Make-up choices for Indian women

One of my biggest pet peeves is the horrid array of colours targeted towards Indian women. Last year I visited India after a long, long time. The mother ship(a.k.a. the make-up counters) called out to me and beamed me in. My first reaction was to check out the lakme counters since you can't get it out of the country. Unfortunately, the current trend is to use frosty pink or a cadaver purple on the lips. Never a good move. To top it off, there were no pressed powders made for dark skin. I dont wear foundation but i use pressed powder when i go out. Must blot the oilies. Instead, the counter had only an array of four, yes four, shades. Lakme, if you're reading this(which I highly doubt), this is not a good way to fulfill all your target audience's needs.

Let me introduce myself

In a perfect world i would have been a make-up artist. I would eschew all societal conventions on Indian girls being engineers, computer scientists, or doctors and have followed my dream of being a make-up artist. I did get my degree in English and art. So I guess I'm just that much closer to being this brazen make-up diva(hence my blog's name). I am in no way an expert but i am a product junkie looking at colour form an (pseudo?) artist's perspective.
So this is a brief introduction on my love for make-up. I hope you enjoy m postings.