is this weird feeling that they’re lying to me. I somehow still feel like fair skin is related to, I’m just going to come out and say it, um… nothing! Not beauty, not success, not love, etc. Fair and Lovely I am sure is going to put a hit out on me. I’m resisting their message of eternal truth.


Anonymous said...

Well said!!

9:17 PM
Pritha said...

Amen sista friend!

7:59 PM
Ranjini said...

i just happen to stumble upon your post. i could not agree with you more. i was so pissed off when i saw the fair and lovely ad in india, when i visited last year. i really wanted to say 'grow up already', nobody cares about that stuff. by their standards naomi campbell shouldn't have a career at all

8:31 PM
rosmi said...

i wish indians would understand how beautiful their skin is and stop slathering on bleaching products.its so sad.fair and lovely --what a name.if u are fair,that makes you lovely?how sad is that?all white people wanna do is tan.why cant we just accept what we have and learn to love it?i think bleaching creams should be banned.

12:23 PM

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